Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Plus

If you haven’t yet discovered the power of Sprint’s Now Network, now’s a great time to join the fun.

The Palm Pre is now available for new lines of service with the Everything Plus Data plan. Everything Plus is an employee referral program that provides additional savings over Sprint’s already great pricing. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I invite you to use my information ( and 383) at to add a new line of service.

The Palm Pre is an incredible device. I had the chance to carry one for about a week shortly after it was launched and I can’t wait to when we’ve satisfied customer demand well enough to make it available to employees and I can get my very own.

Sprint’s price plans for a device like the Pre are also pretty incredible. In fact, with the Everything Plus Data 500 and Everything Plus Data 1000 minute plans, you’ll save $360 per year, or $720 over a 2 year contract compared to AT&T’s equivalent plans for the iPhone. With the unlimited Simply Everything plan, you save $600 a year or $1200 over two years. (The savings compared to Verizon’s data-inclusive “Nationwide Premium” plans are even greater.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions I often get asked about the Everything Plus plans, and the best I can answer them. If you ask these questions again in the comments, don’t expect me to post your comment or answer your question any differently than it is here.

Can I really use your information to sign up for these plans? All employees at Sprint have been encouraged to tell their friends and everyone they come in contact with about these plans. For me, that includes all the readers of my blog. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, I welcome you to use my information to sign up for these plans. If you’re not a regular reader of my blog, I encourage you to subscribe to the blog either via an RSS-based newsreader (Feed) or via e-mail (from my blog homepage). Also, realize that this offer is only for new lines to Sprint – you can’t move your existing Sprint phone onto this plan, and it’s designed for signup through the web.

Why isn’t this plan available for existing Sprint customers? I don’t make the policies around pricing, but as I understand it, these plans are specifically designed to attract new customers to Sprint.

I’ve completed my contract with Sprint, so now I’m off-contract. Can I switch to this plan? No. This plan is only for new lines of service.

Why can’t I sign up for this plan in a Sprint retail store? If I get a new phone on another plan in the store, can I then switch it over to this plan? As I understand it, one of the reasons we can offer this great price is because it costs us less to signup new customers through the web than it does to sign up customers

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in our stores. If you sign up with a different plan in the store, you will not be able to switch to this plan later.

Can’t you help me switch my Sprint phone over to this plan? No, I can’t. At times, I have been asked by customer care if I support violating Sprint policies for a specific customer who is invoking my name. I enjoy working at Sprint and would like to keep working here, so the answer is no, I will not risk my job advocating a policy violation so that you can save $10 a month. I hope you understand.

Everything Plus Data plans start at $60. I can’t afford that right now. Do you have anything less expensive? We recently added Everything Plus Messaging plans to the Everything Plus program. These start at $39.99. They don’t include all the great features of the Everything Plus Data plans, but if you mostly use your phone for talking and messaging (e.g. texting), these too are a great deal.

What about family plans? Yes, Everything Plus includes Family Plan versions of both the Messaging and Data plans. These too are the best deals in wireless for those that want to do more than just talk. For example, the Everything Plus Messaging Family 1600 minute plan costs $79.99 per month for the first 2 lines and $9.99 for each additional line. The equivalent plans from AT&T and Verizon only include 1400 minutes and cost $119.99 for the first 2 lines. That’s a savings of almost $500 per year (and an extra 200 minutes per month). Stepping up to Everything Plus Data increases the savings to $600 per year!

Can I use my corporate discount with Everything Plus? No. No other discounts can be applied on top of the Everything Plus savings. It’s possible that your corporate discount will provide a better deal for your specific needs than Everything Plus. Do the math and choose the best plan for you.

Why isn’t the Palm Pre available to customers on the SERO plan? The original SERO plan was an unbelievably good value for customers. In fact it was such a good value for customers that, if they were using much data at all, the network costs made it a money losing offer for Sprint. We know that the Pre and other data-centric devices will naturally result in high data use which means that Sprint will lose money every month on these accounts. No business can afford to sustain that. Customers that are on the SERO plan can stay on the SERO plan, but Sprint won’t allow them to upgrade to a really small set of data centric devices and stay on that plan.

So, if I’m on SERO, how can I get a Pre? The one exception Sprint makes to existing Sprint customers switching their plan to Everything Plus is for SERO customers that want to take advantage of all of the features of Everything Plus Data or that want to use a data-centric device like the Pre. Current SERO customers can still get the best deal in the industry (Everything Plus Data) to go with the best device in the industry (the Palm Pre).

Can you help me with problems I’m having with Sprint? I hope so. Ever since the beginning of 2008, our CEO has made “improving the customer experience” our #1 priority. I hope you’ve noticed in terms of better support in all of your touchpoints with the company. But if you have any problems that still aren’t getting resolved, feel free to send me an e-mail at and I’ll try to get folks involved who can get the issue resolved.

The Everything Plus page is telling me that access is denied. Have you used up all of your referrals? I’m told that there’s no limit to the number of customers that can sign up using my referral information. However, several people have gotten that error message. I believe you’ll also see a reference to anti-virus settings on that page. Most people find it easier to just try again from a different computer.

217 Responses to “Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Plus”

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  2. tlag says:

    Does the everything plus family plan require the activation of two new lines of service? or can my wife port over from t-mobile and sign up for the everything plus family plan and then add my existing Sprint line of service as the 2nd line?

  3. Russ says:

    Tlag – unfortunately, all of the lines need to be new to Sprint. Sorry!

  4. Truth says:

    I want to leave AT&T so bad…but I cannot find a way to get out of contract without paying $230 in ETFs (Family plan). What can I do!

  5. Russ says:

    Someone named PO posted a comment complaining about the service they received from Sprint. I haven’t approved it through to the site because I’d rather that we fix the issue. I’ve sent a note to PO at the e-mail address (s)he provided but haven’t gotten a response (I’m guessing it was a bogus e-mail). If anyone is having issues with Sprint’s service, please e-mail me at and I’ll try to help you get it resolved. If you aren’t willing to let me try to resolve the issue then I’m not going to let you use my blog as a forum to complain about Sprint’s unwillingness to resolve your issue…

  6. Aaron says:

    Hi, When I try and sign up using the 17821 zip-code I am told the plan is not available to me.
    I have also tried zip-codes for other cities in my ares.
    If I use 90210 I am able to proceed.

    Do you have any solutions to this problem?
    Our verizon contract is up and we are looking forward to switching to sprint.

  7. Russ says:


    I’m guessing that you are in an Affiliate territory. Sprint established affiliate relationships when we first launched Sprint PCS. This had benefits both for Sprint and for the companies we affiliated with.

    As I understand it, in these territories, our customers are actually customers of the affiliate, however, the experience is managed to be just like being a Sprint customer elsewhere. The handsets, products, features, network capabilities, etc. are maintained to be as seamless as possible.

    However, since these are separate companies, not everything is exactly the same. Especially something like an employee referral plan as a benefit for Sprint employees wouldn’t make sense for an affiliate to honor.

    All that to say, unfortunately, the Everything Plus plan is not available to you.

  8. Karl says:

    Would it be possible to take advantage of this offer through stores other than Sprint? Specifically, I’ve noticed Best Buy is selling the HTC Hero to match the price of the Eris, and I’d like to try and get that discount along with the EPRP.

  9. Russ says:

    No. This is designed for signup through this Sprint web portal only.

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  12. James Smith says:

    I wanted to know can I use employer referral program and my employer discount with sprint evo 4g?

  13. Russ says:

    James – that question is already answered directly on this page.

  14. Greg says:


    I’ve spoken to a couple Sprint Rep’s, and they are unaware of this Everything Plus program. One rep. said he can see the code in the system, but it’s out of date and is only for existing customers. Another rep. said that the program is only for employees, that’s why it asks for the employee ID#.

    It just seems that there’s a lot of confusion with the program with Sprint. I guess what I’m asking, if I sign-up with the Everything Plus program and there’s problems encountered along the way, will I be able to get assistance from you to iron out the issues?

    Thank you for your time!

  15. Russ says:

    The Everything Plus program is designed as a web only offer. Since the web is the lowest cost channel for Sprint, we can afford to offer this great deal through the web. So, I’m not that surprised that our reps aren’t able to offer it. After signing up, if you ever do have any problems, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll see that you get the help you need.

  16. Elliot says:

    There is a swarm of rumors on various forums that as of October 1, 2010 Sprint will allow Android phones to be activated on the older legacy plans (eg Fair & Flexible and the original SERO), subject to an additional monthly fee ($10 per line for 3G and $20 for 4G).
    Of course there is great excitement and enthusiasm about this possibility. Many of these loyal customers have been with Sprint for 5-10 years or more (including myself), and would love to upgrade to Android but do not want to give up a favorable older plan.
    Do you have any information on this issue?
    Thanks for a great blog and also for generously making available the EPRP program to your web readers.

  17. Russ says:


    I’ve heard that existing SERO customers will be able to upgrade to a premium plan that will allow upgrading to iconic devices. I haven’t heard the same for F&F, so doubt that one’s true. More info should be coming at soon.

    Note – this will only be for existing SERO customers.


  18. Elliot says:

    Thanks, Russ. I hope you might encourage Sprint to reconsider a premium (iconic phone) upgrade for the non-SERO legacy plans like F&F. It’s probably a much larger customer base and many of us are among your oldest and most loyal and enthusiastic clients!

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  20. Jeff says:

    Why would this new premium plan be available only to SERO? There are several millions more Sprint customers on legacy plans when compared to SERO. I have a legacy plan for myself (1 line) and my parents have a separate family legacy plan with my brother on it (3 lines). They would like to upgrade to an Android phone on 1 out of 3 of their lines but the cost of migrating everyone over to a Everything Data Family plan is >$70/month increase. Thats way too much to upgrade just one line and separating out that one line onto its own Everything Data plan is almost just as expensive. There really needs to be more REASONABLE options for all grandfathered plan holders, not just SERO. I know that you do not set the rules for pricing policies but I feel that it is important for Sprint to hear my voice regarding this manner.

  21. Russ says:


    Thanks for your comment and your long time loyalty to Sprint.

    I understand your frustration. I have family members in a similar situation. But the reality is:
    a) Sprint offers the best value with our current plans for those that want to do more than just talk.
    b) In the past, before smartphones became such data hogs (driving high network costs for Sprint), Sprint offered even more generous plans.
    c) We’ve been gracious to not force those customers (including you and my family members) onto more expensive plans, but have allowed them to keep their existing plans.
    d) However, we aren’t going to make our problem worse by putting into their hands devices that are likely to drive significantly higher data onto the network.

    Your voice has been heard.

  22. Brian says:


    Can you clarify something regarding your comment that “I’ve heard that existing SERO customers will be able to upgrade to a premium plan that will allow upgrading to iconic devices” for us? People are trying to parse that…

    Are you just talking about the option we already have of moving to Everything Plus from SERO? We’ve had that option since EPRP went live. Since that + the Evo fee still represents more than doubling the $30 legacy SERO plan, I think it’s clear a lot of people are still resiting that. Are you talking about something that would be more attractive than that option for legacy SERO users? And would it only be for people on the old SERO plan, or would someone who has moved to EPRP (thus still within the referral program) be able to move to this new lower cost plan as well?

