Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus?

Update: See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about Sprint’s groundbreaking Simply Everything plans, but here’s an even better twist!

Everything Plus is Sprint’s new employee referal plan which takes the Simply Everything plans and makes them even better!

For example, the lowest priced Simply Everything plan is $69.99 for 450 Anytime minutes (and of course, unlimited text, web, TV, music, navigation, Direct Connect, etc.).

The equivalent Everything Plus plan is $59.99 for 500 Anytime minutes (and all that unlimited stuff).

There’s also a discounted 1000 minute plan at $79.99 and the unlimited plan at $99.99.

Interested?  Check it out here.  My e-mail address (you’ll need it) is and the 3 digits you’ll need are 383.

432 Responses to “Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus?”

  1. cw says:

    Dude, the Everything plan sucks! I have the Sero and its way better than that. And Sprint would not give me the Instinct Phone to be placed on my Sero plan. My plan has all the same features as the Simple Everything plan. Why would I pay double just so i can use the Instinct phone? You are trying to compete with the iPhone brand with a Instinct?? Please. It does not even up to par with it. Stop spending so much money on advertisments for this phone and use the money to bring better phones to the market. Also by changing the price structuring, and not letting customers with SERO plans to go on the Instinct, you will see alot of departures from you loyal customer base. The reason why people came to sprint these past two year is becuase of you very reasonable plans.

    But now that you have decided to take it away, I think people will think twice before renewing the contract. I know I am. My contract is almost up. And If Sprint forces me to switch plans to be able to get the Instinct, I rather pay a little more to get on the iPhone.

    You guys really shot yourselves in the foot with this one. Great job! Look at your stock price!! woohooo!

  2. Praveen says:

    I think promoting an expensive Employee referral plan over the existing one will not bring in additional customers.

    I had recommended friends and family to switch over since Sprint’s offering was reasonable and affordable now no-more…Can you imagine the bad-mouthing I would get if I start telling the same people that I recommended not to go-to Sprint anymore? where is my credibility?

  3. Russ says:

    CW and Praveen,

    Thanks for the feedback. I hear what you’re saying.

    At the same time, response seems to be very strong to the new Everything Plus plans (at least if the number of hits this post is receiving is any indication).

    I believe that mobility is becoming much more than just talking on a cell phone. That’s what this blog and my book are all about. However, the industry has historically been structured to create challenges (e.g. surprise bills) for folks who do more than just talk. At Sprint, we hope to revolutionize mobility by making it simple, instant, and compelling. We have a bunch of initiatives underway to make this happen, but our “Everything” pricing is a big part of it, so it only makes sense to switch our employee referral plan to focus on “everything” plans.

    Obviously, these plans won’t be the best choice for everyone, but if you see mobility as more than just talking, I’m pleased to let you know about these options.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  4. Eric says:

    I hope Sprint is not going to shaft the people who already are on the SERO plan. I don’t want to try and renew and get told that I have to renew under the new, double the price plan. I find it outrageous that Sprint is limiting the phones that can be connected to the SERO plan; will this madness continue with upcoming phones such as the Touch Pro and Diamond? If so, it’s off to the GSM carriers with the cooler phones 😉

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  6. MJ says:


    I recently found out about the switch from SERO to Everything Plus. As a Sprint customer over the past several months that has been generally dissatisfied over the customer service I have received (although not recently…it’s been getting much better) I would never have seen myself converting my friends and family to Sprint users via SERO. But I did, and I brought in about six new customers that were all previously loyal T-Mobile and ATT folk.

    While 6 (+1, myself) customer won’t make or break a company, I do know that I will no longer be referring any more people to Sprint with the current price plan. When my contract expires and if I’m not offered my current SERO plan, I’ll also be going back to T-Mobile. Doubling the cost of my plan to get exactly what I’m getting now is ridiculous on a great deal of levels. It just doesn’t make any financial, or logical sense.

    On a more unrelated note, I’m digging the new Sprint commercials!

  7. Paul says:

    The old Sero plan had unlimited data/text/picture 7pm nights 500 minutes.

    So we DO see it as more than just talking.

    Double the price 30 vs 60, IS asking too much Mr. McGuire

  8. JC says:

    Well, SERO was a great plan that was offered. Unfortunately, I missed it. However, considering what’s available out there that’s comparable now to the Everything Plus Plan, Sprint has a chance to compete. The question is whether Sprint can improve their customer service which is horrendous. I recently signed up and purchased the Instinct less than 30 days ago and would love to switch to this Everything Plus Plan. (Any suggestion?) In comparison to my friends iphone, the instinct had much faster internet. So, if Sprint can improve on making sure their customer service reps know what they are doing when they help their customer instead of making them wait so long and playing phone tag, I think Sprint has a chance to grow. My 2 cents.

  9. Russ says:

    Just a quick note to acknowledge a few things…

    I have my blog set up to moderate comments to filter out spam. As you’ll notice, I’m approving many comments that are negative towards Sprint and/or this offer. That’s the beauty of blogging – many voices are heard and valid. There are a couple that were just slamming the company and/or me without contributing to the discussion. Those haven’t been approved. Feel free to express your opinions but please do so in a respectful manner. Also please note that sometimes I get busy and it’s a few days before I get around to moderating comments. I apologize for those delays.

    Finally, I’d like to acknowledge that Sprint has had it’s challenges on a number of fronts. Customer service and churn are big. So is financial performance (e.g. see ). I believe that our new leadership has the company heading in the right direction.

    Our new CEO, Dan Hesse, has the entire company focused on three priorities:
    – Improve the customer experience
    – Establish a strong brand position
    – Improve profitability

    There’s tension between these three, but I believe we’re making good progress on all fronts. Many of the comments here reflect the challenges that we’re addressing, so I hear you…

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

  10. T Boone Pickens Jr the III says:

    I have been with sprint for a whopping 12 years. My hair has been pulled more times than I care to remember due to Sprint’s CSRs. The only…and I reiterate…ONLY reason I have stayed with Sprint is (was) the great pricing. Taking that away gives people like myself much much better alternatives than Sprint. Good luck with the FUTURE Sprint…fool with my current plan and I wont be part of it.

  11. Adam says:

    I actually think the everything plans are great.

