My Boston Cabby

One more story from my trip to Boston this week…

On Wednesday morning I caught a taxi from my hotel.  As we were approaching the convention center, the cab driver asked “what convention are you attending?”

I told him it was Mobile Internet World.

“Are you guys launching WiMax?” he asked.

“Um, yeah, we are, actually.”

He responded “I’ve been reading up on WiMax.  It makes so much more sense to me.  Did you know they have it in Baltimore now?”

“Uh, yeah, we launched it a couple of weeks ago.”

“I can’t wait for WiMax to come to Boston.”

As we arrived at the convention center, I assured him that Boston was one of the handful of next cities to get WiMax.

Apparently, those of us in the mobile industry aren’t the only ones excited about 4G technologies!

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  1. Pat says:


    Now let’s get some wimax to wi-fi routers in those cabs so those of us without aircards (I know, I know…) can get online on the trip from the airport to the hotel!

    Obviously the cabbies are ready for it!

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