Finally – A Solution

The employee accounts team has worked through all the complexities for folks who once were SERO but mysteriously were changed to non-SERO accounts with the same pricing and features. It appears that most folks who went through this switch were part of employee discount plans that are incompatible with SERO, since SERO is so low-priced that additional discounts aren’t supposed to be applied.

The employee accounts team has put in place a mechanism to quickly verify if someone used to be SERO and were automatically switched to non-SERO (in other words, don’t bother trying if you’ve never been SERO or if your account was switched to Everything Plus so that you could get an iconic device). If you’re in this camp (automatically switched), and you want to upgrade to SERO Premium, and you’re willing to give up any discounts you have on your SERO line, then follow these steps:

Let me know if you have any

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  1. Ben W. says:

    Happy to be the first person to post on this thread to thank you for the information. I just sent an email to the above address (fingers crossed).

    I couldn’t believe I was told earlier today that I didn’t have a SERO account when I called to upgrade my line. I’ve was feeling frustrated and confused until I found your post!

  2. Thanks for helping to find a solution for those folks, Russ, and for posting the instructions here in your blog. I’m going to take the liberty to repeat the information on Sprint’s community forums if it is not already there.

    Take care,

    (Posted: )

  3. Jim S says:

    Thank u so much Russ. I always do appriciate you taking the time to in your posts to clear many of the obsticles which exist in various aspects of legacy accounts. I have been concidering calling sprint for the last few weeks to get my acct switched to the new sero premium but have been reluctant due to the very issue which this post addresses(my sero acct was altered at some point… and it no longer states it is a sero plan… yet has all the same attributes). Besides the name… the only other attribute i can see as changed was the anytime start-stop times (should be 7 to 7…. but were some how altered to be 9 to 9). i’m sending off the email tonight… hopefully it will be somewhat painless.
    I have been w sprint mobile since ’96-’97 (though not under same # and acct continuously). Always satisfied w service, plans…. and customer service for the most part. Hardware has been the one and only aspect where i feel sprint has lagged consistently… but much of the newer android hardware is bringing sprint back into that game pretty strong.

  4. Jay Thompson says:

    Thanks Russ on the update. One question. What if one has a 12 year Sprint account with multiple types of lines on the account (e.g. one SERO-switched to F&F, one F&C, etc..). Will the folks at everything referral be able to migrate the one SERO clone account without affecting the other accounts? Based on your post, yes it is an employees discounted account? I guess what I am asking is if the one SERO clone account needs to be separated into its own account?

  5. Russ says:

    Jay – I don’t know for sure. I’m sure they can tell you when you e-mail Employee Referrals.

  6. Tats De says:

    Great: patience is the virtue. Finally, I got myself upgraded to SERO Premium. Thank you Sprint. Now, I will proceed to order Evo. Hopefully, during activation, I do not lose my SERO plan. Russ: you made my family and friends lifetime Sprint customer, even when your prices will go up in future.

  7. Russ says:

    Tats De – glad I could help.

  8. Got SERO a long time ago. Good to see I actually still have it. Only thing I don’t understand, my plan ends Feb 1st I believe… so how do I go about getting the “iconic phone” upgrade?

    I plan to go to a store soon. Finally giving up on my Blackberry for the newer Evo.

  9. Russ says:

    Daniel – um… Did you read the above post or the Frequently Asked Questions for existing SERO customers at or any of the dozens of places on this blog where I’ve explained how to get the SERO Premium upgrade? I can’t hold your hand through the process…

  10. Ahecht says:

    Can you confirm that the new $10 Premium Data requirement for all smartphones starting January 30th will apply to SEROP customers in addition to the extra $10 we are already paying to get SEROP (in other words, getting any iconic device will now be a $20 upgrade from SERO)? If so, does that mean that the extra $10 for SEROP is just for AMAT and Sprint Nav?