    I realize you may not have all of those details or be allowed to share them if you do, but I appreciate whatever info you can share!

  23. Jeff says:

    Is SERO being potentially being allowed this premuim plan because there are many times fewer people on SERO when compared to the number of people on legacy plans, therefore making the strain on the network significantly less or not even noticable? I can understand that if bandwidth usage is a huge concern then that would make sense as to why several millions of legacy plan holders will not be allowed. Is this the case?

  24. Mike says:


    I have a legacy plan that includes an unlimited data pack but I can not use it on the Androids phone. I’m sure there are many thousands of other customers like me who would pay the extra $10 to move to this premium plan.

  25. NM2 says:

    “Note – this will only be for existing SERO customers.”

    I don’t think you are correct with that. I have an non SERO “legacy” family plan, and just got a call from from Sprint. I didn’t call or write then, they call me.

    I don’t think you know what Sprint is doing Russ, since your point “d” makes no sense as what they will be doing with my fair and flex is allowing any 3G smartphone, but if it is 4g “data hog” it will cost $10 more per line.

    I think Sprint has made the right choice by not only deciding to allow Free and Clear, Friends and Family and Fair and Flex to have any smart phone in the new and upcoming line-up, but by actually calling people whose plans are lapsing in a few weeks (like me) to proactively tell them of this new policy effective in nine weeks. I am a Loyal Sprint customer since 1998 who was about to leave due to the looming 60% increase in costs in order to get just one newer smartphone!

  26. Russ says:


    You’re definitely right about one thing, I don’t know everything that Sprint is doing.

    If it’s true that Sprint is providing a “premium” option for other legacy plans, I think that’s a good thing and I thank you for making me aware of it.

    The two points that you call out, I think you misunderstood.

    The “Note – this will only be for existing SERO customers” comment was to make the point that non-SERO customers won’t be able to sign up for the new SERO premium plan. That’s all.

    My point d was intended to mean “at the current price point”.



  27. Robert says:


    I would like to thank you for your response! I am extremely excited about this upgrade option for SERO users. My plan specifically says “SERO F&F” on my sprint account web portal, and I know you said that F&F plans are excluded, will I be eligible for the upgrade?

  28. Russ says:

    Sorry for the confusion Robert. SERO F&F is a SERO plan, so it should be in.

  29. Robert says:


    Thanks for your quick response, I’m very glad to hear I am eligible. Please keep us updated on this new premium plan. A lot of us from the community are very excited about this change and would like to know more specifics and details when they come available.


  30. mdb says:

    Hi Russ,

    Thank you for being so gracious to answer all of our questions. Your responses have been very helpful to us all, and there is some debate as to exactly what the conversation between you and user Elliott on July 28th means for SERO users.

    Specifically, does the opportunity for SERO users to switch plans on October 1 provide SERO users the opportunity to upgrade to a plan that would;
    Cost $10 more ($40/month for users of the $30 F&F SERO 500 users)
    Include Any Mobile Anytime
    Include Text Messaging
    Include Navigation
    Allow the addition of iconic devices (including the HTC EVO and Epic) for the $10 “iconic device” usage fee.

    Whether you’re able to divulge this information, I am not sure, but it will save internet posters and your call centers time and trouble through speculation.

    I appreciate your time and trouble, and would definitely enjoy hearing any specific information you can provide.

    Thank you.

  31. Trump Tight says:

    What is the “Premium” option and how much does it cost?

  32. Russ says:

    @mdb, I just passed along your question and the answer back was “yes on all counts”. (I think there’s another $10 charge for the EVO on top of the premium charge, but I could be wrong.) Good news?

  33. Mike says:


    For the legacy plan users (e.g. unlimited data pack plan), will we be offered this new premium plan too?

  34. mdb says:

    Great news. That is what i thought.. there is a premium to the data upgrade to get you up to the new plan and then an additional iconic device charge.. Thanks again for your help; this is a step in the right direction to get a lot of SERO users paying 20 dollars more a month and getting a chance to use Sprint’s great new phones.

  35. Trump Tight says:

    Sorry I didn’t see mdb’s post.

  36. Kaje says:

    Excellent news! I’ve been wanting Any Mobile, Sprint Navigation, and an Android phone so badly! Thank you for the update.

  37. viper says:

    Is sprint cosidering a similar move on add-on premiums on grandfathered plans?

  38. Jeff says:

    Can you confirm with your sources as to whether or not legacy plan holders will have the $10 month/per line data buy up option to bring them up to a everything plan level and/or an additional option of adding another $10month/per line for 4G access for phones such as the EVO?


  39. vj says:

    Will this be on legacy plans as well?

  40. E.D. says:

    Thanks a bunch for the confirmation Rus. It’s much appreciated!

    Everyone on SERO plans that are looking forward to this going through should still stay patient with their fingers crossed, but it’s looking good!

  41. Elliot says:

    Russ, would you kindly check with your source as to whether for a similar additional charge Android phone upgrades would be possible for Friends and Family plan holders?
    I’m sure if the answer is “Yes” there will a boatload of contract renewals and phone upgrades this fall and in the months to follow — a big win for both Sprint and it’s loyal customers.

  42. Greg L says:

    mdb & Russ,

    Can I confirm my math with you for the new plans? I’m a current SERO F&F customer with a Centro.

    Will the new plan be:

    $40 to include phones like Palm Pre, HTC Hero
    $50 to include phones like HTC EVO, Samsung Epic

    OR will the new plan be

    $50 + $10 to include phones like HTC EVO (so $60 total)

    I really, really appreciate your willingness to help confirm these plans Russ. I’ve contacted Sprint 2 times to ask about them and have been told both times that the rep doesn’t know anything about a new plan.

  43. NM2 says:

    Now I am getting different information and have reason to believe my legacy plan will be excluded!!! Is this all in flux? I am not told that the tings said were indefinite, and “legacy” will be excluded totally from any “iconic” smartphones. Can you ask the implementators of this plan if indeed the plan is to exclude “legacy” plan holders and only help SERO holders?

    Why would LOYAL legacy plan holders, with perfect payment records, who have a HIGHER “APRU” than SERO accounts holders be treated worse than SERO customers?

    Please submit this example and get a response:
    I have my myself, my son, and my two older parents on a four line family plan (Fair and Flexible”). My son and I have windows moble 6.5 smartphones (one Palm Pro and one Touch Pro 2) and my parents with no desire for texting, data, GPS, have simple dumbphones.

    I also have several plan add-ons that are not included in Everything plans which would have to be added to any new “Everything” account: Airave multiline @ $25/month, International calling fee $5/month, International calls average $30/month, Insurance $28/monh. I get a small 5% discount, and one credit for texting.

    If Sprint were to allow me “iconic” devices for my son and my lines you wold get $20 more per month if 3g and $40 more per month if 3G. That seems fair.

    But instead the way the plan seems to be to to give this benefit to SERO BUT and NO “Legacy” — Sprint is going to insist I pay $48 more per month for 3g (eg HERO) and $68 more per month for 4g (eg Galaxy) even though I only want data and texting on two lines.

    Take a look at 4 line ED, add $81 in the (non tax) costs I currently pay which I would have to also add to an Everything Data, and the total is WAY WAY more than adding $20 (3g on 2 lines) or $40 (4G on two lines) to my current plan.

    Again is Sprint going to treat SERO customers, who are regularly characterized by Sprint people as a drag on Sprints profits BETTER than legacy plan holders who have and will generate good profits?

    Whose idea was that? Are mult-line families on Free and Clear, Friends and Family and Fair and Flex — who are excellent customers and who do drive both higher gross and net profit to Sprint — to get nothing compared to SERO?

    That is going to leave a lot of people bitter and there are more of us than SERO holders.

    Please ask that question of the people handling this change.

  44. M. Hunt says:

    Mr. McGuire, thank you so much for posting on this. It is greatly appreciated.

  45. […] here # mdb Says: August 1st, 2010 at 3:54 pm Hi Russ, Thank you for being so gracious to answer all of […]

  46. Russ says:

    NM2 and others…

    Sprint is a big company with different groups focused on specific opportunities, all coordinated under broad strategies. As you can imagine, decisions about things like price changes are generally held pretty close to the vest, so the group that manages our broad consumer price plans doesn’t share information with anyone unless they absolutely have to know in order to implement any plan changes. The general legacy plans (e.g. F&F) are managed by that group. So, I generally don’t get any advance notice of changes they are making, and even if I did, I wouldn’t share it here (I like working at Sprint). I will tell you, I’ve heard nothing about premium options for the legacy plans. That doesn’t mean they won’t happen, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Employee plans (including employee referral plans like Everything Plus and SERO) are handled by a different group. I have a good relationship with that group and they’ve found that my blog is a good way to get information out about those plans, so when information is okay to go public, even if all the i’s and t’s haven’t been dotted and crossed (respectively) on the official announcements, they’ve been willing to share that with me and let me share it with you. That’s the case here. Especially in a case like this where the impacted audience is constrained (no new customers and part of the “benefits” to Sprint employees), there’s really not as much concern about competitive responses.

    In all cases, any pricing change requires a business case – considering what the incremental cost will be to Sprint (e.g. increased data traffic, smartphone subsidies, etc.) balanced against the incremental revenue (buy-ups to the new plan, renewals resulting in increased customer retention, etc.). These calculations may be different for different customer groups, so one decision may not always make sense for all groups.

    I hope that helps.

  47. Russ says:

    Greg L.,
    As I understand it, if you’re currently on a $30 SERO plan, it would be ~$40 for a non-4G “iconic” device and ~$50 for the EVO.

  48. Greg L says:


    And please thank the group in charge of the SERO pricing plan!

    I knew I’ve been loyal to Sprint for a reason! Can’t get this type of service anywhere else!

  49. jamestan says:

    Greg L, your question has been answered many times already. You are correct.

    And Russ thanks again for everything you’ve shared and clarified in this blog. And thank you especially for the breakdown in your last post.

  50. Kenneth Kong says:

    Hi Russ,

    Thanks for answering all the questions so far.

    But I have a question about Blackberry plans. Will the new $40 plan cover BIS as well?

    Also on Oct 1st, the people that are still under contact, will it be possible to still upgrade to a newer phone?

    Thank you again for taking the time.

  51. Russ says:


    Blackberry SERO users are already paying $40/month (500 minute plan). They will automatically be transferred to the Premium plan at no additional charge and will get the additional Premium features.

    There won’t be any changes to upgrade rules, so if you aren’t upgrade eligible, you’ll need to wait until you are to take advantage of the smartphone availability.

  52. Ralph Kaz says:

    Hi Russ,

    Are either of the SERO up-charges ($10 or $10+10 for Evo) mandatory? Can I keep my current phone & SERO plan without adding these fees?

