HP Unveils new WebOS Devices

This week, HP finally introduced some interesting new products based on the WebOS platform that came from the Palm acquisition. The company is certainly being aggressive, taking the platform in a number of different, and even surprising, directions.

I want to thank all of you who have e-mailed me encouraging Sprint to commit to the WebOS platform and asking whether we were going to have any of these new devices on our network. (Thanks Tom. :))

As I’ve said here many times, any Sprint employee sharing information on unreleased devices is subject to termination, and I enjoy working at Sprint, so even if I knew details of Sprint’s plans for upcoming devices, I wouldn’t share those plans.

However, I can say that Sprint values the long relationship it has had with Palm (now HP) and you can be sure that we will continue to discuss with HP/Palm the types of devices we’d like to see on our network and to evaluate the new devices HP brings to the table.

I also can say that we certainly expect to see the new WiFi-enabled WebOS devices on our network thanks to the great MiFi and Overdrive products that we already have in our portfolio, as well as the Hotspot feature available in an increasing number of our handsets. For those that love WebOS, I encourage you to consider HP’s new products paired with the great 4G experience that Sprint can deliver today through these hotspot capabilities.

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  1. WebOS Fan says:

    I hope Sprint does finally offer another WebOS phone and it’s the Palm Pre 3. I’ve recommended WebOS and Sprint to others looking to upgrade their phones but it seems like Sprint and HP aren’t too interested in competing in the market and are OK with allowing other carriers and device manufacturers gobble up market share.

  2. Joseph says:


    I fully understand you cant and wont comment on future products that Sprint be getting. But if you go to SPrint forums and precentral.net you will see lot of unhappy Sprint Pre users. With this said I am sure you can drop us all a bread crumb to us. I personally would love to see Pre 3 and the TouchPad come to Sprint cause if it does i will be getting them both. But if for some unknown reason Sprint will skip this, I can say for 100% I personally will take my 5 lines of service and take my business else where, I am also sure there are lot of people who think and will do like me. If this happens I will be extremely disappointed in Sprint, Sprints lack in new phones (iphone, HP, Motorola, etc…) the way you get new customers is with new toys, look at Verizon with there iPhone, I am sure you will sell just as much if not more if you get iPhone or come close if you get the HP, be awesome if you get both. It is such a shame that Sprint is lacking in this department, I also read today that Sprint finally got in to the black with new customers finally so lets keep it going and bring new toys to Sprint and I am sure you will get new customers with your cheaper rates and new toys, please give this some thought.


  3. Thanks for listening to the WebOS users emailing you, Russ.

    Sadly, Sprint discontinued the top-of-the-line Palm Pre with no warning and did not replace it with either of the two newer versions then available, leaving those of us currently using Sprint’s Palm Pre no path for replacement or upgrade. :(

    Now that the new “next gen” HP Pre³ has been announced we are hoping that Sprint was merely waiting for this smartphone to offer as the replacement/upgrade for the original Palm Pre from Sprint…

    That’s the thing, Russ, we aren’t looking for a tablet that can be connected via WiFi to some random Sprint device (as you suggest we do at the end of your post), we are looking for a new WebOS smartphone to replace our current aging units.

    There will be US carriers offering the Pre³ – we are hoping that Sprint will be first among them so we won’t have to abandon our current Sprint plans.

    I fully understand you cannot say anything publicly about Sprint’s future devices, but I do hope that you can influence those who make those announcements officially, to do so sooner rather than later so that your customers can plan.

    Waiting until the very last moment to spring changes on us (as was done with the discontinuance of the original Palm Pre) can be very disruptive to your customers by not letting us plan ahead.

    Thank you once again, Russ, for listening.



  4. Dan Hesse says:

    Hello Russ, I’ve been thinking, because I’m in charge here after all, and I have decided that it’s time to give the people what they want. What the people want, no, deserve, is the Pre3 here on Sprint. Sprint needs to be the first network both to announce and carry the Pre3. Make it your top priority to make this happen, however necessary. We can talk tablet later, but securing the Pre3 quickly is your sole mission now.