  11. […] EVO 3D preorder for Sero-P customer..Options?? I found this link (McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Finally – A Solution) for those who had SERO and had it mysteriously switched to a non-Sero account which I found out […]

  12. Luna says:

    Hi Russ,

    Im not sure if it was asked before, but if i upgraded my SERO F&F 500 and SERO 500 to the premium plan, will both of my contract reset? Meaning, on the F&F plan, i can do a full upgrade come October of this year, but if I upgrade to SERO premium today, will it make my contract end date 2 years from today? Or will I keep the original contract end date of October ?

  13. Russ says:


    It shouldn’t reset your clock, but it would be best to contact employee care at


  14. KW says:

    Hey, Russ,
    Glad I’d happened upon this site, & really appreci8 what u’re doing. I’ve a Q, & it’s… (Bkgrnd) I’ve a grandfathered F&F 1000 w/ unl EVERYthing else & Roaming @ $40 w/ a 25% corp discount. Data *was* included, but when I’d d/g 2 a feature phone temp’ly 2 replace a smartphone, I now for some time’ve been receiving a $15 crd 2 cancel out the data cost, but it exp 11/2012. Tried 2 pre-order a Samsung E4GT thru Wirefly, & after much talk, it was a GO. Then get email *this* morn sayin’ NO DICE ::whoops:: Okay, so what’re my options? Retentions said that they can’t (or possibly *won’t*) extend my $15 crd n2 the remainder of a new 2-yr, & I’d really like 2 make whatever req’d switch, but pay *only* $10, give or take more. Plz, HELP. Is SERO Premium an opt if I use the provided info? Will I keep my $15 crd &/or 25% discount *if* I’m able 2 switch? Thnx.

  15. Russ says:


    Sorry – there’s not really a solution for legacy plans. Existing lines can’t be migrated into employee referral plans, and even if you add a new line as an Everything Plus line, your corporate discount won’t apply.


  16. JA says:

    Hello Russ

    Question for you. I currently am not a customer. I want to sign up under the EPRP plan, Family Everything+Messaging. Would I be able to switch over to the SERO Premium plan afterwards?

  17. Russ says:


    The answer is no. SERO Premium is only for legacy SERO customers. I believe Everything Data is the equivalent for new customers.



  18. tivoboy says:

    Quick question for anyone who has done this. If one moves from SERO (or if it is currently listed as an F&F now) and gets them to migrate to SERO-P, is there still all the unlimited features like unlimited TEXT and DATA?

  19. Russ says:

    tivoboy – yes

  20. Godfryp says:

    How can someone that never had sero plan get on to sero plan?

  21. Russ says:

    Godfryp – the currently available version of the Sprint Employee Referral Offer is called Everything Plus. Feel free to add a new line at using my info: and 383.

  22. joe says:

    I have a old friends and family account. I tried switching it over to sero premium per the instructions and i am have no luck in doing this

  23. masar1 says:

    Well I just called the Sprint EPRP hotline to get confirmation of the iphone4s and SERO Premium plan compatibility. They could not provide an answer yet. There’s a lot of conflicting info from Sprint chats posted in various discussion forums. Russ, can you put the ambiguity to rest…will SERO premium work with the iPhone, and if so, will it be $40 since it’s a 3G device? I’m still sitting on a over ripe TP2 under the F&F 500 (SERO basic) with 25% corp discount.

  24. Russ says:

    masar1 – no information is available about the iPhone on Sprint beyond what was in Apple’s announcement the other day. Anything you’re hearing in chat forums is mere speculation, so I’m not surprised that there’s a lot of conflicting info (because there isn’t any real info yet).

  25. Russ says:

    Joe – if you’re account was never SERO, you won’t be able to switch it to SEROP. If you read the above blog post, you’ll see it’s talking about accounts that originally were set up as SERO, but accidentally got switched to an F&F account. If you’re in that camp and still having problems, drop me an e-mail at

  26. ObviousMan says:

    I’ve been on the phone with 3 reps claiming to be in the employee care and they all claimed there is no longer SEROP. I’ve been on SERO for 5-6 years and the account information online shows SERO500. Has there been a change, or am I going about this wrong?
    Thanks for your help.