  53. Russ says:

    Ralph – great question. If you don’t currently have one of the iconic devices (and you shouldn’t), then, as I understand it, it’s purely optional whether or not you step up to the premium plans (with their choice of devices).

  54. Jason M says:

    Hi Russ,

    I never ran into your blog until I was researching the Oct 1st rumor. Thanks for confirming it as it has helped me to make a decision to remain on sprint in the face of needing to triple my bill just to get a new phone. You have always been extremely helpful to me, and in my eyes is one of the true shining lights of sprint and an iconic example of the way sprint SHOULD treat their customers.

    The only question I have is this. With the EVO out and the Epic about to be released, why are they waiting until Oct 1st? Im not sure if you would have an answer or not. Is it just that the systems are not ready for these upgrades? It would (of course) be so much better if these upgrade options were ready for the Epic release (presently rumored to be this week).

    Thanks again.

  55. Tim Smith says:


    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I am sure it’s difficult considering your position with Sprint with some of these questions and also how sometimes it’s more of a complaint than a question. I am sure some will be upset but they have to realize Sprint is a business and needs to survive. Plans that are so old need to be updated to current costs. And if they compare, Sprint is probably the best value out there especially compared to AT&T and Verizon. Keep up the good work at Sprint and I hope things keep turning around and you start taking some market share from the big 2 overpriced companies.

  56. HG says:

    Hi Russ, this is great news! Honestly I was considering leaving Sprint before hearing this due to the fact I’m not a heavy internet (phone) user but like to have the option when needed. Windows Mobile would be fine except it’s totally unstable.

    Just a quick question, if doing this upgrade, would Sero 500 min customers be eligible for Sprint Premier?

  57. Russ says:

    @HG – Premier eligibility is based either on tenure or monthly billing. Sero 500 + the $10 premium would not get you up to the monthly billing level t be included in Sprint Premier.

  58. Tony says:

    Hi Russ, thanks for keeping us posted on the latest news. I’d like a little clarification on the $10 fee. Is it for iconic phones or is it for Sprint TV/Navigation as I’ve read elsewhere? i.e. can one get an iconic phone without opting for TV/navigation without paying the $10? If not, I presume the $10 would ‘upgrade’ the plan to include TV/Navigation?

  59. Jorge O says:

    Russ thank you for the great news. I was on a legacy plan for many years, and then was able to switch to myself and my wife to Sero F&F 500 for $30. The fact that I will be able to upgrade to new phones in October is great. I have NO problems paying another $10 -$20 a month for each of our phones to bring us up to $40-$50 each for the new devices.

    I am looking forward to the new Windows Phone 7 that comes out later this year, and will remain a loyal Sprint user.

  60. gme109 says:

    Russ, do you know if the Samsung Epic 4G will be available through the Everything Plus Referral program?


  61. Pat says:

    Russ, as I understand it this will only be an add-on. So if we choose to revert to a non-android or palm phone, then we would be able to return to the base $30/mo (500 min) if we desired, correct?

    Thanks for all of your help and information, it is helpful.

  62. Joshua Ramsay says:

    Russ –

    Possibly like many other people following your blog, I was getting ready to leave Sprint.

    I have a SERO plan (from when I worked at Sprint corporate store in Colorado Springs) but was recently hired at T-Mobile in Utah when I moved (still loyal Sprint fan only the manager at the local Sprint store just never really looked at my resume or was never in the store the several times I called when I was job hunting), so I have the option to switching to T-mobile employee plan. One of the main things holding me back is that I like Sprint and I like my plan, and I have no problem showing customers my TP2 (just covering up the Sprint sign with my thumb or protective case) and saying T-mobile makes the TP2 (they do, though I like Sprint’s version better). Unfortunately after months and months of frustration from hearing that I wouldn’t really have the option to upgrade my phone to a better in the future (hey, its my business to be on top) without switching my plan (essentially doubling my costs) has really lead me to considering switching carriers (which means taking my wife with me, possibly persuading my parents and siblings (who have a plan with nine lines) and other friends who I talk about phones and plans with (who are a lot) to consider other companies as well.

    With news that that Sprint may give SERO users option to upgrade at in October for additional $10-$20/ month I am very excited (worth it, no doubt in my mind). In my experience I’ve kind of developed a “sounds great, and I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, but it has definitely given me reason to hold off on any changes until October. If true, I think you guys may have saved at least two customers who have some influence over others. Kudos to you guys on a potentially great decision, and thanks to you for being one to break the news.


  63. Alex says:

    Hi Russ,

    Given the news about the SERO plans being able to put the EVO and EPIC on their plans with the added $10-20 fees, how would one go about this? Would the plan holder have to go to a Sprint store for the upgrades? or are they able to go through third party (Bestbuy, Radio Shack)? What about Telesales?

    I ask this because I am a SERO plan holder (like many others) and would love the opportunity to be able to keep my plan and be able to put an EVO on it.

    Thank You in advance and keep up the good work,


  64. matt says:

    Hello Russ,

    I have a question that I don’t think has been addressed previously. If it has, my apologizes.

    Assuming I want to step up to an Android phone or something similar and pay the upgrade fee, what happens if I decide to “downgrade” myself to a phone that doesn’t require a free later down the road?

    For example, I purchase an Evo and pay the additional $20/month bringing me to $50/month. If I lose my phone and drop back down to my TP2, will my bill dynamically change back to the $30? What if my contract expires and I no longer want to use the Evo and select a non-premium phone, like the Samsung Rant for instance. Would my price go back down to $30?

    What if I switch phones regularly (TP2 and Evo) via online ESN Swap. How will that affect billing?

    Thank you for your time,


  65. Russ says:


    You’ll be able to upgrade through Sprint owned channels – Sprint owned stores, telesales, and the web. You won’t be able to upgrade through third party stores.


  66. Russ says:


    From what I understand, online ESN swap doesn’t work with SERO because the plan type is no longer available.

    But, in general, once you upgrade to the “premium” SERO plan, I don’t think you can go back, so your bill would remain at $40 or higher ($50 with EVO).


  67. Samik says:

    Russ —

    I can’t stress enough how dismayed many of us legacy plan holders have become with Sprint. The decision to limit new phones to the newer plans for no other reason other than to force loyal users to switch plans is a horrible one. For example, I have a F&C plan 300 with a BIS add on using a BB Curve 8330. I have been willing to upgrade to the BB Bold 9650 but Sprint’s policies (not a technical reason) aren’t letting me do this.

    Sprint should favorably address this group of customers. In most cases, these are your most loyal customers who stuck with you through the worst years of Sprint’s customer’s service, built your customer base up, and are still here today. We would appreciate some consideration as well.

    Further, this policy really leaves legacy family plan users in the dust. Those that only have data and add-ons on 2 of 4 lines, for example, are being forced to pay for data on all 4 lines, when only 2 people want or need it.

    I really hope that you and other Sprint Exec’s take this into consideration as you plan your future offerings.

    Right now, Sprint’s policies have abandoned your most loyal customers and left them on their old plans with old phones. If forcing us to upgrade to new plans in order to use the latest phones, there’s no reason to really STAY with Sprint.

    Russ, please really take a look at this policy, and I hope that the new $10 add-on is available to F&C and F&F plan customers as well. It is a fair offering to be able to pay $10 and be able to use the latest and greatest phones and pay for the additional data usage we know we all use compared to a few years ago.

    I’m glad I have the ear of a high level Sprint Executive. I hope Sprint offers this option to not only SERO users, but all legacy plan users as well.


  68. JCB says:


    Thanks for your info.
    1) I have 2 lines of SERO plans on my account. Can i choose to upgrade 1 of them to the $10+$10 and stay on the SERO for the 2nd line?

    2) my current lines have the evenings start at 5 pm and have 3 any numbers free (incl landlines), can i keep these two important features on as i upgrade to the upcoming plan? it would be deal breaker to not be able to carry the current feature list. other wise it will be a downgrade rather than an upgrade. :)

    again.. thanks for your wonderful service.

  69. Russ says:


    1. I assume you’ll be able to upgrade one and keep the other.

    2. I think anytime you touch your account, there’s the risk that the concessions you’ve been given in the past will be called into question or simply accidentally removed. If I were you, I’d be hesitant to change the account.


  70. Dan H says:

    Is there anything that the new $10 buyup plan will lack in comparison to the old SERO plan?

    The most important issue I’m concerned about is whether the new plans will retain unlimited data, but I’m broadly interested in whether there are any downsides besides $10 more a month.

  71. Steve says:

    Hi, Russ,

    Quick question: if I decide to take advantage of the $10/$20 upgrade to SERO, will my data usage be limited? My SERO F&F 500 plan currently includes unlimited data. Will the upgraded plan include unlimited data?

    Thank you!

  72. Russ says:

    Dan and Steve,

    As I understand it, there are no other changes to the core SERO plan. It will still be unlimited data.

  73. Robert says:

    Hello Russ,

    Recently I fell onto the news about this October 1st change. It all sounds very good except whenever I find anything about SERO being talked about. It seams to all revolve around the assumption that all Sero plans are the SERO F&F 500 plan which was $30. I personally have the step up from that, the SERO F&F 1250 plan which was $50 a month. Now with the coming changes adding $10 for Premium Phones with Nav and Any Mobile and +$10 for 4G (Will be getting WP7 as soon as Sprint gets one), would that apply to my plan exactly as the 500 plan, or would I be able to get away with keeping my $50 plan for the Premium and only have to pay +$10 when I go 4G?

  74. Russ says:


    It’s a $10 step up to the premium plan which supports “iconic” devices, so if you’re on a $50 SERO plan, it’s $60 for the premium plan and then another $10 for a 4G device. Of course, you have the choice of staying on your $50 plan, but you will have limited device upgrade choices.


  75. joe r says:

    I was wondering. I currently have a 23% discount on my sero plan will i be able to keep this discount with the 40 or 50 dollar plan

  76. Robert says:

    Thats what I thought. So I would still be saving roughly $10 a month off the EPRP plan that has replaced the SERO option. And there is no option to drop my SERO from 1250 to 500 is there?

    I am still good with paying a bit more to keep things flexible and unlimited. No other carrier offers the Price/Plan options to compete.

  77. Russ says:

    joe r – I doubt that your discount would continue. I

    Robert – I’m not sure about changing to the lower plan. With Any Mobile, Anytime included in the Premium package, it could make good sense. I’m not sure what the process will be for upgrading to the Premium, but when you do hopefully you’ll also have the option to switch to the 500 minute plan.

  78. Michael says:

    Just wanted some clarification… I recently resigned my SERO contract in order to upgrade my phone (about 1 year ago). Does upgrading my plan ($10 or $20) make me eligible for the phone discounts (such as when you are resigning a 2 year contract) Or do I need to start searching the couches for a lot of spare change? Thanks!

  79. Russ says:

    Michael – unfortunately, upgrading to the premium plan doesn’t change your upgrade eligibility – it’s still on the same timeline. (I hope you have a lot of couches and loose pocketed friends….)

