Observations: Devices – December 19, 2010

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2 Responses to “Observations: Devices – December 19, 2010”

  1. Tim F says:

    Windows Phone 7 is arriving late to the game. I’m my opinion it will be difficult for Microsoft to catch up to the IPhone and Android OS. I surround myself with people who are into technology and I don’t see much excitement about WP7. What I do see in Sprint’s offerings is a Major hole in the Android devices offered. Many people want a 1 ghz processor Android device with a decent screen size without WIMAX (4G).

    Why without 4G?

    1)Extra 10 dollars some refuse to pay.
    2)Battery life of 4G devices is dramatically reduced when feature is active.
    3)People like choice.

    or Better yet let people activate 4G devices on 3G plans.
    This would give people the choice initially. I’m sure that many will turn on the 4G feature just for curiosity and never call to have the feature deactivated. Maybe more than that would subscribe to 4G because of device lock on plans.

  2. Russ says:

    Tim F – thanks for the input.

    Unfortunately, these high end devices actually cost us more on the 3G network than on the 4G network.

    We’ve found that the high powered processor, high resolution camera, incredible screens, etc. result in very heavy data usage and only being on 3G doesn’t appreciably reduce that. And since 3G networks have a higher per-bit cost, that means that users of these devices that are only on the 3G network (e.g. in cities where we haven’t yet launched 4G) are actually costing us more than users that are primarily on 4G.

    That’s why the $10 extra charge isn’t a “4G” charge – it’s actually a charge to reflect the increased cost of the increasing data usage of smartphones on the network.

    So, even if we did come out with a 3G-only device with incredible specs, we’d still have to charge the $10 data fee. Since folks can always turn off the 4G radio, it doesn’t seem like it would accomplish much to do so.

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