    I am a graduate student at the university of florida right now and I find it incredibly convenient to be able to get on my motorola q9c and surf the internet as much as I want, text as much as I want, and get e-mail as much as I want.

    I have been a sprint/nextel customer for almost 2 years now and I just have one question about this referral program…

    I know this employee referral program only applies to New plans, but since my contract ends in 1 month, can I somehow scoot into the employee referral program by getting a new contract with sprint?

    I could essentially save $10 a month and get 50 more minutes a month, this would be greatly helpful since I am a student.

    Thanks Russ!


    Adam Wright

  12. Russ says:


    The referral plan is for new plans, no migrations. I’m guessing that means that you’d be challenged in porting your existing cellphone number to the new plan, but it’d be worth a try.


  13. PineRoot says:

    Mr. Mcguire;
    Great to hear that Sprint is trying to change things around, I have the old SERO plan and it’s great. The new SERO is also a great offer, especially if you own a blackberry.
    My opinion to the negative comments is simple; you can’t satisfy everyone.
    Even when doing a price comparison Sprint is the most for your money. The customer service is turning around (which is great), and the services offered by Sprint are great. The only downside is the limited devices, but I’m sure you all know that, and are working towards it (i.e Instinct, HTC devices).
    For people who only talk and text every-so-often, then this plan might not be for them, but for those that use their phones for everything, this is a great offer. I’m happy that Sprint has come around. I’ve been with Sprint, AT&T/Cingular, VZW, and now back at Sprint. Every carrier has it’s issues, and I’ve had my fair share of disagreements with all. I’m happy to be a Sprint customer, and look forward to staying with Sprint (so long as the improvements keep coming).

  14. Raj says:

    I, too, have been a loyal customer and, considering that many companies have their faults, have been pleased with Sprint. I must agree, however, the primary reason for staying with Sprint is the fact that their prices are better than any other carrier, when comparing apples to apples. Regarding this new plan, it essentially forces one to pay for the BIS (which used to be a $30 option). For those with a BB, there is essentially no difference from SERO. For others, the plan is more expensive than the old SERO plans.

    Russ, one question remains. I currently receive a 23% discount as a SERO plan subscriber. Does this continue with the Everything Plus Plan?

  15. Russ says:


    I’m guessing you’re referencing a discount on accessories. I haven’t heard any mention of that, so I wouldn’t count on it. Sorry!


  16. Scott says:

    Those complaining about this price are insane. Show me ANY US operator with a cheaper Blackberry/voice/messaging plan. Even the cheapest (till now) operator in the market, T-mobile would be more expensive. Plus, their network is still running that damn slow EDGE.

    I agree that it isn’t as hot as SERO, but I think we all need to be grateful that Sprint let SERO stay open as long as it did. Sure, it generated a lot of goodwill for them, and helped bring a lot of customers back to them, but they were under no obligation to let us get in on that deal for as long as they did.

    I signed up with SERO fully expecting to cancel withing the first 30, because everyone I knew said how horrible they “heard” Sprint was. Turns out every one of them was wrong. I’m getting great speeds, great coverage, great voice quality and the few times I had to call them, it’s been a pleasant experience.

    The only thing I don’t like, is that they keep sending my bill in duplicate every month.

  17. Josh says:

    Wow thanks for posting this information. I am also a loyal customer who just signed a new contract. But Sir, Sprint really needs to pick up their game. I want to see some massive innovation that will drive verizon and at&t customers to sprint! Sprint already has good coverage, prices, and an unbeatable data network. But is seems like more and more of my friends have verizon because of their ever “sweet” phones and of course At&t has the iPhone. Sprint is going to have to do some risky revolutionary things to gain on verizon and at&t.

    It seems to be that an everlasting battle between verizon and at&t is inevitable. So for Sprint to compete there must be new innovative ideas….

    Why not start a Campus Rep program on college campuses? Both Dell and Apple sponsor programs like this through Repnation, LLC (I am a Dell Campus Rep). A huge amount of college students get off their family plans and get on individual plans in college….plus alot of them use their phones more in college and are looking for better plans. Imagine walking into the Student Union and seeing a Sprint table with knowledgeable students from your school able to provide you with lots of information about why you want Sprint. Then have a special discount or a better Simple Everything Plus plan just for college students with .edu emails.

    Why not open up a couple of Sprint’s phones to open source software. Let the customers do the innovation and I guarantee you will see a huge “geek” crowd move to Sprint.

    Also why not start a Sprint version of Dell’s Idea Storm?


    It is the small things like these that will help Sprint gain an edge on verizon and at&t.

    – Josh from the University of Toledo

  18. Shawn says:

    Thanks for this Russ. However when I go to the site and I enter in your information, it’s not working. Any suggestions?

  19. Lynn says:

    i had a question about the sero would we go about using your employee ID and email if we go in stores? how do we explain to them how we got your information? i know you are giving it out yourself, but i didn’t want to get stuck in a rut or anything if i used your info. im planning on switching from att to sprint in sept. thanks

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  21. Jeff says:

    I’ve been a Sprint customer for almost a decade, and traded up devices many times before my contract expired. The most frustrating thing I find with Sprint or CDMA carriers is having your phone tied to your service account. Why should a carrier care what device I use on the network? I can only think its a market ploy and of course money. As the poster CW stated on switching to a new device (the Instinct), Sprint is looking to double dip. Charge him for the phone and new service contract. Gee Wiz, sell him the phone un-subsidized, and let him keep his plan.

    I think Sprint would introduce something the other carriers have not, and segragate the device from the service plan. Hey, you may charge a re-activation fee for changes more than 1 a year or such. And sure sell sub-sidized phones with contracts.

    Lastly, customer service for all carriers is losey. Customer service today in general is lost and is extremely expensive. I’ve had my own troubles with my family plan, and servicing my works accounts (on other carrier). Each are lengthy calls that channel the customer into a scripted troubleshooting guide, and eventual frustration.

    So, my next phones or service plans will be based on? First is the device, followed by the service plan. Nice blog.

  22. Russ says:

    Josh – thanks for the good ideas.

    Shawn (and others who have emailed) – try again later. I’ve gotten the same message a couple of times, but then later it works just fine.

    Lynn – I think this offer might only be available online. You might try using it in a store, but don’t be surprised when they point you back to online to complete the transaction.