  80. […] Sprint representative RussMcGuire has confirmed on his personal blog that the changes allowing current smart devices on legacy SERO plans are […]

  81. Bill says:

    Hello Russ.
    Thank you for your blog and your news about the “Iconic” upgrade. I have been a sprint customer for more than a decade.

    I write with the same question as Samik above. Will this upgrade be offered to other legacy plans such as the “Fair & Flexible for Families – 2500 Anytime Minutes” plan that I have?


  82. Russ says:


    See my comment at 12:39 on August 2 above:

    Sorry I can’t say more.


  83. TJ says:

    Hi Russ,
    I conic devices on a SERO is wonderful news. But, my questions is, if i decide to let’s say get the HTC Hero on my SERO plan when I upgrade in October, I understand that there’s that $10 fee added each month which makes the $30 SERO now a $40/mo plan. That’s a fair trade. But what if after 6 months or 1 year, i decide to put back my HTC Touch Pro 2 back on my SERO (that’s what is currently activated on it)…does my monthly then go back to the $30/mo? Or will it stay at $40?

    Any info in clarifying this would be awsome!

  84. Russ says:


    The premium SERO plan does allow upgrading to an iconic device, but it also provides some pretty significant other value as well – specifically Any Mobile, Anytime (calls to any U.S. mobile phone don’t count against your minutes) and free Sprint Navigation. Anyone can upgrade to the premium plan whether or not they want to upgrade to an iconic device. Once you upgrade, you can’t go back.


  85. Russ says:

    TJ – one clarification – you can go back to your old device or another non-iconic device, but you can’t go back to the non-premium ($30) SERO plan.

  86. Michael says:


    Can you please confirm that after October 1 the phones which are currently available for SERO 500 plan ($30)
    will still be available under this ($30) plan.
    (specifically Touch Pro2)

    Thanks, Michael.

  87. Alan says:


    This is great news. For the Evo and Epic, is there an option to bypass Anytime Any Mobile and Sprint Nav leaving just the $10 4G charge?


  88. Russ says:

    Michael – I’m checking to confirm. It might be Monday before I have an answer.

    Alan – no, the premium upgrade is all together.

  89. Anthony says:

    Hi Russ,

    This is excellent news! However, I live in a non-4G area, but I would like to upgrade to the EVO. Will users like myself be allowed to upgrade to the EVO and pay only $10 more (totalling $40/month) and use the EVO as a 3G phone? I’m trying to determine if the additionaly $10 “4G-fee” is compulsory to upgrade to the EVO, being that the phone can also operate perfectly fine on the Sprint 3G network. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!



  90. Tom says:

    The other night I called to order through the number listed on the EPRP website. The rep I spoke with told me that they aren’t allowed to process orders with your email and CID numbers because you put the information on your website. or in her works “since he put the information on his website we can no longer process orders with that email”. Can you confirm if this was/is true.

  91. Russ says:

    Michael – the answer is “yes”.

  92. Russ says:

    Anthony – the answer is “no”. These devices, by their nature, are going to generate lots of traffic on our network. The high powered processor, high megapixel cameras, beautiful screens, AV outputs, etc. are naturally going to result in people actually using those features, which is going to put lots of traffic on our network – whether it’s our 4G network or our 3G network. The increased price is a reflection of this reality. And since the cost per bit is actually higher on the 3G network than 4G, it will cost us more for customers who aren’t yet covered by 4G.

  93. Russ says:

    Tom – that’s bad information. Try again. I just exchanged notes with the folks who provide direction for that center. They assured me they have never given that direction and that they would provide coaching to the contrary. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  94. rod says:

    do we have to pay the $10 dollar for navigation, unlimited any mobile and such as I don’t need these features. Can I just do the $10 4g upgrade?


  95. Russ says:

    rod – you are not required to upgrade to the Premium plan. However, if you don’t upgrade to the premium plan, you don’t have the option of getting an iconic device, including either of the 4G phones. So no, you can’t decline the premium features and then pay just the extra $10 to get an Evo or Epic.

  96. Anthony says:

    Thank you for your feedback Russ, I appreciate it. While the EVO is a data intensive device, so is the Touch Pro 2 and at the end of the day, data bits are data bits. SERO users signed up for plans with unlimited data, regardless of future proposed network types. Why is Sprint now artificially “bifurcating data” and forcing users to upgrade their monthly bills by $10-$20 to use the same data network for non-iconic phones (i.e. Pre,etc), which are the same networks they used 3 yrs ago for their Palm and Motorolas. The fee increase is a great business model for Sprint, especially if Sprint has 50,000 SERO users upgrading to the new. “Premium” plans, but it is not such a fair and reasonable increase for the SERO users wanting to stay at $30/month with their current unlimited data plans. Transparency on this subject would really be appreciated.

  97. Russ says:


    The 3G network is the same network as 3 years ago, but the capabilities of the devices have dramatically changed how much data each user consumes on the network. More usage means very real increased costs for the carrier – some simply in the need to spend big bucks increasing capacity, some in actual variable costs for each MB (operating costs, IP transit costs, roaming costs, etc.).

    The Touch Pro 2 is a more data intensive device than what we had in the network 3 years ago, but it is not as data intensive as others. There’s been lots of press about how iPhone users consume lots more data than other smartphone users (and we’ve certainly seen the impact of that on AT&T’s network). A couple of recent studies have found that Android phones are now consuming more data than iPhones. I can’t share internal Sprint data, but I can tell you that there are dramatic differences in data usage between different devices in our portfolio and that’s been a big driver in many of our device decisions over the past few years.

    When we look at the SERO base and the changes we see in data usage when others in our (non-SERO) base have moved to these advanced data devices, it’s clear that it would be highly unprofitable to allow SERO customers (on their current plan) to use these new devices. There are different decisions we could make, such as: 1) Cancel the SERO program and force all current customers to move to new plans (we’ve said we won’t do this), 2) Don’t allow SERO customers to use the new devices (that’s been our policy until now), 3) Raise SERO prices across the board so that we could afford to let SERO customers choose any device, 4) Give SERO customers the option of stepping up to a premium plan if they want one of these new devices.

    I’m sorry that you don’t appreciate the transparency I provide. It’s very frustrating when I use my own personal time (this isn’t part of my job) to communicate with customers, to make available special referral deals, to help individual customers with their problems, and then you guys bash me for what I say (and what I can’t say) and take my words and use them against me. Who else in the industry is being more open and transparent than I am? Who in the industry is working harder than Sprint to provide the best value for those who want to do more than just talk? I think we’re doing a decent job, but if I’m missing something, let me know…

  98. Russ says:


    Looking back to your specific question. On the Evo, we have very specific data that users of these devices have meaningfully higher network costs than other devices, whether or not they use the 4G network (in fact they are more expensive to us if they don’t use the 4G network). Again, we could take this higher cost and spread it across all customers (e.g. maybe make the price increase for the SERO premium plan be $15 instead of $10), but it seems more fair to make it a higher priced option for those who really want these 4G-capable devices.



  99. Anthony says:

    Thank you again for your feedback Russ.I do applaud you for going the distance and maintaing this customer relationship with the SERO base; it is much appreciated.My concerns are not directed at you personally in anyway; was only looking for an open forum to voice concerns regarding proposed SERO account, and I found it here :)

    I also understand where you are coming from in regards to a P&L perspective for data usage, operating costs, etc. However, the observation I am making is based upon principle; SERO users signed an agreement for unlimited data feature within their plans, and this agreement should be honored (at no cost) regardless of the advent of future devices and network enhancements.Sprint customers are not responsible to foresee and mitigate network issues, and then be expected to pay a “tax” to use more “unlimited data”.Are SERO users receving more for less with the advent of the new premium plans? (since SERO users already have
    texting, and can use 3rd party navi software).Looking forward to reviwing the plan details when they are formally communicated.

    More importantly, from you feedback, it appears that Sprint 3G network operating costs are rising, due to increased data usage. Is it the vision of Sprint to move to a complete 4G network in the next 5-10 years? If yes, then would SERO customers then be required to upgrade to $50 plans?

    Thanks again for your comments, this dialog has be very helpful. I am a loyal Sprint customer, and do plan to stay with Sprint for the long-term,as the service has been the best of all carriers I have tried.



  100. sharon says:

    Hey Russ,
    Do you know if there are any plans on changing the other ERPR plans in the coming months or will those plans stay exactly the same?


  101. Russ says:


    Conceptually, this is the same as requiring current Simply Everything customers to pay $10 more if they want an EVO. Neither is a popular move, but we need to reflect the higher costs. I doubt anyone here wants Sprint to become so unprofitable that we go out of business.

    We do not have plans to shutdown the 3G network. Our hope is that the 4G network will carry the bulk of the data sometime in that 5-10 year timeframe, but voice still goes over our CDMA network. Every technology eventually reaches end of life, but for our 3G network, I doubt that’s in the next 10 years.



  102. Russ says:


    I’m not aware of any changes to other plans at this time. (That doesn’t mean someone isn’t working on them, but if so, I just don’t know about it.)


  103. Anthony says:

    Thanks again Russ; your clarifications are helpful.

    On last question, would you be able to provide a listing of future (and current) smartphones that will still be able to operate on the $30/month SERO plan? I understand that Sprint is looking to embrace WM7 devices in the future; it would be benefical to know where these phones will fit in the SERO realm, since current Sprint Windows 6.x phones do operate on SERO (i.e. TP2).

    Best Regards,


  104. Greg L says:


    I also continue to appreciate your openness and frankness. In my experience, it can be hard to get a solid, consistent answer when talking with Sprint Reps.

    I have been troubled with the $10 Premium Data fee since it was announced, before the EVO was released. My main point of concern is that users are already required to be on a Sprint plan which clearly states that it includes “Unlimited Data”. Every plan that a user can choose that works with the newer batch of smart phones require a plan with “Unlimited Data”. It appears to me that Sprint now is in fact falsely advertising their Unlimited Data plans since they are in fact, not unlimited if you choose either an EVO or an EPIC.

    When I’ve asked Sprint Reps to explain how a plan can be truly unlimited yet still require an additional package which includes more “unlimited data”, the Reps simply tell me that the EVO requires it, and that it provides unlimited Data on the 4G and 3G network. Sprint’s plans already include unlimited data on the 3G network.

    As it stands now with the current literature, a customer is asked to purchase 1 plan with unlimited data and then tack on another $10 add-on package which includes yet more unlimited data. Can you see how this seems very odd. You feel like you are paying for it already, and then being charged for it again.

    One solution could be something as simple as changing the language in the Sprint plans to say that they are not unlimited. On the contrary though, Sprint has appeared to work to show that their plans truly ARE unlimited and do not include a rumored 5G cap, and are different than the new AT&T tiered system.

    I believe a phone does not inherently use data. A user uses data. I’m sure some customers with EVOs are using less data than some customers on older phones. This is where I believe a tiered system could actually work well. Example: Give all users say 2 or 3 gigs a month and if/when users go over this, they will be charged a $10 premium data upcharge. This way the customers that are using the data that is making Sprint’s cost rise are paying for it, and customers who don’t use a large amount of data are not paying for other peoples data usage. Cell phone minutes are based on packages, can we have a choice in data packages? Something like: 2gigs a month for $69.99 & Unlimited for an additional $10 a month.

