Big Bell Dogma: January 2011

Big Bell Dogma is the innovation stifling mindset, most often seen in large market-dominating companies, where the big company protects the status quo, tries to control what happens in the ecosystem, and believes they can perform tasks better than others in the ecosystem who specialize in that function. Big Bell Dogma hurts consumers, hurts the ecosystem, and slows market growth, but sometimes results in higher profits for the big companies. Here are recent examples:

2 Responses to “Big Bell Dogma: January 2011”

  1. Tracy says:

    Saw this today about Verizon:

    Russ, why isn’t Sprint capitalizing on all of this? It seems like a campaign like Southwest Airlines’ “Bags Fly Free” (with regards to data usage), would take a lot of steam of the Verizon iPhone hoopla. The HTC Evo is a better phone and one can use the data that they need on Sprint.

  2. Russ says:

    Thanks Tracy. Good catch.

    I think Southwest does a great job, but most negative ads are like political campaigns. As some wise person once said “you can’t fling manure without smelling like poop.” I think Sprint is a bit hesitant to go there and instead we’ll keep emphasizing what’s positive about our device portfolio, 4G network, and great value (including unlimited data).

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