Observations: Devices – February 27, 2009

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  1. Tomas - University Place, WA says:

    RE: Third of Brits Want Simple Phones

    Now if only my (US) carrier would allow me high quality simple phones, instead of constantly pushing, pushing, pushing for me to get plans with more features, phones with more features, and not even offering a high quality basic phone or a decent basic plan.

    Sadly Sprint Nextel seem to listen more to the voices in their own heads instead of their customers.

    I will continue on my old plan, only with non-EVDO handsets (I’m not allowed to use an EVDO handset on my current plan), even if I have to buy them on eBay.

    I really don’t want a super-phone, I just want as GOOD phone that is exactly that – a phone.

    Too bad Sprint doesn’t agree.

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