    I agree with Anthony that I am not trying to jump on you, but rather pick your logical brain for better explanations. Believe me, I have spoke when many different Sprint Reps and it’s astounding the different answers I’ve received.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to communicate so openly with us.

  105. Russ says:

    Greg L,

    The best I can do is offer an analogy.

    An all you can eat buffet is often used as an imperfect analogy for “all you can eat” data plans. Most all you can eat buffets I’ve been to have a tiered pricing structure, not based on how much someone eats (it’s one price, no matter whether you have a single bite or make 5 trips with heaping platefuls) but rather on the characteristics of the customer which are most likely to indicate their capacity to consume the product. Kids 2 and under may be free, Kids 10 and under may cost $5, Adults 10+ may cost $10, and Seniors may cost $7.50.

    Sure, some 9 year olds may be able to eat a horse, and some adults may be light eaters, but the simplicity of the pricing and the appeal of “all you can eat” makes it a system that works for the customer and the business. The pricing tiers do a pretty decent job of representing the differential cost in serving different types of customers (on average). Those customers that don’t get their money’s worth maybe should eat at a different restaurant if it bothers them, but most will stick around so they don’t have to worry about how big the bill will get.

    Pre-iPhone, the wireless world was made up of kids who really didn’t consume much. The characteristics of the devices just didn’t present that many opportunities to use data. Sure, some customers managed to still eat a lot, relatively speaking, but overall, consumption was pretty low.

    Today, customers still using those less data-centric devices still have relatively low data consumption, but many devices (e.g. Android and WebOS phones) have grown into adults, with adult sized appetites (and some devices, e.g. the Evo, eat like a teenaged boy). Implementing differentiated pricing based on the characteristics that drive how much customers are likely to consume is a simple necessity for staying in business.

    I agree there’s some logic to usage-based pricing, but we think we can keep our unlimited plans still in a reasonable price range (especially as more traffic starts shifting to 4G) and we know that folks generally don’t like the complexity and fear that comes with usage-based pricing. We may lose some customers who think they want usage-based plans, but we think we’ll also attract customers as our competitors take away the unlimited plans as an option (in fact we probably already are).

    I hope this way of thinking about it helps it make better sense.



  106. rod says:

    why i need $10 premium to use evo plus $10 for 4g??

    help is appreciated

  107. rod says:

    this make not sense

  108. Russ says:

    rod – either you haven’t bothered reading the explanations I’ve provided or you simply don’t want to believe it. Because these devices are so much more capable, people use them to do more stuff – which is absolutely great – but it drives significantly more cost onto Sprint. Devices like Android cost us a lot more in network usage than older phones and high powered devices like the Evo cost even a lot more than that. To stay in business, we need to find a fair (but simple) way to reflect those cost differences. What doesn’t make sense about that?

  109. Steve says:

    I have employee third party plan free and clear 3000 for $20. I wanted to know if this plan will be eligible for this upgrade. thanks

  110. rod says:

    how many people are ons the sero plan? why do I have to puchase the $10 premium upgrade for navigation and and unlimited anytime mobile minutes if dont want to use these services? and the $10 4g fee should be enough to cover the heavy data usage. One $10 fee should be fair to us

    thanks you so very much

  111. Mark says:

    Hi Russ. First, thank you for donating your personal time to provide the information and transparency that is this blog. I hope Sprint realizes that this blog is one of Sprints better customer service resources.

    Most of us SERO users are excited about the upcoming changes, and are happy to pay the additional premiums in order to use the premium Android devices. We understand that Sprint has spent hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to continue to build out its 3g network and to build out the 4G infrastructure (when I originally signed up for SERO, 3G was only rev.0, and 4g was only a dream). Most of us are happy to pay additional premiums in order to help pay for this additional infrastructure.

    The only issue I have is with the final $10 charge for 4G access even though no 4G exists in my service area (Denver), or even in the state of Colorado. Hopefully, the 4G roll out will have made it to Denver by October 1st. If not, are you able to divulge whether or not there will be any 3G android devices with a 1Ghz processor or better by that time? I would be happy to pay the final $10 for 4G service if I actually was utilizing it, but I, like I am sure many others, have a problem with paying for a service which does not yet exist in our service areas.

    Thanks again for all of your information and transparency.

  112. Becki says:

    Thanks for posting these updates. Is there a planned date for the “official” announcement? I just recently happened upon your blog, and am struggling with a decision on whether or not to repair/replace my newly broken Centro, upgrade, or finally ditch my Sero plan and finally give in to the siren song of an iPhone (3G since I don’t like the idea of an extra “end” button on the newer models) or an Android phone. For an additional $10 a month, I may decide to limp along with a cracked screen until October 1st rolls around and then try a Pre or one of the smaller Android phones (I have no desire to carry around a paperback book in my pocket, nor one of those huge phones.) The thought of going to another carrier after having a Sprint line for almost 10 years makes me a little sad, to be honest. If the official announcement will be coming out soon, that would definitely help me make a decision on what to do next w/ my poor Centro.

  113. Russ says:

    Steve – no, I don’t believe so.

  114. Russ says:

    rod – the premium fee is not to pay for navigation and any mobile, anytime, it’s to pay for the increased network costs for the iconic devices. Nav and AMA are thrown in for free, and for some users, that alone might make it worthwhile to upgrade to the premium plan, even if they don’t want an iconic device. (e.g. if all your calls are to other people’s mobile phones, then your 500 minutes basically becomes unlimited)

    As far as the need for two tiers of step ups for different types of devices, this web article isn’t perfect in its estimates, but it’s good for illustrative purposes:

    It says a feature phone uses 100MB/month (that sounds high)
    A smartphone uses 185MB/month (that is probably on the low end)
    A “superphone” uses 560MB/month
    A tablet uses 800MB to 1GB/month (Sprint’s EVO is probably in between superphone and tablet, but I haven’t seen any recent data to know for sure)

    If we assume that the phones that are allowed on SERO plans today are at the level identified in the article for smartphones (185MB) and “iconic” devices are half way between smartphones and superphones (call it 370MB) and the EVO is at the superphone level identified in the article (560MB), then you see that each step up is an increase equal to the data use of the current devices allowed on the SERO plan. Since our data network cost is pretty much linear with the amount of data consumed, then if $10 is a reasonable fee increase for the increased data network cost associated with iconic devices, then it’s reasonable to have another $10 fee increase for the increased data network cost associated with the EVO.

    I’m not going to debate this with you anymore.

  115. Russ says:

    Mark – the $10 fee for Evo is not actually for use of the 4G network. It represents the cost of carrying the increased data that a device of that class (maybe call it “4G class”) will naturally consume on our network, whether on 3G or 4G. As you point out, the device has a faster processor with a multiprocessing operating system. It also has 2 high resolution cameras, a brilliant screen, an HDMI connector, etc. – all of which begs its use for heavy video-centric applications. These still work pretty good on 3G, and either way drive up our costs…

    I’m not aware of any upcoming Android devices with fast processors for 3G only.

  116. Russ says:

    Beki – I’ll try to get you an answer tomorrow.

  117. Greg L says:

    Thank you for your explanation and your time.

    I think I will have to accept that I would like a tiered system and Sprint is not using one. Thankfully Sprint’s pricing structure (and current phone choices) are still very attractive.

    I can’t wait to get my EVO in Oct and “use the crap out of it” on my unlimited plan! ;o)

    Thanks again! It’s always refreshing to come here and hear some truth!

  118. Charles says:

    Hello Russ,

    Like many others have expressed, let me also thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

    I myself, am a Sero F & F 1250 user, would it be possible to downgrade to a Sero F & F 500 and add the iconic phone feature? I used to be a position that would require me to use the full 1250 minutes, but I know have a corporate mobile phone (sprint as well) to make these calls. I would be better suited to have the 500 minute for personal use. Would this switch be possible?


  119. BJ says:


    Let me start by offering you huge thanks. Unfortunately, there are a ton of idiots posting to this blog. I’m starting to understand why people always refer to SERO customers as a pain in the …

    Not that this is your area, but I think the big gripe about the $10 charge is really a question of semantics. It’s being billed as a cost associated with 4G devices. The reasonable assumption is that you are paying more for 4G access, which unfortunately, only a small percent of Sprint customers are eligible for. Seems like they could word it better (similar to your brilliant buffet analogy) and alleviate some of the angst.

    My question is around Windows Phone 7. Without getting into specifics (since no phones have been announced specifically for Sprint), can you give us a feel as to whether all WP7 devices will fall into the 4G pricing tier? Is there a chance that a WP7 phone would be eligible for the $40 plan or would you assume that they would all be $50/month devices?

    One last question … earlier you mentioned that if someone upgrades from the $30 plan to the $40 plan they cannot go back to $30 even if they downgrade their device. Does that logic hold true for the $50 plan? For example, if I get the Evo but decide to downgrade to the Hero will my plan stay at $50 or will it adjust back down to $40.

    Thanks again so much Russ for your help in all this. You really have been amazing with your responses and patience towards some of my inconsiderate and belligerent SERO brethren.

  120. Andrew says:

    Howdy Russ. The news about the changes to SERO is exciting but I’m curious if you knew anything about the changes to the User Agreement come Oct. 1st.

    I’m assuming if someone updates their SERO plan to the SERO Premium plan and cannot go back to their original SERO plan then the User Agreement is probably changed in some way. I was just wondering if there is any changes that SERO owners should know about before getting too excited about all this.

    Also, is the unlimited data truly unlimited? Like no 5GB cap or nonsense like that? Thanks for your time.

  121. Noah says:

    Wow Russ, I feel sorry for you! You go to go spend your personal time to help others out, and they complain that the coffee they buy today should still cost the nickel it did back in 1905 because that was the price back then! Inflation alone has increased the value of the SERO plan from what it was once worth, so I for one am willing to pay 10 bucks more for a new device, because even at that price it’s cheaper than any other plan out there.

    So thanks for all your hard work. There are a lot of us reading this blog who don’t post, but do appreciate all your hard work. Those few negative nellies who do post should not get you down.

  122. Nick says:

    Thanks Russ. I think most people are hung up on the new costs and don’t realize that this is an option and complaining here isn’t gonna change anything. I think these people see the charges like this:

    Monthly Fee: $30= data + minutes + text
    Extra fee: $10= data + phone + minutes + services
    Extra fee: $10= data + phone

    People seem to be upset that they are paying for data three times (whether it’s available to them or not), the phone twice, and for services they might not use. I think they are confused because other networks don’t charge a monthly fee for their devices or charge multiple times for the same thing. I understand Sprint’s side, love my SERO plan, and will most likely upgrade to the fullest, however a 67% increase in monthly fees will be tough.

  123. Russ says:

    Beki – I don’t expect a formal announcement for a few more weeks yet, but there appear to be (e.g. – although, be clear, I’m not validating that leak as real… ) more and more supporting data points.