    Jeff – as I understand it, we do lots of testing and tweaking of phones that arrive from manufacturers to make sure they work well with all the configurations of equipment from different vendors that we have in our network to make sure the devices work the best possible on our network. Verizon and Alltel generally do the same thing, so it must have something to do with CDMA. I’m not technical enough to fully understand it. But thanks for the input.

    As far as subsidization… From your comments, I think you know that, depending on the phone, our cost for the phone from the manufacturers is as much as a couple hundred bucks more than what we charge the customer. We’re okay with that because we know, when a customer signs a two year contract, that we’ll get that money back over the life of the contract. Our market research indicates that the vast majority of people aren’t willing to pay the unsubsidized price for a device, but market research sometimes is wrong, so at times we debate internally on this topic. The other issue on contracts is that there are other up-front costs in setting up a new account or a new device on an existing account that we also need to have confidence we’re going to get back over the life of the contract. These costs tend to be smaller than the device subsidy, things like the cost of the retail channel (store, online, dealer) that, in other industries are simply added to the raw cost of the product before the price is set. If we don’t think folks will pay an unsubsidized price (our raw cost from the manufacturers), we’re pretty confident folks won’t pay our raw cost plus our other selling/setup costs. Our real focus is on trying to create differentiation so that our service is so great that folks want to stay even when they aren’t locked into a contract. We aren’t there yet (yes, you can label that as an understatement). But that’s what we aspire to.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Thanks to all of you who are Sprint customers, especially those that have hung with us a long time. And thanks to all the new customers who are giving Sprint a try with the Everything Plus plan.


  23. […] need to enter Russ’s employee information. Find the referral info at Mr. McGuire’s website or just keep […]

  24. […] need to enter Russ’s employee information. Find the referral info at Mr. McGuire’s website or just keep […]

  25. Miguel says:

    I can see the general idea behind the new Everything Plus plan. But for people that were /are on the older $30 SERO, I can see how they would fail to see the value. Everyone how did have or is on the older $30 plan generally knew it was being abused by a lot of people. There are websites/blogs DEDICATED for the sole purpose of showing you how to “get one over” on Sprint and get signed up on SERO without even knowing anyone who actually worked there. It was really just a matter of time before it had to get restructured. For the most part, a lot of data services (TV,GPS,Music) werent even around when the pricing was thought up, And the fact that it was just $.05/minute for overage really was helping Sprint either. People abused i think the overage more the anything. Either way though, for anyone just now hearing about this program, it still is a GREAT Deal. Considering that with every other carrier you are gonna be being at least $20 more for something similar.
    Being a former long time sprint customer, but now turned employee, i can definitely say that there has been a huge shift in the way Customer Service issues are handled, i used to hate the day my bill would arrive, because i knew something was more then likely wrong somehow, and i knew that the rest of my day was gonna being either on the phone trying to get someone to help me and not just transfer me around. The move to the CSAT compensation structure i feel was a major part in the turn around.
    As far as our network though, i am really glad we are making a push become a more DATA focused company. Seeing some of the demos with Xohm, and having attended several tech seminars with HTC and Windows Mobile have me really excited about some of the things that are coming out later this year. And being a MAJOR geek myself, I still cant get over the fact that we inked a deal with INTEL AND GOOGLE! As far as an open standard goes in the, i think WiMAX and Android will have that covered.

  26. cw says:

    wow I am very suprised by all the repsonse from the people. Some time you have listen to the customer’s imputs instead of forcing upon customers what “Internally” is deemed good for the customers. Be different, be special, be revolutionary. I think we are on the tipping point of the wireless industry. It is time for something different.

    To clarify my comparison between the iphone. The iphone is Brand. Its not just “cool” phone. It is a brand and image of the consumers that use it. To be hones, the phones’ feature are a bit more fancy than what they have on the instinct. Belive I played with both phones.

    Sure, Instinct internet speed may be greater than that of the 3G ver. of the iphone. But application, the OS, the 3rd party application is better than that of the Instinct. It is not on par at all with the iPhone. Just my opinion.

    Once again as said before above, Branding or Image is very important in this matter. The iPhone is an icon, a brand, a declaration of the uniqueness of each individual’s self. Shallow as it may sound, but is is our inherient psyche that we pay attention to these types of social nomrs.

    I think for Sprint’s future, as mentioned above by another author, you need to really step up you game. I am not sure what the age demographics is at Sprint corporate. But you really need to get some young guns in to work for you to close that generation gap. The new generation is not good a being told what they should like and want. They are more inclined to do that themselves. And when you tell them what they want or should do they usually turn the other way.

    I think you should take a look at the new data related to the new services that are being offered right now. Sinece the industry right are all offering similar plans. The reason people defect from carriers maybe new handsets that come out.

    Maybe sprint should consider revamping handset upgrade plans. Just tweakign that may give people incentive to stay. If you were to give me options to change phone every 6 months at discount, I d enjoy that very much.

    Just my 2 cents.

  27. hutty says:

    I have been a sprint customer since 1993 and converted my entire family to the sero plan a year ago. I read some of your blog comments that suggest the sero plan will expire when your 2 year contract expires. Is this true?

    In the past your sprint plan always stayed the same even after your contract ended unless the customer requested a new plan. Does sprint plan to cancel all sero plans at the end of the 2 year contract and if so what plan will they force on us?

    I also tried to login to review the new Everything referral plan by using your email and 3 digit # and this is the what comes up:

    Sorry! Our records indicate that the Sprint employee who extended this offer to you has reached their referral activation limit for the program.

    For inquiries related to the referral limit, please have the referring Sprint employee send an email to from their email address.

    Thank You.

  28. Barbara says:

    Hi Russ,

    I tried using your email addr & employee ID but sprint says you have maxed out your referrals. I’d love to switch over to the ‘new’ SERO plan but I guess its getting frustrating trying to. I’ve been with Sprint for over 12 years now. It would be great to finally catch some sort of break. I heard about the original SERO plan about a month ago but getting a new phone and having 2 contracts with Sprint wasn’t in my budget. I talked to Sheila in customer service for the SERO plan and she was awesome. I only wish I had asked her for a referral! Oh well.

    Best regards,


  29. Russ says:


    Thanks for being a longtime loyal customer.

