A Different Kind of Mobile “Middleware”

I’m just off the phone from a conversation with Mike McGuire.  Mike reached out to me because:

  1. We share a last name.
  2. He works with Sprint.
  3. He just read about me in the Virginia Tech Alumni magazine, making it clear that we’re both Hokies.
  4. He’d read my book around the time it came out.

I asked Mike what he does.  He described his company, Manage Mobility, as “middleware” between big companies.  He does a lot of work with very big corporations that are customers of Sprint, which is a very big corporation.  Since Sprint has our way of doing business, and these other companies have their ways of doing business, Managed Mobility serves as a business solutions provider to make everything go smoothly.  Managed Mobility duplicates some of what Sprint has, including a 1-800 number for customers to call for service and a warehouse for staging handsets before they get shipped to the customer’s employees, but these duplicate resources enable Managed Mobility to translate between how the two big companies each want process and information to flow.  It also allows Managed Mobility to provide a more personalized touch, configuring devices appropriately for each client.

I enjoy hearing about the smaller companies that really make the industry work.  At Sprint, we have great people and great products, but working with folks like Mike helps us to translate our strengths into a great experience for our customers (both the corporate buyers and the end users).

I asked Mike what kind of projects were most exciting right now.  He pointed to Vettro and their “Miss Utility” application (which I think may now be formally renamed to Vettro 360 for Damage Prevention).  This application is using the power of mobility to redefine the entire “One Call” or “Call Before You Dig” industry – faster response, lower costs, and fewer (life threatening) errors – what’s not to like about that!

 Thanks for the time today Mike, and for helping make Sprint a success!

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