    Charles – Yes, as I understand it, you will be able to switch from the SERO 1250 to the SERO Premium 500.

    BJ – I don’t know about specific WM7 plans, but I would expect Sprint to continue to release 3G-only devices across all major platforms.

    BJ and Andrew – In asking today, it appears I had misunderstood an earlier note. Customer will be able to downgrade from SERO Premium back to SERO.

    BJ – Yes, you can switch from a 4G device back to a 3G device and drop the extra $10.

    Andrew – There are no significant term changes. Specifically, the data restrictions aren’t changing.

  124. Marvin Smallwood says:

    Just a simple thanks for your time and efforts. For those who don’t like the message they should still appreciate the messenger. We do appreciate the straight up information.

  125. mykie says:

    Russ, I want to thank you for the valuable information that you have always provided; as a longtime multi-line SERO customer, I’ve always dreaded the day that the sun will set on our SERO plans and that Sprint will shuffle us off of it.

    I’m glad to learn that isn’t the case, and that us loyal SEROers aren’t being forgotten about.

    It’s apparent that Sprint knows that we are some of its most loyal customers, many of us who have stubbornly resisted the Siren’s song of the iPhone, MyTouch, and Droid in favor of our beloved SERO plans and the Now Network.

    I hope that no one minds if I speak for the group momentarily…We’ve told our friends and we’ve posted about it on blogs, forums, and chat rooms. I’ve been treated very well by telesales, the store personnel, and customer service, and I have a network that I know I can count on. We are grateful to Sprint and to you, Russ.

    My Sprint bill is one of the few bills I am happy to pay every month, and I can’t wait to give Sprint another $20 every month for the privilege!

  126. Russ says:

    Thanks mykie!

  127. Hiram - Sprint's Sero Power Player :) says:

    Heya Russ! :) All the information you have posted has Totally been well appreciated! Thank You so very much for everything you’ve clarified and everything you’ve done :) I currently have a Touch Pro 2 activated and for a while now I’ve dreamed of owning a Android or Web OS based phone. I remember when the Samsung Instinct came out I wanted it soooo bad! When I was told I needed to upgrade my Sero Plan I was totally in “awwwww why?” and It wasn’t until later that I understood – Smart Phones use up wayyy toooo much data consumption. I was relieved when the Touch Pro 1 came out ’cause hey what do ya know? It was totally compatible with Sero! I was totally in Excitment and I paid full price for the phone! (499.99) then the Touch Pro 2 came out and I once again paid full price for the beauty! Now when Android and Web OS phones started coming out it was always fun to play around with them at the Sprint Store :) Now with the Sero Premium Plan I could totally get one of these “Better” Smart Phones and still enjoy the Plan I currently have, and more the Service Sprint Offers :) For sure on October 1st I will definitely be lined up to get one of these “Fancy” new phones :p I was actually wondering if you could clarify if 1) the Nexus One from Google will be coming to Sprint?, 2) Will it be a 4G Phone? 3) Would we (Sero F&F) customers be able to activate it? & 4) Are the rumors true – about the i-Phone coming to Sprint I mean? Any information will totally be greatly appreciated! and once again Thanks! :) -Sprint it’s the NOW Network :)

  128. Hiram - Sprint's Sero Power Player :) says:

    Thanks For All Your Help Russ! :)

  129. Steve Rish says:

    Thank you Russ for all the time you have put in to providing this resource for us. I just found it today and noted that you’ve been answering peoples’ direct questions for over a year. Much appreciated!

  130. TJ says:

    Hi Russ,

    That’s wonderful news that I as a sero customer can go revert back to the $30 plan if I’m not using an iconic device on it. Not really worried about the premium sero because my sero line barely ever gets use on your network. Its my backup line for when some reason the phone on my everything data fails. But your sprint stores are pretty good at taking care of my problem with quickness.

    Now…on to my question (actually more if an issue). As it stands….ever since the evo was released, it has constantly been on backorder. I’ve almost talked myslef into jumping in with my sero upgrade in october to get the evo. You can bet sprint will get a great influx of sero users ordering the evo. What contingency plans does sprint have to make sure that the evo is available for everyone with the wait time not longer than it already is. I’ve known people that had to wait 1-2 weeks just to get their evo.

  131. Russ says:

    Thanks for the appreciation everyone. “Russ feels better now.” :)

    1. I don’t think Google’s doing anything with the Nexus One anymore. ( )
    2. NA
    3. NA – but it looks like any phone on Sprint will soon be available to SERO customers.
    4. If I knew anything about the iPhone coming to Sprint, you know I couldn’t say anything about it here. :)

  132. Russ says:

    TJ – there’s not really any “contingency” planning we can do about it. Believe me, we’re getting as much inventory as we possibly can and making it available to customers as quickly as we can. Employees still can’t get the Evo, so you can bet we’re focused on solving it. :)

  133. Celz says:

    First of all I want to thank the author for a great site.. I learned alot..

    But honestly I’m tired of people complaining about the $10 fee seriously.. Sprint’s plans are even cheaper tha T-mobile most of the time so stop complaining or pay more.. You get a solid 3G network, crystal clear voice, and a top of the line phone, consider yourself lucky if you get 4G..

    Lets look back at some recent Sprint launches…

    Touch Pro 2 – Remember that phone when it launched at like $350 dollars and people complained that it costed too much while most of them were going to put it on $30 Sero plans.

    Palm Pixi – People complained again about the Sprint version missing Wifi and how that is such a major feature.

    So if people complain about when a phone is priced higher, or has less hardware than competitors what is left?? Sprint is a for-profit company (a rep told me that when I had corporate discount on my Sero plan lol) how are they supposed to lead VZW and AT&T and provide us with excellent service if we dont want to pay for it?? You dont HAVE any other choice to get such a solid phone, on a great network, with this low of a price, for 199.99.. Go to Metro PCS than their 4g phone is coming soon at Sero prices and its not even a smart phone lol Good luck with that!

  134. Hiram - Sprint's Sero Power Player :) says:

    Omg Omg Omg :) Well after spending a week and a half with advance technical support due to my mobile broadband card ultimatley not working for being a location based problem the represenative did mention he was in a confrence about upcoming new items Sprint was going to offer :p He did say he wasnt able to talk about any of the stuff coming out but he did say there was going to be a cellular device that was going to be better than the current EVO 4G from Sprint :) and and the only phone I could totally think of was the Google Nexus One which I now know is discountinued and the i-Phone any maybe the Droid :p but for sure the i-Phone immediatl ycame to mind :) Lets hope if it does us Sero customers can also get it :) and and just to clarify if we switch from a Sero $30 plan to any phone non 4G after October 1st it’ll only be $10 more? and if its a 4G phone like the Epic or the EVO or maybe possibly the i-Phone it’ll be only $20 more right? ’cause dont they charge like an additional charge right now for regular customers who have the EVO 4G? or would this (the $10 & $20) charge be it? Thankies so very much Russ and and as always your information will totally be Greatly Appreciated 😀

  135. Tim says:


    Could you tell me if the plan addons would be transferred when the plan is upgraded? I have the pick 3 promotion and it would be very important to me to have that included if I decide to upgrade.

  136. TJ says:

    Hi Russ,
    Thanks for pouring your own personal time into answering all of my questions as well as others. But as you guessed…more questions..LOL.

    you mentioned that i can upgrade my SERO to the EVO and get that extra $20 on the bill (makes it $50/mo), but if a customer was to go activate a Hero on it, it will drop the $10 cool phone charge (that’s what it’s being called out and bring down the monthly to $40. There are some people out there that thinks that this goes true as well if you bought an iconic device and then dropped back to the tp2, it the monthly will go back to $30. Will you please clarify this once and for all. Because when I asked a few days ago, you said no…it stays on the premium SERO plan once upgraded. But like I said, because of what you stated regarding going back to 3g, customers are thinking that they can go back and forth between $30, $40 and $50 depending on which device gets activated.

  137. Russ says:


    I apologize for providing incorrect information and the confusion it has caused.

    Back on August 19, you asked a question which I relayed internally. The answer I got back caused me to tell you ( ) that you COULD NOT revert back from SERO Premium to SERO Basic if you went from an iconic device to a non-iconic device. I explained that, although the reason for the increased charges for SERO Premium are to cover the higher cost of iconic devices on the Sprint network (higher data usage), there were other benefits of SERO Premium that make it well worth the extra $10 per month even if you aren’t using an iconic device.

    On August 23, I got a couple of questions that I relayed internally and was told that customers COULD revert back from SERO Premium to SERO Basic if they stopped using an iconic device. I passed this along ( ) and in fact, it looked like you commented at that time ( ) acknowledging that you’d seen the change. (Might have been a different TJ though…)

    Again, I apologize for the confusion this has caused.

    The latest that I’ve heard is that a customer CAN revert to SERO Basic if they switch to a non-iconic device. I don’t think it will be automatic (because we think some will want SERO Premium for the value of Any Mobile Anytime and Navigation), but it will be possible.

    I hope this helps clear up the confusion I caused.


  138. BJ says:

    Hiram – you should know better. If the rep said it was better than the Evo it would rule out the Droid, Nexus One, and even the iPhone (for many people). The Evo is the bomb. The Epic will be nice but after reading several reviews I don’t think it’s going to be nearly as nice as the Evo. And it’s $50 more.

    Russ – thanks again for your patience in answering these questions. I can’t imagine who many personal hours you have spent sharing this information with us. After being on several forums discussing this it is clear that the new direction Sprint is moving towards with SERO customers has everyone jazzed up.

  139. Russ says:


    Your Pick 3 add on should still be on your account after upgrading to SERO Premium.


  140. Dick says:

    Russ, I am a Free and Clear 500 + F&F roaming ($45/mo less 15% employee discount) client whose plan expired in 2005. I can add a $15 data pack. I don’t text or use GPS.

    I am considering a smart phone — HTC TP 2 or even Android. What are my best options?

    (Note: Almost all my calls are landlines and the 500 minutes is important.)


  141. manny says:

    Hi Russ, my question is simple
    i have a tp2 on a sero account and i am not eligible for an upgrade for some time. can i upgrade my tp2 to an evo or epic and get the phone discounts?

  142. Troy Brown says:

    I have reservation for the Samsung Epic for pick up on launch which is tomorrow (8/31). Being on the SERO plan, should I simply pick up the phone and not activate it until 10/1? Can I renew my contract to get the $250 price or will I be required to activate the phone thereby losing my SERO plan?

    I would consider simply buying the Epic on 10/1 but I’m sure it won’t be in stock. Anyone have an input or suggestions as to the best way to go about this?

  143. Jason says:

    Russ —

    Thanks for the info you’ve provided. But, can’t help but wish and push for this option being available for non-Sero Legacy plans. I’m in agreement about the amount of data being used, and thus willing to pay for that, and $10 seems fair. However, pleeeeeeease see if this can be an option for the rest of us that have been with Sprint for 10+ years!! I’d love to stay with Sprint because i have a great, customized plan, and can use the latest phones.