    I found out about the new message folks are receiving yesterday. I have a note into the e-mail address included in that message to find out what’s up. I’d originally heard there wasn’t any limit. I’ll let you know what they say when I hear back.


  30. Russ says:

    For those who have been waiting…

    I received a note today from the Everything Plus folks saying that there is no limit on the number of referrals. Sure enough, when I then tried it again, the message about maxing out the referrals was gone.

    Feel free to give it a shot.


  31. manas says:

    Sprint – Customer service keeps getting better

    Ok – Now that you guys have received a tons of negative comments about customer service, I would like to say that so far, my experience has been great (I have been customer for last 1 year). The people are polite, clear the mess and ready to help. Keep it up.

  32. nomad says:

    I’ve been Sprint customer for 9 years with 5 lines of service on Family Plan. Sprint has taken away my NVP discount and my monthly charges are now $80 more than what I used to pay. Sprint is no longer competitive with their new pricing. I understand that Dan Hesse is trying to – “Improve profitability”. But when you’re doing it at the expense of your long time customers, it’s a losing proposition. It costs less to retain your customers than to gain new ones. We’ll see how long Hesse will last when customers are jumping ship. I know I’ll be going over to AT&T.

  33. cw says:

    Yeah Nomad, I will jump ship also if Sprint would not let me use me current plan on the HTC Touch Pro when it comes out in fall. I have no incentive to stay if they keep forcing people to change plans

  34. Kit says:

    Well, I hope that when my old sero plan ends I’ll be allowed to stay on the same billing/contract price/plan. I use my phone for light browsing, I paid the 300 dollars for the mogul (even though there is no way you guys are paying 550 a handset, nobody buys that) and I am okay as long as I don’t need to call customer service, even today, I’m going to get somebody that has no clue what is going on. Take for example, I called a week back, I moved from FL to NC and was still being billed for FL taxes. Even though the NC tax is more, I wanted Sprint to update it to make sure that Sprint did not get in trouble. When I brought this up to the rep he assured me that everything was fine and that it was because I had used the phone in FL. When I told him that I hadn’t been in FL for 4 months, he changed his story to “it’s because you have a florida number” Then I asked for his supervisor… was put on hold for 15 min, and when he got back to me he said that his supervisor fixed it. So not only was I refused talking to the supervisor as I had asked (which I’m sure is a policy, as I work in a call center) but he also tried to give me two false reasons as to why it was wrong… Sprint Customer service is horrible, even in the recent changes, it’s still just as bad. Not only that, but to charge the current sero customers (those of us who actually got a legitimate post card from you) almost double what we already pay, for adding BB services, which I don’t have a BB. I for one will be going back to T-mo or maybe even ATT for the iphone. I paid 300 dollars for the best phone you have, and it still pales in comparison to the other providers. I would suggest that if you wish to keep the current sero customers.. you need better handsets. HTC makes a number of great devices, some of which Sprint won’t carry. Having spoken to HTC reps, and their supervisors, the price you pay for a handset might be about the same as what we pay, maybe a little more, but not the insane prices you claim on your site. Palm does not charge you 300 for the centro, and HTC does not charge 550 for the Titan (mogul), so please don’t try to pull the cover over our eyes and make pretend that you’re charging us WAY less then what they charge you for the handsets. Understand that the sero plan is the only reason I left t-mo, and for 60 bucks, I can get a better plan more suited to what I need. Once my contract for the 30 a month plan is over, if I am not offered the same plan, I will leave, and sell my handset to somebody on ebay. I use less then 200 min a month, and very very light data, I will probably have to move to a pre-paid plan if this is what I’m forced into paying.

  35. Matt314159 says:

    Hi Russ, I just wanted to thank you for publishing your email address and employee info to allow for referrals. I think the new everything plus plans will be a bit better for profitability than the old SERO plans were.

    I have a mogul on a SERO 500 plan (old school SERO), I’ve had it about a year now, and I’ve been tethering for light mobile internet needs. Lately I have found myself using it more and more frequently, so when I saw you post your referral info, I decided to pick up a Compass 597 datacard on the $49 data plan this evening. Thanks again for making this possible, you more than doubled the income sprint is going to receive from me every month!

    Thanks again!


  36. Russ says:

    For those on the previous SERO plan, I’ve been told that existing SERO customers on the legacy SERO rate plans are grandfathered and can remain on these plans indefinitely.

    However, the Instinct is not available on the previous SERO plan, so upgrading to the Instinct will require changing to this new Everything Plus plan. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any need for concern.

  37. DN says:

    Thanks for the update, where you mentioned that SERO plans are grandfathered. That is very good news. Now I am trying to get my sister change from tmob to sprint, and want a similar plan, but the CSR is clueless as to how to go about it.

    I will call 1-800.sprint-1 and let you know how it goes

  38. Rob Babcock says:

    Russ, this isn’t bad but you guys have had better plans, hell you have had better promotions. I have been a subscriber for about 5 years. Currently you guys are killing me with my current plan and about 70% of the time not sending me my bill. I added a line w/ insurance and limited text messaging (about 15-18 a month) to a 70 dollar plan yet my bill is 120-130 every month without going over and that is with my Dell employee discount

    as far as your cost for the phone I refuse to believe you pay more than 20 dollars for 90% of the phones you offer.

    Your customer care and retentions has done a poor job of handling any of my complaints or issues and as a result unless it changes I will be changing providers when this contract expires.

  39. Daniel says:

    I wanted to add that I really like Josh’s ideas about pushing Sprint to college students.

    I’m an undergrad student and I’m currently on SERO 500 and loving it.
    There’s a lot of potential for growth if Sprint offers a cheap plan targeted and marketed towards students/younger people. I told all my friends about my plan and ended up getting 3 referrals in my first month with Sprint. The fact is there are millions of students who want things like unlimited SMS & data but don’t care for the extra things (BIS, Navigation, …) and if they can get that for less than 1/2 the price of a comparable AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile plan they would do it in a heartbeat. I know I jumped on SERO as soon as I heard about it. I think the churn rate on such a service would be really low, too. Now that I have been using data services like Google Maps, mobile web, etc., I can’t imagine going to a plan with only voice/SMS.

