Observations: Uncategorized – May 12, 2010

Standard disclaimer: don’t take from my selections, ordering, headlines, etc. any indications of the interests or plans of my employer (if you do, you’ll undoubtedly be disappointed when they don’t play out.)

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  1. J. Harper says:

    You’re the highest up person at Sprint I know how to contact, thanks to your wonderful blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and opinions for a while now, and even eventually switched to the Everything Plus Referral Program based on your post. I’m a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and some one who follows everything mobility tech. Which is why I want to check with you first about what I’m currently reading.

    With regards to the HTC EVO 4G:

    “A $10 per month Premium Data add-on will apply allowing customers to take advantage of a richer data experience than ever before.”

    That’s from the most recent press release, picked up from Yahoo Finance. Is this true? Dan Hesse specifically mentioned at the CTIA that the 4G connection for the phone wouldn’t cost more… I’ve long suspected that the hotspot functionality would cost more, and it was rumored to cost between $10 and $30 per month. Now, I already have a 4G connection through Clear for $25 per month, so I don’t have much of an incentive to switch.

    Just wanted to let you know, that if true, this is very disappointing for someone who has been with Sprint for years, and really follows the industry. $30 for the hotspot functionality, I’m totally alright with that… $10 just for access on the phone? Completely uncalled for. Do you charge extra for EVDO Rev. A as opposed to 1xRTT? These aren’t directed at you, just explaining my thought process. WiMax has better spectrum efficiency… it’s cheaper per mb for Sprint, but I’ll live without it if it’s going to cost my family an extra $50 per month. We’ll continue to use lots of 3G data, and my $25 per month Clear WiMax connections. Now, I would pay $50 per month extra to have all five of my family plan phones on 4G data WITH the hotspot functionality. But as it stands I can have the same thing elsewhere for $10 less per month per device.

    Again, I’m coming to you, because I like and trust you. I know this stuff wasn’t likely your call, but I just want you to be able to tell the appropriate people how bothered I am by what amounts to a lie straight from Dan Hesse if this turns out to be true. Straight from the CTIA on-stage chat:

    Dan Hesse: “It’s like standard def versus high def, but with that analogy, you paid more for the better service. With 4G, we’re giving you more for free.”

    $10 doesn’t sound like free to me.

  2. Russ says:


    Thanks for the note and the encouragement.

    As it pertains to the EVO pricing and the “Premium Data” add-on – I think all of the mobile operators have realized that there are some devices that simply use more data and therefore cost us more in network usage (e.g. see http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/blurring-lines-between-smartphone-and-feature-phone/2010-05-12 ).

    It’s not hard to imagine that the EVO, with it’s beautiful big screen, HDMI out, superfast processor, front facing camera for video streaming, 8MP main camera, HD video capture, etc will drive tons of data usage. As you note, this is as much of a concern (if not more) on 3G, as it is on 4G (cost per bit is higher on 3G, but usage will probably be higher on 4G), so this isn’t about charging more for 4G.

    I hope that helps explain the logic behind the pricing.


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