The Fight

It all started at the beginning of October, when Verizon launched the “There’s a Map for that” ad. Not long after, AT&T responded with a(n unsuccessful) lawsuit, and ads of their own. And, as if AT&T alone wasn’t enough of a sparring partner, later in October Verizon introduced it’s Android plans with an ad directly aimed at Apple’s iPhone. Of course, Apple has engaged in the fight.

So, what should we at Sprint think of this? On one hand, it’s great to have two Big Bell Dogmatists slugging it out, spending all their energy dragging each other down in the public arena. It makes both of them look ugly.

But, on the other hand, is it good for us to just sit on the sidelines? Sure, we enjoy the same benefits over AT&T and the iPhone that Verizon is making a big stink about, but how many people know that? Our 3G map is much bigger than AT&T’s (looks a lot like Verizon’s), we’re regularly recognized for having the most reliable and fastest 3G network, and of course, we’re the first with 4G. And like Verizon, we have two great Android devices, the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment.

So what do you think? Is Sprint best served by sitting on the sidelines as Verizon dukes it out with AT&T and Apple, or would we do better by jumping in the ring ourselves?

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  1. PaulH says:

    Hi Russ,

    Looks to me like Verizon has decided to pull Sprint into the fray with their quibbles about being the “most dependable” 3G network. Of course, they are basing their numbers on percentage of dropped calls. I wasn’t aware that voice calls were being transmitted on the 3G EVDO-Rev. A part of the signal: I thought that was still on regular old CDMA. (I’m being sarcastic, of course.)

    Anyhow, seems like Verizon is just wanting to pick a fight. I was all for them when they went after ATT, but now they are starting to look like a bully. Of course, I’m a loyal Sprint customer, and may be biased, but I hope Sprint fights back. I’m saving literally thousands of dollars a year for what the equivalent service would cost me at either VZW or ATT. I hope sprint just keeps hammering that point home. Let’s see more Dunkin’ Donuts in Space ads!

  2. PaulH says:

    Oh yeah: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    God Bless_


  3. Russ says:

    Thanks Paul. You too.

  4. RR says:

    You really have to ask between sitting on the sidelines and getting in the game? The choice is clear, Sprint has to step up its game otherwise they will lose customers and in the wireless business overall…

    And to Paul’s comment:
    How is Verizon looking like a Bully in this? From where I’m sitting all they’re doing is pointing out AT&T’s flaws, and AT&T is making themselves look silly.

    Most people I see on the forums look at this and are laughing at AT&T for trying to fight this.

  5. Jose HC says:

    Sitting on the sidelines on this one is definitely the way to go. Let others fight, get dirty and scuffed up yet reap the rewards of that battle without having to suffer any of the negative consequences. Sprint stays above the whole mess and looks much better at the end.

    Be still.
    Wait it out.

  6. PaulH says:

    Verizon looks like a bully because now they are taking on Sprint for its “most dependable” 3G network claim. VZW has ATT dead-to-rights on the 3G coverage issue; Sprint has VZW dead-to-rights on the “Most Dependable” issue. Just like ATT whines and shows its EDGE coverage map in justification, VZW is whining and using dropped call data to justify its less dependable 3G coverage. 3G coverage has nothing to do with dropped calls. So, IMO, and like I said, I was all for VZW when they took on ATT on a legitimate claim, but now that they are picking a fight with Sprint on a less than honest presentation of facts, they look more like a bully.

    Here’s a link to the story if you missed it:

  7. VictorV says:

    I think Sprint should jump in.

    First, it establishes Sprint’s place as a big player, sort of the “big 3” of wireless.

    Second, we need to hammer home the point that we have a great network and fight the perception that it’s somehow inferior. IMO it’s a perception that’s more linked to customer service from a few years back that Sprint hasn’t been able to shake off completely.

    Lastly, being in the ring allows us to showcase our unique strength with 4G. Let’s ask them to show their 4G coverage and stop talking about yesterday’s technology.

  8. Sprint Customer 8 years says:

    I think those that dominate the TV media waves will dominate customer perceptions & top of mind awareness…

    Sprint currently has the same perception issue like the american automakers (GM esp). Do you see the new GM ads – “May the best car win”…

    Comparative ads work great for market laggards… but Verizon’s got the 1st mover advantage doing that… I think Sprint missed out..

  9. MJ says:

    Nope no need to get into that unless Verizon goes after Sprint like it did with AT&T and Steve’sPhone. I personally would tout Sprint to get some more killer phones on Network. At present there is no Android 2.0 device on network. HTC-HD2 is a next big thing from Microsoft. And there is every lurking iPhone on Sprint network. Sprint can turn lot of things around by getting more killer devices on their network.

  10. Park says:

    Sprint should “fight back” by doing whatever is needed to get the iPhone on their network. People will come in droves, and I will finally be able to stop carrying two phones. :)

  11. Let me ask Russ one basic question. What would you and Sprint seek to gain by getting in the ring? The converse to that question is of course, what could you seek to gain while these two are duking it out? How can Sprint be opportunistic and BENEFIT from the back and forth between VZW and ATT?

    I think you should consider Plan B and be opportunistic.

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