My favorite lunch

Yesterday I attended Sprint’s annual Patent Luncheon. This is my favorite lunch event of the year!

In 2010, Sprint was awarded 357 patents. At this luncheon, all the individuals across the company who either received a patent in 2010 or submitted an application for one during the year, are recognized and honored.

What I love about this event isn’t the food (although it’s always good). What I love is that it’s a rare opportunity in the spotlight for the folks behind the Sprint innovation that has made this company great for more than 100 years. The folks walking up on stage and getting their photo taken with the company’s top executives (4 members of Dan Hesse’s senior team were at the event) spend most of their days being brilliant in hidden labs and obscure cubicles across the Sprint campus.

Throughout the year, as I have meeting after meeting in Sprint’s boardrooms, or in high level partnership meetings, these aren’t the folks I see. But when Sprint wins awards for innovation in systems, devices (and here), networks, or even customer service, it’s often the

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innovation coming from this group of folks that’s behind it.

Go Sprint! Power up!

3 Responses to “My favorite lunch”

  1. Clark says:

    Hi Russ,

    It was good to meet you yesterday. Your blogging and strategy leadership helps to guide innovation in the obsure cubicles. Please keep it up!


  2. Russ says:

    Thanks Clark. It was great meeting you as well. And congratulations on your patent work!

  3. clark says:

    Hi Russ,

    I’d love to hear your take on the Google/Moto announcement and the obvious ripple effect on the wireless world. Can you blog about it? Or can i buy you a coffee sometime soon to discuss?


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