    The thing about the old SERO is nobody really knew about it and so it only spread via word of mouth and web forums, which is exactly what it was intended to do. I think a relaunch of a discount 500 minute plan with unlimited SMS & data that was marketed towards younger people and at an affordable price point ($35-40/month?) would be incredibly successful.

    In addition to a new plan targeted towards younger people, there should be a new phone(s) that offer advanced features. Young people use technology more than most people, and a smart phone targeted towards us would be really successful. The Centro was a good start, but it has some flaws. A similar phone with improvements like a better web browser and EV-DO Rev. A would sell like hotcakes at a hotcake sale.

    I know Hesse wants to improve profitability, and I don’t know how much Sprint would make off a $35-40 plan like that, but even if it were only $5 / month net per user if you had a few million subscribers that’s a decent chunk of change.

  40. Matt Austin says:

    In regards to the idea of plans targeted towards younger people, I would advise they keep in mind what happened to Amp’d Mobile, a verizon MVNO last year. They marketed to the young’uns, and since most people in their target demographic had little to no credit, they made it really easy to get into a contract, because the credit check was a joke. Then executives wrung their hands months down the road when 80% of their customers were not paying their bills on time.

  41. Heather says:

    Hi there, I’ve been trying to use your information to get the Everything plus deal but when I enter it in it states that I’m not allowed to enter that portion of the website. Any additional tips for me? Thanks

  42. Russ says:


    Over the past several weeks I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails from Sprint saying something like “we were unable to help you on your recent visit to our website…” I’m guessing that these messages get generated to me when folks were unable to get in to the referral site. Yesterday I got more of these than normal, so I’m guessing there was something causing more challenges than normal (more folks signing up maybe?). In general, I’ve found that if I wait a while and then try again, I can get in. I just tried and it worked for me, so maybe if you try again it will work.



  43. Daniel says:

    Matt: Amp’d Mobile was targeted at the VH1/MTV/Motocross demographic. I would never have signed up for them because I didn’t take them seriously as a company, and frankly I would have been embarrassed to be seen with any phone with an “Amp’d” logo.

    The demographic I was thinking of was the “University Student” demographic; 18-30 year olds who are smart, tech savvy, and cheap/broke as hell. Every college student has a cell phone, and every one of them wishes they had a cheaper plan that has more features. If someone can throw a great plan in the mix then there wouldn’t be a competition. The only friends I talked to who didn’t switch to SERO were either in contract or on their parent’s line paying $10 a month.

  44. Russ says:

    Matt and Daniel,

    Does UNLTD by Boost do anything for you? I know it’s not available everywhere, but where it’s available, does it meet the need? (


  45. Daniel says:

    Boost also suffers from the same marketing flaws (or, at least things I perceive as flaws) as Amp’d. I do not want a provider whose slogan is “Where you At?”. I do not want to be on your “UNLTD plan”.

    Past the marketing, their plans do not do too much for me either. They start out with unlimited calling and add in unlimited data and SMS as the cost goes higher, which is nice if you use a ton of talk time but not too good if you don’t. My personal usage history on SERO has been (avg. since beginning contract) ~250 minutes/~50MB data/~1000-1500 txt. I use the data access to look up movie tickets, watch YouTube on the go, get local business info/directions with Google Maps, check my Facebook, and check my Gmail. Facebook for Palm is a ‘killer app’, and I am kind of disappointed I only got to use it for a few days (see “P.S.”). All of my peers are members of the SMS generation, and 90% of my peer communication is through text or web. If I want to have a lengthy talk with someone, I’ll send them a txt asking if they can meet me somewhere. A plan that offers unlimited text and data, and then adds on more minutes as the price goes up would be much more attractive to me.

    I think an Everything plan with the option of removing BIS and/or Navigation for a cheaper plan would be great. Call it “Simply Connected” or something and charge $54.99 for Everything 450 – BIS or Navigation, $39.99 for Everything 450 – BIS & Navigation. To prevent this plan from cannibalizing plans like the $49.99 Talk/Message plan you could only allow one line per contract, making the Talk/Message plan the choice for family plans and the “Simply Connected” plan the choice for independent consumers.


    P.S. I will probably be using more data in the future, since I recently (8/4/2008) upgraded to a Treo 800w. At first I didn’t believe what people said about the Centro being a “gateway drug”, but now I’m living proof. 😉

  46. Russ says:

    Thanks for the excellent input Daniel. I’m passing it along to the folks in our marketing group.

    BTW – I must’ve missed something. Why were you only able to use Facebook for a few days?


  47. Daniel says:

    I didn’t hear about the Facebook for Palm app until last Saturday, and i switched to the Treo 800w on Tuesday. There is a Facebook app for Windows Mobile, but it isn’t nearly as polished/full featured as Facebook for Palm.

    -posted from my new 800w

  48. cw says:


    Like I mentioned before. You need to get in touch more with your Gen Y (millennials) demographics. We think differently, act differently, and understand our surroundings differently. You should hire Daniel to do marketing.

    just my 2 cents.

  49. Andrew says:

    So, I am looking heavily into getting this, and I fit into the demographic of university student who is poor as hell. Do you think this everything plus plan is a good value, or Russ, do you know if they might do something along the lines of what Daniel suggested? I currently have virgin mobile, I it, but I don’t want to be stuck into a two year contract only to have a better plan fit to my needs at a later date.

    Also along those lines, can you switch mid plan or must you ride it out to the end… Because then I could get this now, and if a better/cheaper one came out, go with that.

  50. cybertommy says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been with Sprint for over 2+ years now and I joined when the old-Sero was introduced. If I was not on the SERO now, I would get the new Simply Everything for $59.99. Like some one mentioned above, Sprint by far is the cheapest out there for voice,text, and data. The only problem I have is I can’t really use the phone inside my home as I live in an enclosed complex. Thanks for publishing your info so others can enjoy the new Sero plan.

  51. Glenn says:

    I just added a second line to my account which already had the original SERO 500. I know technically you weren’t supposed to recieve any additional company discounts but I still was getting it, for almost a full year.

    Does anyone know if you can still get a company discount on the new everything plus or is it a system limitation that will just simply disregard the discount. In that case I might as well just have them change the plan from everything plus to the regular everything plan of 450 minutes.

