My keynote at Mobile Internet World

As I mentioned earlier, I was in Boston this week for Mobile Internet World.

My keynote was titled “Mobile Freedom Now!” I started by acknowledging that Boston is a birthplace of revolution, and just as Bostonians demanded freedom centuries ago by dumping tea in the harbor, Americans are demanding a revolution in mobility.  The bulk of my talk was structured around the need for the industry to revolutionize mobility to make it more instant, more compelling, and worry-free.

Dan Meyer at RCR Wireless compared my talk with that of Anthony Lewis, Verizon’s VP of Open Development.   I’m pleased that Dan picked up both on the radical openness of Sprint’s WiMax efforts but also our incremental moves on our core 3G network: “While the carrier’s WiMAX network has received the most attention recently, McGuire also highlighted the openness Sprint Nextel provides for its CDMA network.”

Dan Butcher at Mobile Marketer provides an impressively comprehensive report on my complete talk.  Thanks to Dan, I don’t need to work very hard to try to explain what I had to say.   Dan summarized my talk with this quote: “Carriers [are] at the central point of either enabling this mobility revolution or holding it back.  There are fundamental changes that have to happen to fully unleash the power of mobility revolution.”

Meanwhile, Don Jose succinctly captured my core message: “Openness is esential[sic] for revolutionizing mobility.”

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