Recent Research: August 2010

Research is good. Free highlights from expensive research reports are great. Here are some recent headlines:

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  1. Tracy Hill says:

    To be honest, found your blog while looking for a better deal at Sprint. However, as someone in advertising, I find your blog to be very informative. I’m getting some great insight as to where the mobile market is heading.

    BTW, picked up the EVO. Love it – best phone that I have ever had by far. Just wish Sprint/HTC would advertise it in a way that really shows what it can do. Think the “Firsts” commercial is a little bit too abstract – Apple 1984ish. The way the Evo integrates with contacts, Yelp/Where, Google Maps/Directions/Satellite View and Street View, etc. is something that blows people away when I show them. For example, using the EVO with the Where app, I can voice “Chinese restaurants” or “dry cleaners” have it find all of them within a specified radius of where I am (based on GPS), then hit one button for reviews, and one more button to call or to have GPS take me there. That’s far more practical for most people than Apple’s video chat commercials. I know the Evo is already doing brisk sales but it’s a total game-changer to me.

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