  52. Jimmy says:

    Russ, A previous post says that an existing customer can only take advantage of the offer if a new line of service is opened, but I see a bunch of posts from SERO customers asking about upgrading their current service. So which is it? I’m a long time Sprint customer, but not a SERO customer. If I could upgrade my current service to this, I’d certainly look into it.

    If it’s not available to current non-SERO customers, it certainly would be discouraging — making an otherwise happy Sprint customers quite unhappy.

  53. Russ says:


    You make a good point. At Sprint, we are increasingly sensitive to the need to treat existing customers better than, or at least as well as, we treat new customers. But sometimes we miss the mark, and you’ve pointed out an example of that. In general, the upgrade from SERO to Everything Plus is there to accomodate SERO customers who want to upgrade to the Instinct (which requires an Everything plan). I’ve dropped a note to my counterpart who is focused on treating existing customers well and am hopeful that we’ll continue to correct cases like this where we’re missing the mark.


  54. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Russ. I’m glad that the issue has made it to the eyes of someone who can do something about it. I’ve been looking at the Instinct, and the price of the Everything plan is what’s holding me back. (I’d get it tomorrow if it worked with my current visions plan) In fact, it’s made me start looking at other phone alternatives with other carriers, although not upgrading my current Sprint service seems to be the best option right now. I’d love to be able to take advantage of the new program at some point, so feel free to pass along my email address to your counterpart.

  55. ByeSprint says:

    Sero plan for 2 years now and went to upgrade to the instinct.. but was told i had to pay double!!!!!!!!

    Bye Bye sprint .. I’m off to At&t

    Also my whole family is out of contract in less then a month.. You pissed them down the toilet also

  56. Lynn says:

    ByeSprint: why would you want to go to ATT and pay double for something you can get with sprint..paying double for sprint to upgrade to the instinct would still be cheaper than ATT..i myself am switching from ATT to sprint because of their gawd-awful prices.

    thanks russ again for your employee info..i’ll be switching to sprint within a week since my 2 year with ATT will be up :0)

  57. Russ says:

    Thanks Lynn! And welcome to the family. :)

  58. spiffi1 says:

    ByeSprint: If you’re really going to jump ship, please contact me. I’ll take over your SERO plan via Transfer of Liability.

    Russ: If i take over the plan, would I be able to get a mogul setup on the plan?

    Thanks in advance.

  59. Ben says:

    Good afternoon Russ & all,

    A general comment for me as a non SERO user but someone that helped quite a few friends/family members get on the former SERO plan.

    I think the idea behind the “Everything” plan is fantastic, however the rate plan doesn’t float my boat. My phone is my lifeline for business and personal use (Treo 755p). I am on my phone all the time for both data, phone, text etc.

    A little background I suppose is in order. I’ve been a Sprint customer for… roughly 6 years and am on an old 2500 min shared business/family plan with 5 total lines. My total monthly bill is approximately $157 and this includes insurance on my primary phone, unlimited text on primary and all the phones have data and at least 500 texts etc.

    If there were a more reasonable way to share the plan then I would be all over it but the simple fact for both my business and personal use (along with my family and work lines) are that there are only one or two phones that would benefit from the EVERYTHING/unlimited plan and mostly just the unlimited minutes/data/text portion and of which the unlimited minutes aspect are really the only part that I dont already have access to on my existing plan. Why on earth, if I only need unlimited minutes on one or two lines out of five would I be excited about paying an additional $400 on top of my current plan price.

    I regret with a passion that I missed the roughly week long opportunity to jump on the unlimited/everything plan at the original plan price with the ability to share with multiple lines at a much more reasonable rate.

    On a customer relations note (while i have a soapbox). I’m a little irritated with my most recent customer service experience. The reps that I spoke with were very nice/polite but my issue was absolutely not resolved. One of the changes to my plan a year or so ago was to be promo’d into the nights/weekends starting at 7pm (instead of 9pm). This resulted in a monthly credit to my account to offset the cost. Well, 3 months ago my Treo ran into connection problems and would state that the data network was unavailable, even when it was. This required several reconnection attempts every time you wanted to do something via data. Not life ending but annoying when you use data regularly. The fix for this (i was told) was because my plan was so old that I needed to be moved into a new data code. Great I thought and after it was done my connection issues went away.

    A few weeks after this fix however I got notified that my sprint picture mail was being turned off if I didn’t sign up. Well, i’d had picture mail since day 1 and it was always a part of my data plan. Apparently my new data fix had blown up my picture mail. The solution was that I had to pay for picture mail but the nice rep offered to credit me for the charge. That was great, I would hope that keeping my service at the same level wouldn’t result in a billing increase, especially since it was through no fault of my own.

    So, picture mail gets added and a $5 credit shows up, but now I’m no longer getting my credit for the nights and weekends. Several phone calls and reps later (including retention who originally put the promo on nights and weekends on my act) the end result is that I am told that I can only have one discount applied at a time. Well… huh? While i can understand that the system may only allow one line item for discounts, shouldn’t my lone line item now reflect the total of both discounts? The addition of the nights and weekends credit from last year + the picture mail discount which has ALWAYS been free as an included addon for my grandfathered plan.

    I received an automated survey call 10 days ago and left feedback that I was not satisfied with the resolution and was told (by the recording) that someone from the “Advanced” support team would be contacting me in the next 5 business days. Its been 8 now and no call.

    While I do enjoy my plan, phone and service; on principal I don’t enjoy getting nickeled and dimed for services that I was getting free the day before and am now being charged for because there was a Sprint service issue that I was not responsible for messed up my account.

    I hope that a happy middle ground can be found that allows Sprint to grow and develop services that will not alienate we users, especially existing users. While there is no and likely never will be a one size fits all package deal, i would like to see this continue to evolve.

  60. sprint customer says:

    like others i have been a loyal customer with sprint for a long time ( i was originally with nextel because i loved the chirp) i was forecd to got to sprint and thats when i found the the sero plan and signed up for it to be kicked out because its not avail in the chicago land area. go figure . was about to cancel and to at&t to get the iphone but a retentions rep gave me an offer that i could not refuse.

    Recently i just upgraded to a simply everything plan when i bought my palm centro at price of 30 dollars( matched a best buy offer at the second store i went too). the first store would not match even though notes were in the system from account managers that i spoke to saying to give me the phone at 30 dollar price. then i was informed that the simply everything plan would not support phone as a modem. lol i found my self being force to take other plans if i wanted to use that feature, that must be fixed and is unacceptable.

