What I Meant to Say…

Last weekend I wrote a couple of posts about what we talked about on my panel at Mobile 2.0 and specifically my responses to questions from Tony Fish.

But I didn’t say what I had meant to say…

You see, before I speak at any event, I always prepare my “platform”, a messaging pyramid that represents the key points I want folks to walk away understanding about Sprint’s position. Tony was such a good provocateur that I didn’t stick to my platform.

Anyway, my messaging pyramid always has a top level message – the one thing that I want folks to walk away remembering. For this event, that message was “The mobility revolution requires operators to actively enable innovation by others.”

I always have three second level messages that further explain and prove the top level message. For each of these, I try to have three proof points or examples ready to use in the discussion.

Here were my three second level messages:

#1: Developers: Make it easy for developers to innovate with the full capabilities of Sprint assets.
Proof points:
– Over a decade of leadership through Sprint’s application developer’s program (see developer.sprint.com)
– Our upcoming 10th annual Developer’s Conference (October 26-28 in Santa Clara)
– Our recently launched Sprint Services Framework and Developer Sandbox

#2: Enablers: Nimble partners enable innovation at Valley speed, not Carrier speed.
Solution Enablers
App Stores

#3: Platforms: Don’t lock innovation into a single device, OS, or even form factor.
– Cloud-based Sprint Services Framework
Emerging Solutions/M2M
Sprint Virtual Developer Lab

Even though I didn’t stick to my “platform”, hopefully the audience still walked away with a clear idea that Sprint is focused on enabling innovation across the ecosystem.

Next time I’ll try harder, I promise.

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  1. Tony Fish says:


    “The mobility revolution requires operators to actively enable innovation by others.” – I do hope that fellow professionals reading this understand what a shift this is for an operator and that it is the right strategy and that such a simple change will have and is having a profound impact on the market.

    It is a pleasure to see that control is giving way to collaborative growth.

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