  27. Steve says:

    Russ, to confirm, if you didn’t want to move off of SERO but *had to* in order to get a smartphone (e.g. iconic device such as Palm Pre), you can’t revert back to SERO, correct? Even though Sprint changed the rules later to allow smartphones onto SERO via Premium? If that’s the case, I could kick myself for being an early adopter 😉

  28. Russ says:

    Steve – you understand it correctly.

    ObviousMan – email me your info at with your account info and I’ll get you some help.

  29. Tommy says:


    I recently renewal’d my SERO-P plan for another 2yrs and purchased new Blackberry Torch from Sprint website for $199 (on 9/2/2011). My question is would I be able to return/exchange it for IPHONE 4S? I have not opened or activated the Blackberry Torch.

  30. Russ says:

    Tommy – I doubt it. It’s worth a call to care to ask.

  31. Tom says:


    Got a call from one of your people today. Most professional person at Sprint I have ever dealt with. Thanks for taking care of your long-time customers.

  32. Feng says:

    I recently changed to Sero-P plan, but corp. discount was not applied in the new bill. Can I get the corp. discount for Sero-P plan as well as old Sero plan? How?

  33. Russ says:

    Feng – did you even read the main note above that this comment thread is attached to? “…employee discount plans that are incompatible with SERO, since SERO is so low-priced that additional discounts aren’t supposed to be applied.” Come on folks – please don’t waste my time asking questions I’ve already answered…

  34. Feng says:

    Sorry, Russ, I did not read through the post.

    Now, I have a new problem, when I called sprint to activate new Iphone with SERO premium plan, CS asked me to change to everything data plan. I told her only $10 addon for Iphone with SERO premium plan. But I was told Iphone cannot be activated if not change plan. What number should I call to activate Iphone with SERO premium plan?

    Many thanks

  35. Feng says:

    Russ, activated through Sprint chat, Many thanks

  36. Craig says:

    Thanks for your help, Russ. After a very small amount of gnashing of the teeth (all me, by the way), Sprint has once again come through for me. Our relationship will continue…

    I am on SERO Premium now, which is really an even better plan than SERO Basic. I was mistakenly changed to Fair & Flexible at some point. That has all been fixed and life is beautiful once again.

    SERO Premium 500 Minutes = $40/mo + taxes = Fair Enough

  37. Matt says:


    I believe that I’ve read every page of this thread, but I didn’t find the answer to the following scenario…

    1) Existing SERO 500 ($30 plan) customer that still uses PALM Centro qualified for $150 upgrade.

    2) The customer wants to upgrade to an Android 3G phone.

    3) Per previous explanation in the above thread, any upgrade to Android 3G smart phone would require $10 add-on, so the monthly cost for that customer will be: $30 + $10.

    4) At the same time SPRINT Web advertises the following special offer in case of SAMSUNG Replenish

    “Special Offer: Monthly required $10 Premium Data Add-on charge is waived for savings. Not transferable to other devices”

    REQUEST: Russ, may I ask you to confirm (or deny if I’m not reading this correctly) that in case this customer decides to upgrade to SAMSUNG Replenish phone there will be NO $10 Premium Data Add-on required and he still will be required $30 (+tax) monthly charge only.

    Thank you in advance!

  38. Russ says:

    Matt – it’s a good question. In fact, when I was helping a family member pick out a phone, I had the same thought. However, the $30+$10 you reference isn’t the premium data charge, it’s the upgrade to SERO-Premium, so the Replenish does require SERO-P and therefore is $40 (+tax) per month.

  39. Andy says:

    Hello Russ,
    Many thanks for dedicating your time in helping all of us loyal Sprint customers.
    I am hoping you can help me with this question. I have Sprint F&F family plan ($60-2 lines and $10-addon line) and a SERO line ($50/1250) under the same account.
    1) I would like to convert my SERO $50/1250 plan to SERO-P ($30+$10+$10) with iPhone. Is it doable? Is it allowed? Or am I forever locked in to $50+$10+$10 price for upgrading my HTC TP2 to iPhone or alike. I apologize if this has been discussed at length somewhere else.
    2) I have 6pm night perk and pick-3 ($5 addon) to my SERO. Do I stand to lose these features as a result (by switching to either $30 SERO-P or upgrading to $50 SERO-P plan)?
    Many Thanks.