  144. Russ says:


    Today, the best answer is the Everything Data plan. But if I were you, I’d wait to see if a similar premium plan becomes available for legacy plans (similar to what’s being done for SERO). I haven’t been able to get any clear answers on whether anything is being done for these legacy plans. After waiting since 2005, it seems it’d be worth waiting a few more months…


  145. Russ says:


    No. To get the discount, you need to wait until your upgrade eligibility date.


  146. Russ says:

    Troy Brown,

    No, you can’t buy the Epic now and not activate it. From the rumors I’m hearing, inventory issues are less likely with the Epic than they’ve been with the EVO, so I would guess that Epics will be available on 10/1. (Although, from the level of interest here, there may be a surge of demand on 10/1 from SERO customers.)


  147. Russ says:


    I hear you, but so far I haven’t heard the same plans being in the works for other legacy plans.


  148. StingRay says:

    First off, you are doing this community a grand service by keeping this blog.

    I had a question about the customers who have the following setup:

    SERO 500 – $30.00
    BIS Buy Up – $10:00

    Total – $40.00

    We are already paying $40.00 but do not have Any Mobile Any Time and Nav.

    How will this Oct 1st change affect us?

  149. Martha says:


    You are an amazing man to take your free time to clear up everyone’s questions. I applaud you!

    I too have been dying to have the Evo with my Sero plan. I am so grateful they are supporting it. I have been loyal to Sprint for 8 years and will continue to be. I have been eligible to upgrade almost a year now, but couldn’t justify the bill without Sero.

    I have a problem though. My Palm Treo is on it’s last breath, so I ordered the Evo, and it arrived today. I did not know this upgrade was coming and no one on the phone at Sprint knew it either when I asked. I was going to put 3 of our family on the EPRP, but my DH would be happier if he can continue with his own Sero plan with 1250 minutes. It may also be best for our marriage not to share minutes. Although I will suggest he also upgrade to the new plan and maybe he won’t need all those minutes anymore.

    My question is now that I have it and the offer doesn’t start until October, do I return the phone (I already opened it) or is there someway I can upgrade my Sero plan before the October 1st date? I didn’t activate it yet.

    Again, thank you so much for your help in communicating so much to us. I know you have made many people happy with your answers.

    A grateful reader,

    PS I am happy to pay the extra $20!!!

  150. Celz says:

    Hey Russ,

    First off I want to thank you. Your doing an awesome job, I have a quick question. I was on a Sero 500 plan with a HTC Touch Pro. I had issues with the phone overheating while being used as a gps device while charging. I exchanged for 4 different Touch Pros and they all had it. Every Touch Pro has it, it’s a design flaw from the manufacturer; all you can do is wait for the phone to cool down. The only comparable devices Sprint would exchange my Touch Pro for were not compatible with my plan. I asked several times for a TP2 and was denied. Since I was forced off Sero to Everything Plus will I be allowed to go back to Sero once iconic devices are eligible??

    And one last question… Have you heard of the Samsung SPH-M920 Transform?? It was certified by Wifi, and was trademarked; and it passed FCC this summer after the Epic 4G and Intercept? Just curious. Thanks in advance.


  151. StingRay says:

    Also Russ, Do you see any changes coming to the $49.99 SERO data card plans on OCT 1st?

  152. Russ says:


    Unfortunately, no, there’s no switching back to SERO. Sorry.

    I’m not familiar with that Samsung device.


  153. Russ says:


    On October 1 your BIS Buy Up will be converted to the SERO premium plan at the same price. This will include BIS, Any Mobile, Anytime, and Nav.

    There are no changes planned for the SERO data card plans.



  154. Russ says:


    Do not activate the device until October 1. If you activate it now you will be migrated to the Everything Plus plan.


  155. Jason McG says:

    Hi Russ,

    Once again I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this blog. I think its great and I have been watching it for more clarifying information.

    I fully intend to take advantage of the Oct 1 changes to get a Samsung Epic and I am looking forward to it. I was muchly annoyed by the Iconic Device (cool phone) fee, but after your explanation it makes more sense and I can live with it. They should pass your explanation to the reps to use as a script to answer “Why do I have to pay $10 more for my _____”

    That being said, I wanted to add my opinion to the “tiered” type option. Right now on the SERO F&F 500 if I go over my minutes it has the chart that says x-x mins $y showing me a tiered level of charges for using more than my 500 mins. I personally, and I am sure many others would be perfectly ok with the concept of a cap level to the data that if you cross would automatically add the $10 fee for that month. i.e. Say our present plans get 5gb of data per month. If we use more than that, add the $10 fee to it for that month only. I know many people might not want to deal with that type of system, but a lot of that just comes from past experience where reps and sales people did not explain things properly and they were blindsided by extra charges for whatever.

    At any rate, please keep up the great work. I know its your personal time here, and I for one appreciate it. It has added a level of communication and understanding between myself and sprint that I dont experience with any other company I do business with.

    Thanks again!

  156. Ray D says:


    Great news! Thanks for your news on this. I’m well past my contract date with Sprint, can you tell me if there will be a subsidized phone available to me if I decide to upgrade with this plan to the Evo? Can you tell me what the price would be for the phone?

    Thanks in advance :)

  157. […] Sero Premium and Best Buy McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Pl… Hi Russ, Given the news about the SERO plans being able to put the EVO and EPIC on their plans […]

  158. Michael says:

    I subscribed to the sero plan when it first came out, my plan online states it is a “Fair and Flexable” plan, not “Sero Fair and Flexable” am I going to have any issues doing the step up to the premium sero?

  159. […] no way i’m changing my plan to pay more for less According to Russ Mcguire its only for sero: McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Pl… Also WP 7 is coming out in at least 2011..wm7 is never coming out as windows mobile is gone as far […]

  160. Russ says:

    Michael – yes you will have issues. Employee care is trying to sort out how to identify customers like you and how to make sure they (you) can participate in the SERO Premium plans. At this point, it’s not likely to be figured out by 10/1, but they’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Stay tuned.

  161. […] noreboy I thought the answer to this would’ve been no since it’s a plan they no longer offer. McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Pl… about 3/4 of the way down with Russ’s response to a TJ dated 08/25/10. he states that a person […]

  162. John says:

    What about people who were forced to switch from Sero because they were told they had to in order to get a new phone?

    Will they be able to switch back easily if they can prove they were a past Sero customer?

    It figures I switched not to long ago and figured something like this would happen…..

  163. Arun says:


    I have the SERO $30 plan on two lines and want to take advantage of the offer. But my online plan says “Free and Clear”(still have the same options as SERO).

    Will I have any issues?

  164. Rob says:


    Thanks for all the info, im excited to finally get a smartphone. I’m currently on the Sero F&F 1200, will I be able to go back to the Sero $30 a month plan?


  165. Russ says:

    Rob – yes (although the Premium version is $40).

  166. Russ says:

    John – no, customers who switched to another plan so that they could get smartphones before the SERO Premium plans were available will not be able to switch back to SERO.

    Arun – yes you will have problems. Apparently, some customers who originally were SERO were inadvertently switched to non-SERO plans at some point in time. The employee accounts team is trying to figure out how to properly identify those folks and enable them to participate in the SERO Premium program. They probably won’t have an answer for a couple more weeks or so, so please be patient.

  167. Rob says:

    I’m assuming we should call to upgrade and not go into stores? If so, is there a special number? Do we have to wait until a announcement? Thanks again, im sure a lot of people are getting excited.

  168. Russ says:

    Rob, the FAQ at plus says:
    You can upgrade through any of the following channels: any Sprint-owned Retail Store, Telesales (888-882-4030), or You will not, however, be able to upgrade your device through a 3rd party dealer or national retail partner and you will not be required to provide a referring employee’s email address and CID in order to upgrade your device.

  169. Jay C says:

    Hi Russ-

    Thanks for all the detailed information you have provided on your own time. I have been a long time Sprint customer, currently on the SERO plan. I have been extremely satisfied with Sprint and have recommended it to several of my friends & family. I have a Palm Treo and have been patiently waiting to switch to a newer touch phone. This Oct. 1st news is simply terrific. I am looking forward to spending an extra $20 a month and hoping to upgrade to the EVO. For those complaining about the extra charges, please look at the competition and see what they are charging. You cannot get this value with any of the big players like ATT, Tmobile or Verizon. Forget about it! Go Sprint :)

    Thanks again Russ,


  170. Brian says:

    Once the new SERO premium plan is offered how will we go about getting our plans changed over? Will be just be able to dial *2 to get them to change it for us?

    I am beyond happy that this new plan is being offered, it really helps. I have 3 phones but each has its own individual “plan” since I dont need all 3 to have the same different features. This will finally allow me to upgrade 1 line to SERO premium and yet leave the other 2 on normal SERO and will have a huge impact on staying with sprint for sure.

  171. Russ says:

    Brian – It would be best to call Employee Care at (888) 876-8381. Thanks.

  172. OctoberFest says:

    Today, folks, is October fest! I mean October first! :-) Go soak in the festivities of the SERO premium!

  173. Rob says:

    Got it through telesales. The cooperate store didn’t know anything about it, and the website didnt show it. I will say customer care has gotten a lot better. Very little wait time, very nice.

  174. Sean says:

    While when I signed up for Sero in February of 2006, I was put on a F & F 500 which was Sero at the time. I called today and the rep didn’t have a clue about the announcement. Told me it wasn’t Sero but then confirmed with another Rep that it was. After about 5 minutes of holding she came back on and stated no one heard of “Sero Premium” and it is not available anymore.

    I gave it a shot even though Russ said F & F plans will have issues. Unfortunately I will have to wait this out and can’t join the “Premium Party”. I hope the fix is coming soon!!!

  175. larryg says:

    I had a sero F & F plan I had since 2008, I Called Employee Care at (888) 876-8381, today, they knew all about the new sero premium plan. But I didn’t want to wait for a phone to be shipped, so I went to my local Sprint corporate store, in Bricktown, NJ, and they knew nothing about the premium plan. I called Employee care while in the store and handed the sales manager the phone, he talked to the Rep for awhile, he made a few other calls then signed me up, with an EVO and a new Sero premium plan, The details and price on my receipt, was exactly as Russ described. Thanks Russ.

    Also the manager, assitant manager and another employee were a little discouraged that I was able to get an Evo and they are not, and my plan is a result of a referral by a Sprint Employee. Hopefully it won’t be long until Sprint can allow their Employees to get the new phones. They were all very helpful and courteous.

  176. Arun says:

    Thank you Russ. Hope to hear back when this issue is resolved.

  177. Jay C says:

    Hello Russ-

    Here is an update to my post from earlier today. I just received an e-mail from Sprint stating that they will indeed allow me to switch to the new SERO Premium Rate 500 plan effective with my next billing cycle.

    Here is part of the e-mail: “I have changed plan on your account to $40.00 SERO Premium 500. This plan will effect from October 19, 2010 (first day of next bill cycle).”

