Recent Research: October 2010

Research is good. Free highlights from expensive research reports are great. Here are some recent headlines:

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  1. Seriously, I would be lost without Sprint Navigation (pun intended).

    Not all navigation applications are created equal, though, and I found it incredibly interesting, having two Sprint phones, with Sprint Navigation on them, to run them side-by-side while on a trip.

    One is a ruggedized Sanyo cellphone, the other is a Palm Pre smartphone.

    Navigation on the Pre has more features, and is, as expected MUCH easier to enter info into, but the really big difference shows up on the road.

    The Sanyo gives good, accurate, timely direction, and manages to connect to both the GPS satellites and cellular service under even extreme conditions.

    The Palm Pre also gives good, accurate, and even more timely direction, but has a difficult time maintaining contact with the real world.

    When both are working well, the Palm Pre notices much more quickly when one runs off course, and comes back nearly instantly with course corrections. The Sanyo is much slower noticing one is off course, and often takes a considerable time to gather up the information and providing course corrections.

    The Palm Pre also gives more and better warnings when one is approaching a change of direction, and is better at getting one into the proper lane to make those changes.

    For reliability, the Sanyo, as is usual, is top of the line, for really helpful directions, though, the Pre beats the socks off the Sanyo.

    If only there were a device that had the radios of the Sanyo and the smarts of the Pre.

    Maybe the newer Palm smartphones will accomplish that – if Sprint chooses to offer them.

    Take care,

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