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I’ll be participating in a pretty cool event next Tuesday. It’s called “Building the New Telco Network” and it’s put on by Connected Planet. The full event runs from 10am Eastern to 5pm Eastern (that’s 9-4 for those of us in the middle of the country). My section is the “4G Salon” which starts at noon eastern.

It’s a free event and you don’t need to travel to enjoy it!

The description for the 4G Salon is “An interactive event to discuss and learn about the mobile revolution, its opportunities and its pitfalls, from the service providers, vendors and developers building tomorrow’s 4G networks and services.” I’m in the “Business” section of the agenda, which is described this way: “How will mobile data be monetized as traffic skyrockets and applications become more sophisticated and bandwidth hungry. Will operators work with their Internet peers to create mutually beneficial business models, and if so how?”

Other participants include:

  • Ed Chao, Senior Vice President,
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    Corporate Engineering & Network Operations, MetroPCS

  • Scott Levine, Vice President of Digital, Blockbuster
  • Harald Braun, Industry Consultant, former CEO of Siemens Networks and Aviat
  • Bob DiFazio, Fellow, InterDigital
  • Susan Schramm, Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs, North America, Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Chris Ebert, Director LTE Strategy, Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Christopher Guttman-McCabe, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, CTIA

I hope to “see” you there!

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  2. Mark says:

    Hello Russ. First, thank you for maintaining one of the best resources for information regarding the wireless industry and news. Also, thank you for your information and openness regarding Sprint policy.
    While this question/ comment does not relate directly with the article, it does go along with the themes “Connected Planet,” and “Building the New Telco Network.” There have been press releases regarding the Sprint/ Clearwire deployment in the Denver area since literally 2007. I had thought that Denver was to be one of the earliest markets to receive Wi-Max. However, now near the end of 2010, there still seems to be no release date for Wi-Max in this area.
    Also, do you have any information that you are able to post regarding an upgrade to EVDO rev.b throughout the Sprint network?
    Thank you again for your time on this blog, and I completely understand if you are not able to answer these questions. But I figured you would certainly have more accurate information than the reps at the local Sprint store who don’t seem to have any idea.

  3. Russ says:

    Mark – Although Sprint owns 54% of Clearwire, the company operates with a high level of independence.

    As far as Rev B, we haven’t announced any plans to deploy the technology.

    You may be interested in our announcement today about our network plans:

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