Where to Start?

A brief post about a big event – eComm 2009.

The title for this post has three meanings:

  • Where can I start when describing this event?
  • Where can you start when trying to get up to speed on innovation in telecom?
  • Where can entrepreneurs start building momentum?

Unfortunately, I missed the inaugural version of eComm last year, but I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s version.

Describing the event is hard because it’s so big. The event website describes the conference as “the world’s leading-edge telecom, Internet communications and mobile innovation event.” But that misses the enormity of it. I count 93 sessions over three days (that’s all in one track, I believe). The speakers include powerful industry players such as Nokia, Cisco, Symbian, Skype, British Telecom, Qualcomm, Google, T-Mobile, and yes, Sprint. Some

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of my favorite mobility bloggers will also be there: Alan Quayle, Andreas Constantinou, Brough Turner, Dean Bubley, Lee S Dryburgh, and Martin Geddes.

If you’re wanting to get started on where innovation is happening in telecom, consider some of these session titles: “Creating New Opportunities from Android Openness”, “Mobile Phone Internet Connectivity Reinvented”, “Taking a SIP of Java – Building Voice Mashups using SIP Servlets”, “Digital Democracy or Plutocracy: Open Technology and the Future of Wireless Communications”, “Cloud Telephony – Why you need more then an API”, “Communications Enabling Business Processes to Make and Save Money”, “Where’s the money in Voice 2.0?”, “Cookie Scale Computing: Human-Computer Interfaces as Piles of Smart Little Things”, “A White Box. A Vision of Our Evolving Mobile World.”, “Voice 2.0 Applications in a Mobile Environment”, and “Voice Applications: The Wheel Has Already Been Invented.”

And where else can entrepreneurs get such a supportive start? The schedule includes twelve “launch slots” described this way: “Launch Slots are for something NEW. It can be a new startup, a product or a service. What it must not be is something incremental.” Last year eComm provided early buzz for companies such as fonolo, Ribbit, and some business inside of Google called Android.

Now that I’m sure you’re convinced that you need to start planning your attendance at eComm, you’d better hop to it – early bird registration closes this Friday.

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