Psst… Lower priced Everything Plus plans

Sprint has just introduced a few more options for the Everything Plus referral plan. These are new “Messaging” offers that don’t include all the Everything features (they don’t include unlimited data, TV, navigation, etc.) but are at a lower starting price.

The individual plans start at $39.99/month for 500 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging. Family plans start at $79.99/month for 1600 anytime minutes and unlimited messaging.

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  1. Gary P says:


    What a great idea, to offer a pared down version of the Everything Plus plan. At a 20% discount over its regular counterpart, and with 50 and 100 more minutes, this is a great deal.

    I just wish that activation was easier. I called Sprint to activate the phone and was connected to a support department in the Phillipines. The representatives kept addressing me as an employee as Sprint, saying, “I see you’re an employee” or “So, you work for Sprint, too”. I understand that this a an Employee Referral Program.

    They seemed genuinely surprised when I informed them of this website and the great offer that had opened this plan to the public.

    The next thing was that they said the phone was activated, but it wasn’t. My wife called 3 more times and still no activated phone. Only when I called in to the Everything Plus sales phone line did a representative connect me with someone who told me the FOUR very easy steps to activate the phone. Two minutes later, (well, actually 4 hours and two minutes) the phone was activated.

    The person that helped me was in Virginia, whereas the several persons prior were in the Phillipines. (i know because I asked)

  2. Russ says:

    Gary – thanks for the input you’ve provided to help us improve our service.


  3. Claudia says:

    Is this offer for available for new customers (without the referral)?
    I clicked on the link and it looks like you need to have a Sprint employee email info to get it.
    Thank you,

  4. Russ says:

    Claudia – yes this is available for new customers. By now, I thought everyone had my info :) and 383.


  5. Jeffrey Struss says:

    Hey Russ,
    I wanted to thank you all for ALL of the SERO/EPRP plans. I personally am on the Sero500 plan and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I am a poor graduate student aka graduate slave in Chemistry and this plan has been one of the FEW that really fit my budget perfectly. I have an HTC Touch and LOVE that plan with it. I can text who I want, check email, read journal articles etc. ALL on my phone. I likely will not get rid of this plan for a long time. Why, because at the current stage in my life the plan does what I need at the cost I can afford. If I was forced to switch to another plan (i.e. the $60 Everything Data plan) I would likely have to give up my phone a I couldn’t afford it.

    I can understand WHY you got rid of the SERO plans as you were likely hemorrhaging money on these. I don’t fault you for that, despite the uproar it caused. You are after all a business and your job is to make money. Something SPrint has been having a problem with recently ;-P Not that you aren’t trying, you just are fighting against a perception of lower quality. Lower quality phones (The Pre is a huge hit against that perception), lower quality service (I will expand on this at the end of this post), lower quality signal (in my area this is blatantly false, others YMMV).

    Now that being said, right now I am working with a friend of mine who is going into his 3rd year in Law School. He is dying to get a new plan (his current plan is an old old plan which is 400 minutes for $35 a month and thats it. He has no data, he adds on 1000 text messages a month for 7 dollars). He is TRYING to keep it around $50/mo or less since in Dec, when the loan money is running out, he often is eating loaves of bread and what not to save money. He pays his bills ALWAYS, so that is NEVER a worry, even when he is cutting back on food his bills are ALWAYS paid in full first before food or anything else. Do you have any advice for me? Minutes wise, he would like 500 or so as he has gone over a few times. 1000 text or unlimited would be good, data would be great as he is constantly having to borrow my phone to check email when we hang out. He would like to keep his current number if he can (though if the plan is good enough we may work at finding a way to port his number somewhere and then back), he is out of contract for a year now, etc. He likes the palm pre and would be able to get it for pretty much free as his parent said they would get him that to repay a debt to him. If you have any advice that would be great, if not I completely understand. Feel free to email me (if you can see my email i don’t know if you can or not) if you want to keep it private or post here if you can.

    As for service, Sprints service can be GREAT at times and at other times the person has NO CLUE what you are talking about. Many times it seems like employees in the customer service section have no clue about deals, about plan prices, do not have the authority to make corrections (or just don’t want to take the time), etc. For example, we had a problem with my parents where when setting up their new plan, Sprint applied the unlimited text option to the wrong phone. SPrint applied it to my grandparents phone (who don’t even know HOW to text) instead of my sisters phone (who sends around 1-2 thousand texts a month). Needless to say, my parents got QUITE the shock of a bill. It took them SIX MONTHS to get the situation fully corrected. Not that they had to pay anything extra, but still it shouldn’t take six months to fix something like this. Basically, the person would credit the account, say the unlimited messaging had been switched and this whole situation would repeat itself the following month. Now for the deals comment I made. This is both good and bad, though for sprint it is more so ALL bad. Some CRs don’t know the deals or just as importantly don’t know all of the rules for the deals. This results in both people getting denied when they SHOULD get the deal and other people getting approved for a deal when they SHOULDN’T. I know a LOT of people who will get denied for a deal because they shouldn’t be eligible who will call back a few times trying to get the deal added to their account. It often works. That being said, I know people who SHOULD be eligible for a GOOD deal that have to call TENS of times to find a CR who won’t deny them. THIS is the mess that sprint is dealing with. The fact that CRs are inconsistent, they don’t try to help people, on and on and on. It also is what makes SPrint attractive to people who try to milk the system because Sprint CRs will add things that they shouldn’t.

  6. Russ says:


    I’ve got two great options for your friend to consider. One is the $39.99 plan referenced above. That would give him 500 minutes and unlimited messaging. The other is Boost Unlimited for $50/month. If your friend is already a Sprint customer, and he wants the Everything Plus plan, he’ll need to open it as a new line (with a new number) and cancel his old line, so Boost Unlimited may be the better option.

    I apologize about the challenges you’ve had with Sprint customer service. It has been the top focus of the company since Dan Hesse came onboard and we’ve had month-over-month improvements in customer care for the past 17 months. We still need to improve, but at least we’re headed in the right direction.

    Thanks for being a customer and an advocate for the company.


  7. Jason says:


    If I understand the site correctly, it would seem that I can change all my lines to the everything plus by simply adding another line, is this correct?

    I currently have 3 lines with Verizon, but I’ve worked with rep in a store locally. I’d like for them to get credit for at least 2 lines, but I really want the everythingplus plan, as it is better than my corporate discount.

  8. Russ says:


    You can certainly move your Verizon lines to Everything Plus. But you can’t move current Sprint lines to Everything Plus, even if you’re bringing new lines in. So, if you go with 2 lines on non-E+ plans in the store, you won’t be able to bring them into the E+ plan later. You might (possibly, not sure) be able to start with an E+ family plan with 2 lines ordered online, and then add the 3rd line to the plan in the store.


  9. Dave says:

    Can you help to clarify the confusion about whether or not you can use corporate discounts with the Employee Referral Program?

  10. Russ says:

    Dave – There’s no confusion. See the FAQ at . Corporate discounts can NOT be applied to Everything Plus. Some folks will be better off with their corporate discount than they will be with Everything Plus.

  11. JC says:

    I am an existing sprint/nextel customer – 10yrs. I see this deal is for new lines only. If my wife signed up for family plan she would get the discount since with t-mobile. In order to get this deal I would need to cancel and sign up on her account with a new number?

  12. Russ says:

    JC – correct.

  13. Al says:


    I am an old SERO plan holder for three years and I don’t see myself switching to any newer plan anytime soon. Economically, it doesn’t make sense.

    Therefore just like myself, there hundreds out there who would like some quality line of phones available for an upgrade. What’s Sprint doing about this?

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