  40. Russ says:

    For everyone posting here, let me point some things out:
    1. The comment form asks for an e-mail address. I didn’t design the form, it’s just a feature of the WordPress software.
    2. Although I didn’t design it that way, it’s turned out to be pretty handy. A lot of times someone will post an issue very specific to their account. Since I have their e-mail, I can follow-up directly with them and often get their issue resolved. (Note, it may be more efficient to simply e-mail your issue to
    3. Obviously, that means that I see the e-mail address and read it when I get your comment.
    4. I don’t do anything with the e-mail addresses other than helping people as described in 2. I don’t spam folks and I don’t sell your e-mail address.
    5. Apparently, many folks are nervous about sharing their address, and therefore, they put a bogus e-mail address in that field. If you have a specific issue with your account, that means that I can’t help you.
    5. If you cuss me out in the e-mail address field, then you can be sure that I won’t answer your question or help resolve your issue.

  41. tim says:


    I am on SERO basic 500 plan. My mother also is with Sprint but has a regular data plan on her own seperate account. She is not currently eligable for an upgrade but she realy wants the iphone. Can I get the iphone through my account and let her activate it, or would I be required to upgrade to SERO premium first?


  42. Russ says:

    tim – it’s a good question. I believe this is how it will work. You can order the phone from telesales. They’ll send you the phone unactivated. Tell them you’ll upgrade when you activate. If you’re mother is on a plan that supports the iPhone, you can then activate the phone on her plan without upgrading your plan to SERO-P.

  43. NK says:


    I currently have two SERO 500 plans for my wife and daughter. I would like to get an IPhone on those accounts. Can I do that by first upgrading to SERO-P an dthen ordering the IPhone online?

  44. Russ says:

    NK – you can order the phone and do the upgrade when you activate.

  45. Dave says:

    Hi Russ,

    Thanks for letting everyone know about this.

    I currently have the SERO 500 plan. Will I be able to wait until my 2 year contract expires (in about 3 months), renew, get a smartphone with the new contract discount, and then upgrade to SERO-P? If not, how would I go about upgrading my service when my contract expires? Thanks.


  46. Russ says:

    Dave – I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do what you described. You can upgrade when you activate the new phone.

  47. Mike says:

    I had signed up for Sero long ago. The question I have is both my lines have a $150 upgrade balance. Can I apply this if going to Sero Premium ($50 service iphones). The only thing is I don’t know how it was billed at one point, but now it states:
    Monthly charge for service plan
    Plan Includes
    Sprint Fair & Flexible Plan 500
    Unlimited Mobile To Mobile
    Adjustable Anytime Minutes
    Caller ID
    $30.00 Minimum Monthly Charge
    Call Waiting
    America – Roaming Included
    Three-Way Calling
    Nationwide Long Distance Included
    Unlimited Night & Weekend Mins. Included
    Unlimited Data Access

  48. Russ says:

    Mike – contact and ask them. I don’t have access to your account information, so I don’t really have any way of knowing.

  49. Dave says:

    Russ, Just wanted to thank you for posting all of this great information, answering (and re-answering questions, and giving the email address.

    I was one of the SERO / Friends and Family 500 plans that got switched around a bit. Customer service just saw the F&F 500 plan. The only place that said SERO was on-line if I went to the change accounts page.

    After spending 4+ hours w/ Sprint customer service and talking w/ all types of helpful (and occasionally less helpful) folk I still couldn’t get any traction. It became a game after a while. I kept at it just for the challenge of it all. Unfortunately, I could not crack the secret code.

    So I gave the email address a try. First time was the charm. They shot me an email back w/in 36 hours. Wanted to make sure I was ok w/ dropping my Military discount. After saying yes – I was good to go by the next day! VERY EASY!

    Thanks SOOOO MUCH!

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