  5. Russ says:


    Thanks for the note. Your input is always appreciated. But, as you know, device decisions and launches aren’t in my area of the company. I have heard from some customers that they would strongly agree with your comments and I’ve passed that sentiment along to our Product and Customer Loyalty teams.



    (BTW – a few other comments have come into moderation on this topic, but since none of them really advance the conversation, I haven’t approved them through to here. They roughly fall into three categories: 1. Abusive attacks on Sprint or myself, 2. Comments informing me that if Sprint doesn’t carry the Pre 3, despite previously being a loyal Sprint customer, they will now take their business – large or small – to another carrier, and 3. Personal situations for whom I will try to get direct help. I’ve got to say that this is making me less responsive, not more responsive to folks through this blog. This one was creative enough and with a good sense of humor to be worthy of approving through moderation.)

  6. Chris says:

    Mr. McGuire. While I do not represent all of Sprints customers I do feel that I speak for a large portion of them. I’ve been with sprint for quite a while and the reason I’ve stayed with sprint so long is because of the plan options available. My only complaint with sprint is the variety of devices when compared to the competition. Securing the Pre3 would be a great start in getting great high end phones. If I could make a suggestion the specs of a low end phone on Sprints network should have minimum requirements and those requirements should be closely matched to the Optimus S. I could be wrong but I just don’t feel as though Sprint does a good enough job of securing phone deals and you guys should be approaching that area of the business more aggressively then others if for no other reason than the fact that you guys have the 1st 4g network in the states and are possibly the only ones that will be using the Wiimax infrastructure for in the foreseeable future.

  7. Griffin says:

    You’re right Russ, the WiFi tablet would make great use of the Hotspot Feature. :)

  8. corwin says:

    Thank you Russ. I’d like to offer apologies for those that have been… ahem… less than civil.

    I admit that I’m a total fanboy when it comes to WebOS – I’m also an original Sprint customer (over 13 years uninterrupted service), so of course I would be ecstatic if the HP line comes to Sprint. But I also know that it counter-productive to be negative and abusive when trying to get your way.

    I’d just like to remind you of something I’m certain you already know, which is that those being ugly do NOT represent the majority of Sprint customers that are wanting WebOS.

    Thanks for everything you do and for your accessibility on this issue.

    Now for one small request if you can do it: can you give an idea of when we might know something more concrete? I know there’s nothing specific you could say but basically are we talking weeks or months?

    Corwin Z.

  9. Gerald Buckley says:

    Russ, I’d like to lob in a vote for iOS. :) You know me… gotta get that Apple’y goodness flowing 😉

    Hope all’s well and you guys have a happy Valentine’s day at chez McGuire.

  10. Nicole Andris says:


    Please encourage the “powers that be” to adopt the newest version of the Palm Pre. My Palm Pre has been a LIFESAVER!! I did look at other smart-phones, but the Pre fit ALL of my needs as a Mom, College Student, Financial Consultant, Business Owner as well as accommodations in dealing with ADD. Like the others you’ve heard from, I’ve been with Sprint through the good the bad and the ugly – I’m VERY glad to see that there is much more GOOD here now.

    Please help me by keeping the Palm Pre line of phones available – I love them. FYI – my husband loves them too – because they have kept our world so well organized!!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration,


  11. Jon Niegowski says:

    I just wanted to second what everyone else seems to be saying. I would love for Sprint to get the Pre3. I have the Pre now and love it but its starting to show its age.



  12. Malvin says:


    As we come closer to the release date of “Summer” for the Pre 3, are there any updates as to Sprint making an announcement to wether it will be carrying the Pre 3 or not? I’ve been a Sprint customer for 10 years now, and not once have I considered leaving Sprint, but not getting the Pre 3 would force me to at least “consider” my options with the carrier(s) that will carry the new WebOS device.



  13. Russ says:

    Malvin – no updates, sorry.

  14. Daryl Riley says:

    Hi Russ,

    Love your blog. One of the best things about Sprint is that they facilitate a window into the day to day working of the company. It feels open and friendly.

    I wanted to get my hand in the air for the Pre 3. As a gold Premier customer the only thing holding me back from a sure renewal contract is this: I’m waiting for your WebOS announcement.

    Best wishes for success.


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