Pssst… Sprint opens APIs on feature phones

I think it went largely unnoticed, but a couple of weeks ago, Sprint announced it was completely opening most APIs for Java-based feature phones (starting with the new Instinct S30). Previously, only those in Sprint’s Professional Developers Program had access to this part of the SDK.

The move is intended to enable much broader development of apps with capabilities similar to what folks have been developing for smartphones, including:

  • Multimedia: recording audio, playing media files such as MP3 songs, streaming content and using the camera to take pictures
  • Messaging: sending and receiving messages
  • Bluetooth: establishing connectivity to send/receive data with peripherals
  • Contacts/Calendar: reading and writing to contacts/address book, and reading and writing to events
  • File Access: reading and writing to the internal file access on the handset

What do you think? Is this a big deal, or not?

(Click here to start developing with these APIs.)

One Response to “Pssst… Sprint opens APIs on feature phones”

  1. Sean Peek says:

    Actually this only makes sense. Apple’s App store has been hugely successful. BB is expanding their app store and Windowsmobile is doing the same. Palm with the new Pre is coming into the market as well.
    For developers I think Palm will be a walk in the park because the new webOS is based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Easy to use, not hard to learn.

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