    The biggest issue is that i had to call customer service for three straight days because my account was messed up from the first retention rep ( he promised me a one year contract but i was put in the system for a two year contract, lucky there were notes that he put in the system backing up my claim that i was supposed to be in a two year contract)

    even with the notes i spent almost 10 hours total talk time with all hang ups, being disconnected, put on hold for long periods of time, (even being told that no one would talk to me until they called me back huh????) talking with an escalation manager who did not return any of my phone calls (as he had promised while i was in the sprint store) and given a number that was already in use on a t moble account (i would dial out fine but when some one called me they got the t mobile customer lol) in order to get this situation corrected that in my opinion is totally unacceptable.

    the store manager of the first store would not even come out to talk to me even though she came out the she the new lotus phone that will be out offered be sprint in the future ( flip smart phone real nice looking) (said she was in a phone conference store is located on harlem and lake oak park ill.)the best part was that i was asked to take a survey of my experience lol all 1’s and i left a message……… Probably feel upon deaf ears

    the only reason i stayed is because……….. i only have to call customer service about once every year or two other then that i love u guys :)

  61. Lynn says:

    is there a reason why we can’t add a corporate discount onto a sero plan? thats kinda annoying..pluss..i dont seem to be able to get any invoice credits even tho they’re specifically for those who just activated a new line :0P

  62. dp says:

    g’day RM- any updates re your post below? i’m 10yr customer who’s very interested in switching to the 1000min Everything Plus plan.

    Quote- Russ Says:

    August 21st, 2008 at 7:24 am

    You make a good point. At Sprint, we are increasingly sensitive to the need to treat existing customers better than, or at least as well as, we treat new customers. But sometimes we miss the mark, and you’ve pointed out an example of that. In general, the upgrade from SERO to Everything Plus is there to accomodate SERO customers who want to upgrade to the Instinct (which requires an Everything plan). I’ve dropped a note to my counterpart who is focused on treating existing customers well and am hopeful that we’ll continue to correct cases like this where we’re missing the mark.



  63. njmidwestvet says:

    Hello Russ,

    a) This website is an amazing idea! I was just thinking how much I wished we had a line directly into the ear of someone important at Sprint. Lo and Behold, we do!

    b) I too am a poor professional (vet) student, and I have a major need for data and text messaging on a mobile device. I waited patiently and missed the old SERO plan hoping for the HTC touch pro to land on Sprint; I am still waiting, but growing more optomistic monthly. Because I work with large animals all the time, it is essential I insure my phone, so I am automatically spending 7 dollars over the cost of the plan a month. That been said, I have accessed, on my student loan riddled budget, that I can spend exactly 45.37 a month without having a major financial crisis.
    I realize, I have been a student not-so-slightly longer than alot of other university students, so I have less loan money and more debt, however, the economy is hurting lots of students, and I am assuming none of them are far behind us.
    I don’t need GPS service, I own a portable GPS that works great for its job. I don’t need TV on my wireless device, I need access to our E-mail client, and my date book, and probably windows live; since it seems incredibly useful. Is there any realistic chance, in the coming few months, of sprint offering a ‘student plan’ that requires an employee referral, a valid university e-mail address, and offers us the ability to pick and choose the parts of a service that we want/need. My needs are totally different from a student who wants GPS, Blackberry Service and Sprint TV, but at the same time, we share the same potential… if Sprint forms a relationship with us now, we are much more likely to remain with the same company. I have stayed with my current provider (not sprint, sorry), for 9 years, because I am with them, their plans are useable, and their service is incredible. So, if Sprint could make a plan that worked in my budget, I would be happy to sign on, and I don’t think I am the only student with needs like these, because I spend every day with 500 people in a similar situation; and with another 60,000 students in the same situation all around me. While this may not be the most financially beneficial now, if it brings in customers to the sprint family, and your customer service keeps us there, that would be an excellent long term financial strategy.
    I look forward to hearing fom you, and appreciate your taking the time to consider this message. Keep evolving Sprint; she has improved, but just like everything, there is always room for improvement.

  64. Russ says:

    dp – thanks for the note. I’m hopeful that comments like yours will continue to remind us to treat existing customers well as we make future policy decisions. I wouldn’t hold my breath on a change to the current Everything Plus policy, but hopefully as future decisions are made, we will value existing customers as highly as new customers. Thanks for your loyalty to Sprint both in your long-time business and in taking time to provide input.

    nj – thanks for the note. I’m forwarding it to the team within Sprint focused on marketing to college students. Thanks for your interest in Sprint.


  65. BB says:

    Hello Russ,

    Although the everything plus plan is great amongst your competitors, how about a plan that is great amongst your customers? In these trying economic times consumers are looking to save a buck or two which means cutting out all excess spending. When you do what’s right for the customer, in turn what you’re doing what’s what for your business. I applaud you giving your employee information so that others may enjoy a distant relative for the SERO plan. However with the everything plus plan ,your basically telling your customers of SERO that they have to pay double for the same features in order to get a new phone. You should consider a compromise; instead forcing the customer to change their plan you should try charging more for the phone for existing customers. Example: SERO customer wants to purchase a HTC touch diamond ready and willing to sign a new 2yr agreement; price of the phone after all discounts $349.99 as opposed to the $299.99 (it’s just a thought). There has to be some balance, or even options for the customer that already has a SERO plan. I would appreciate any feedback Russ Thanks.

  66. Raymond says:

    I’ve been on a Nextel family plan for the last several years, due to our family construction business.

    All I’ve seen is the service steadily getting worse, from signal degradation and dropped calls, to the customer service reps. Its almost like Sprint is TRYING to push customers away. I don’t know if Sprint overall is trying to phase out PTT functionality and/or the Nextel brand, but from my experience it seems the case.

    A friend of mine who has the $30 SERO plan convinced me to take a look at it. And what do I find? A plan that has doubled in price, with a limited selection of phones, the inability to port my iDEN number assignment to the network (which is rediculous), and the plan itself containing a bunch of frivolous extras to justify its stupid cost.

    All 95% of customers out there want anymore is a certain amount of “anytime” minutes, say 500, and unlimited text. If I want GPS, I’ll get a TomTom, if I want web access, I’m not going to try to read e-mail on a postage stamp sized screen.

