The Pre is a Report on the Revolution

Last week, I was in California for a meeting of the MobileBeat Advisory Board, with a great group of folks helping fuel the mobility revolution. I was asked to share my reflections on the first week of the Pre being on the market. I tied it all back to the mobility revolution, and how Sprint is focused on making mobility instant, compelling, and worry-free. The Pre is a great proof point for all of that.

Then, this week, I read “Three Things the Palm Pre Does Better Than the iPhone 3GS” by John Mahoney at Especially this quote – “But the Pre and especially its webOS software is so interesting because it’s the first phone to actually build on the trail blazed by the iPhone in some truly key areas of functionality. And what’s more American than some good ol’ fashioned competition begetting forward-looking innovation that elevates the playing field for all?” – reminded me of a piece I wrote almost two years ago, just as the original iPhone was about to hit the market.

Titled “Are we a week away from a revolution?”, I was pretty spot on in picking ways the iPhone would push the mobility revolution forward (okay 3 out of 4 ain’t bad…).

But my favorite hope/prediction was in the closing sentence: “But I’m excited to see how Friday’s release will push our industry to the next level, with new consumer excitement, new consumer enthusiasm (and willingness to spend), and hopefully a strong response from the

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industry to new consumer expectations.”

With the Pre, I’m glad the closing phrase has come true!

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