    I am ecstatic. Now I just need to decide on an Evo or Epic. Any suggestions :)

    Thanks again to you for the wealth of information that you have provided via these postings…



  178. Russ says:

    JC – Glad to hear it. I’m leaning towards the Epic myself…

  179. Sean says:

    Was finally able to switch. I got the Epic and it is so fast. Beats out my Touch Pro 2 any day!

  180. TJ says:

    Hi Russ,

    Could you please really verify if a customer is able to switch from the SERO premium back to the regular SERO plan? because i have a buddy that upgraded to the SERO premium but when he decided to go back to the regular SERO, he was told that it wasn’t allowed anymore because the code for the regular SERO plan does not how in the system anymore. but then, there are other people are saying that you are able to switch back, only if its within the 30days of the change. But you earlier post stated that a customer is freely able to switch back and forth without any problems…considering that they are using the correct phone for the correct plan.

    So which is it really? can you not go back? can you go back only within 30 days?

  181. Elliot says:

    Hi Russ,

    Is there any more word about the possibility of iconic phone upgrades for those of us on non-SERO legacy plans such as Fair and Flexible?

  182. Russ says:


    I haven’t heard anything. Sorry.


  183. Russ says:

    TJ – I just verified. Customers can switch from SERO Premium back to SERO Basic with no problem. Not just in the first 30 days. Of course, you can’t use an iconic device on a SERO Basic plan, but other than that, no problem switching.

  184. BMAN says:

    Russ I have something call “Network Advantage SERO F&F500” plan. Is this plan upgradable to SERO Premium so I can use smart phones? Which number should I call to perform this upgrade.

  185. Russ says:

    BMAN – the short answer is “no.”

    SERO Premium is an upgrade option for customers of the old Sprint Employee Referral Offer (SERO). What you have is the Network Advantage Sprint Employee Retention Offer (SERO). Same acronym, different program. Last year when Sprint outsourced some of our network operations employees, it was part of program called Network Advantage. So that those employees and their families could continue to enjoy the benefits of affordable phone service they had as employees, this special program was put into place. I don’t know why they confusingly gave it the same acronym.



  186. Gary says:

    my sprint cell phone bill totals out to 90, but i get taxed for almost 20(varies month to month). is this normal Russ? i find it to be a bit excessive compared to other cell phone companies.

  187. Russ says:

    Gary – I don’t know if this is accurate or up to date, but this link: shows that it varies by state. When this was compiled, it varied from 6.6% to 21.7% depending on your state, so your amount seems to be at the very top of that scale. If your phone bill isn’t varying by month (overage, etc.) then I don’t know why your taxes would vary by month.

  188. James says:

    Hi Russ,

    Just came across your site, and love all the information available here. I currently do not have a SERO plan, but have an older legacy plan that is pretty much comparable.

    Sprint Power Pack 450, with

    Total Equipment Protection $7.00
    Unlimited Nights&Weekends-7pm $0.00
    Sprint Casual Data $0.00
    Sprint Unlimited Data Pack $0.00
    Unlimited Text Messaging $0.00
    Picture Mail $0.00
    Cellular Call Detail $0.00
    Long Distance Special Rate $0
    (all copied/pasted from my account page at

    I also have a 23% employee discount, and am currently using a TP2. I’ve been with Sprint since 1999, and am looking to upgrade to an Android phone. Would I be able to switch over to SERO Premium? Or am I out of luck?


  189. Russ says:


    Thanks for being a long time Sprint customer.

    Unfortunately, non-SERO legacy plans do not currently have the equivalent of SERO Premium and non-SERO customers can’t switch to SERO plans. As I’ve commented before, I don’t have any insight into whether or not anything similar is planned for other legacy customers. Since October 1 has come and gone with no word, I’m guessing the answer is not, but I honestly don’t know.


  190. Tim D says:

    Are SERO Premium members eligible for an upgrade every year like the Everything Plus plans or is it limited to every 2 years/end of contract? Thanks in advance for taking time out to answer all of our questions!

  191. Russ says:

    Tim D – annual upgrades is a feature of the Sprint Premier program ( ). To qualify for Sprint Premier, you either need to have been a customer with us for 10 years, or have a single-line account with a base rate plan of $69.99 or more per month or a family account with a base rate plan of $99.99 or more per month.

    By that criteria, the SERO Premium plans do not qualify for Sprint Premier, and neither does the Everything Plus Data 500 minute plan or either of the Everything Plus Messaging plans. Of the Everything Plus Share plans, only the Messaging 1600 minute plan fails to qualify.

  192. Ed says:


    I wanted to repost the message I left earlier. I guess I am hoping you are looking into it and windows phone 7 (when available) will be on the sero plan. I just want to know my options before resigning. Thanks.


    Now that windows phone 7 is announced for sprint for first half of 2011 is there any news what sero tier the phones will be on? I know the old ones are the only smartphones you can get on basic just didn’t know if that will continue. Thanks.


  193. Russ says:


    Sorry for the delay. I did check, but didnt get a definitive answer. I’m not sure the decision has been made yet. Honestly, given how hard Microsoft has worked to make this an OS that folks will really use for cool multimedia capabilities, I’d guess it will have a usage pattern similar to Android, so I would guess it will require SERO Premium. But that’s just my guess.

  194. Rajeev says:

    Hi Russ
    I have been with Sprint forever (well at least since 1999) and I have a Free & Clear 1000 plan. I want to get to an Android phone and I believe SERO planholders pay an extra $10 but keep the rest of their plan intact.

    I think I recall reading your blog that this is true for F&C plans (which are older than SERO) but I cannot seem to get customer service to do this. Please work your magic and tell me what I have to do to keep this. The last renewal cycle retentions offered me $250 off my phone but they never documented it (and to be honest I forgot about it for about a year then I found the paperwork) and so I ended up paying almost $500 for my HTC Mogul. Now you know no one ever pays $500 for a phone so I’m still smarting from that. Help me out please or this time I will really have to switch.

    A loyal sprint user. (ex?)

  195. Russ says:

    Sorry Rajeev,

    There is no equivalent opportunity for legacy plan holders to upgrade to “iconic” devices. This has been discussed at length in the comments here. To get one of these devices you can switch to an Everything Data plan.


  196. Dxtra30 says:

    RUSS –
    I was a SERO person for years then back in Feb/March 2010 I wanted a Samsung Moment and was told I had to leave the SERO and get in the ED 450 $69.99 plan.. Now that I’m reading about SERO premium how can I get back to this SERO Premium plan since Sprint basically said I couldn’t get the Moment if I didn’t switch plans.. Any help here??

  197. Russ says:

    Sorry Dxtra30. As I’ve commented before on this site, there’s no way to go back to SERO. At the time you switched, the Moment wasn’t available to SERO customers. I hope you realize that the plan you’re on is still a great value. Thanks for being a customer.

  198. I ponder how you bought so good. HaHa! This is actually a fascinating weblog, a lot of stuff that I can get into. One factor I simply need to say is that your design is so excellent! You actually know how you can get a girls attention! Im glad that youre here. I really feel like Ive learned something new by being here.

  199. Don says:

    Will the 10% discount for credit union members also apply on top of this? It isn’t exactly a corporate discount so I thought I’d ask.

    Thanks so much for offering this. I’d been 80% leaning toward switching to Sprint when my contract is up next month, this is a clincher.

  200. Don says:

    Also: can I sign up through the web and still port over our existing phone numbers from my current carrier? I have a 5-line account and we’d hoped to keep our numbers when we jump to Sprint.

  201. Russ says:


    Yes, you can port your current numbers over when signing up through the web. No, the 10% discount doesn’t apply on top of this. From Sprint’s perspective, it’s a corporate discount that has been opened up beyond credit union employees.

    Welcome to Sprint!


  202. Don says:

    OK thanks for the quick response! And thanks again for sharing this program!

    One more question: Does this price last for just the 2 year contract? Once the contract is up, will it go back to normal public pricing?

  203. Russ says:

    No, this is the plan you’re on until you choose to change plans. It’s not a “first two years” price.

    I guess Sprint could cancel a plan and force customers to switch to a different plan, but historically we haven’t done that. Some on old plans will tell you that Sprint may take certain actions for those on old plans no longer offered (such as limiting what handsets customers can upgrade to) to encourage customers to switch, but I’m not aware of any instance where Sprint has actually forced customers to switch.

  204. Don says:

    Great to hear, thanks (again and again) for the reply and the offer. I’m just sorry I won’t be able to work with the fantastic sales guy in my local store. Any way I can throw him a bone or otherwise acknowledge his help & service in answering my questions?

  205. Tim D. says:

    I’m currently on the original Sero plan using an HTC TP2. I’m a big Windows fan and would like to switch to the new HTC Arrive on March 10th. Will there be an upgrade path to this Windows 7 phone without having to switch plans since it’s basically a replacement for the TP2 and will be 3G only? Thanks in advance Russ!!

  206. Nathan A says:

    I went to look at the plan and you pin dont work i tryed and 383 but it wont take

  207. Russ says:

    Nathan – it works when I try it. As I’ve said before, the security settings on some computers seem to cause problems with this page. You might try from a different computer.

  208. Sandi says:

    DeAr Russ,
    I am a bit confused…i used the info that u have released for access into the referral program and i saw the everything plus plans that are accessible only with an employee email address and code. I called a sprint number to discuss the plans in general and then about this referral Program.the rep told me thaty teacher discount would be applied on top of the plan costs published on the referral program pages. It has been some time since u posted that corporate plans cannot be added to the referal plans, so I am wondering if this has changed or if I was simply given misinformation. My understanding is that the national education discount is 18-23 percent off the plan price; so I’d the plans cannot be cOmbined, which would be better? Also there us a lot of talk on your blog about Sero plans. Is that different than the employee referral everything plus? I appreciate you considering my questions and I will watch my email for your resPonse.

  209. Russ says:


    I apologize for the delayed response.

    You were given misinformation. Your discount would not apply on top of the EverythingPlus discount. I think, if you do the math, you’ll probably find that your national education discount will be better.

    The SERO plan was the previous version of the employee referral plan. It’s no longer available.



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  211. Raj says:

    Hello Russ,
    Heard a word and read on tech blogs that IPhone5 might come to Sprint when launched later this year. Can you confirm this and also how it would place itself in the available phone spectrum for Sero Premium customers; will it be a $40/mo plan or $50/mo plan? Thanks in advance for your time as well as your initiative in supporting all the loyal sprint customers and wannabes.

  212. Russ says:

    Raj, Sprint has not made any announcements about the iPhone and the company does not comment on rumors.

  213. Josh says:

    Hi Russ,

    Is their any possibility of getting six lines on EPRP, I know sprint does allow more than 5 on the regular family plan.

    Thank you for all your help,

  214. calm down and relax with relaxwave…

    […]McGuire’s Law » Blog Archive » Psst… The Palm Pre is now available through Everything Plus[…]…

  215. WudyWud says:

    Hi Russ;

    MANY THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Semper Fi-

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