    With the government bailing out every mismanaged corporate giant while leaving the poor and huddled masses to fend for themselves, its staggering in its audacity to see a company like Sprint/Nextel, with a long history of poor service and poor network performance, to take a plan who’s one saving grace was the cheap price, which made the aggravation easier to swallow, ramp up the price without increasing any of the service to “compete” with the pricing more reliable carriers offer.

    WHY would I spend $60 on a plan for at most two bars and 1 in 3 calls dropped while in areas like Palm Beach and Miami, when I could go with another carrier which has substantially better service and features for $70? Ten bucks a month difference is not huge when the consumate benefits of not having to deal with Sprint are realized.

    I hope I gave you something to think about, but I know my little post won’t change a thing unfortunately, corporations such as this no longer care about their customer base, since in essence, all consumers are slaves to the corporate giants.

  67. […] was intentionally made public: E-Mail: Last 3 of CID: 383 (Reference: McGuire?s Law Blog Archive Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus?.) This information was made public by Russ Mcguire on 7/16/08, and is posted on this forum so […]

  68. Matt says:

    Thanks For Chatting With us. Its Nice To Have Someone Who Knows What Their Doing On The Inside. I have been a nextel customer for 2+ yrs now. I just have the 450min plan with the powersource data plan. I am looking at getting the touch pro when it is released but I didn’t know If I could switch to the everything plus plan, I am eligable for an upgrade I think I would have to hold off for a while If I couldn’t get this deal.
    Thanks In Advance For Your Time

  69. Hi, Russ, from an old telco engineer who was designing digital interconnections for cellular providers as far back as 1984. :o)

    Bundling of services so that customers are required to pay for services they don’t want or are not even available with their nice new Sprint handsets is an anathema to me.

    In years past the wireline communications companies were soundly stomped for doing that, and by federal decree were no longer allowed to do it.

    The same should happen to the wireless communication companies if they do not correct the problem themselves.

    The new “everything” plans would gain me NOTHING, but cost twice as much.

    Heck, my “mil-spec, ruggedized” Sanyo handset doesn’t even have a camera so why would Sprint charge me for picture mail and video mail?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t WANT “everything,” and my handset of choice does not support “everything.”

    Is there some way to have the features I do not need or want removed, and the cost of those features removed from my bills?


    BTW, the drastic change from SERO to the new plans has also, apparently, drastically changed what I am allowed to do under my SERO plan that I’m still under contract for…


    Take care,

  70. Russ says:

    Hey Tom,

    I don’t get it. Sprint offers plans that don’t include “everything” (our “Basic” plan starts at $29.99 and our “Talk” plan starts at $39.99). You’re free to choose one of those. We aren’t forcing you to buy a bundle. We are generous enough to offer a great price on an everything plus plan as an employee referral offer. And for a period of time, we were insanely generous with a SERO offer that couldn’t be profitable.

    Most folks are thankful that Sprint offers, and that I’ve shared my personal info so they can take advantage (if they choose) of a great offer on a bundle. Most folks, like you, who have benefited from the original unbeatable SERO offer are gracious about how generous it was/is. I don’t understand why a few folks need to beat me up over it.

    Sprint hopes to be the wireless carrier of choice for those who want to do more than just talk. We also appreciate customers like you who only want to talk, but we’re focused on helping folks discover the full power of mobility.

  71. I don’t mean to “beat you up” over the change of plans, Russ, and I’m not a “talk only” customer. With the two SERO lines I have (about $85/month) we use, total, about 200-300 talk minutes, about 30-50 text messages, and use the GPS (which requires data service…) several times a month.

    That little volume of use is I’m certain covered by the $85 you get from me every month. The “insanely generous with a SERO offer that couldn’t be profitable” doesn’t wash for low usage folks. Sorry.

    Let me ask you instead, Russ, what you would recommend that would be good for both myself and Sprint. :o)

    You have two people on fixed incomes (one disabled, one definitely retired and 83 years old) who need reliable mobile voice, text and GPS, but not a whole lot of each.

    For one of us, the Sprint PCS phone is the only phone service. Social Security does not double each year, so there is not much space for doubling the cost of our mobile service with the new plans.

    I will grant you that were we customers who used each and every service in our plans to their limits, we would not be profitable, but ARPU is not the only way to look at the value of a customer, Russ.

    Revenue minus costs equals profit, and that means that a customer paying you a hundred bucks while using thousands of hours of airtime and massive amounts of data is not more profitable than a customer paying you $85 for a minimal amount of use.

    (Also, just because a person does not use as much or as many services does not mean that what they DO use is less important to either them or the provider.)

    Please don’t think I’m attacking you or Sprint – I’m really not. Sprint has in my opinion technically the best service, it is just some of their business plans that I question.

    Take care,

  72. Russ says:

    Thanks Tom,

    You’re right, profitability is revenue minus cost. The costs include the upfront cost of establishing the customer (including phone subsidy) and the ongoing monthly costs (including network costs based on usage and other costs of serving the customer, including the amount of time spent with customer service). Our upfront cost of establishing the customer is typically in the $300 – $500 range (depending on where the customer signed up and how much subsidy we had to pay to make the phone attractively/reasonably priced to the customer). If a customer paid us $30 a month and didn’t ever use their phone, it still would take us 10 months to get to break even. Since our SERO plan included unlimited data, it attracted a lot of heavy data users, so actual monthly costs were high. As a plan, the way it was structured, it couldn’t be profitable. It was generous of Sprint to keep that plan out there as long as we did.

    For individual customers using that plan, the actual profitability will vary. Low usage customers could possibly be profitable.

    To your point, how profitable a customer is and how valuable or important they are are not the same. With some exceptions (e.g. customers who abuse our services and never pay), all of our customers are important. Our #1 priority inside the company is to improve the customer experience, to reduce calls to care (e.g. because our systems and processes have made it hard for customers to do what they want and get the answers they need) and ultimately reduce churn. We still have a long way to go on that priority, but I believe we’re making progress – sometimes it’s two steps forward, one and a half steps back…

    Thanks for being a customer.


  73. kenny says:

    It amazes me some of the hostility of these posts about this subject. I just checked it out and I was able to get an Intinct on the plan. I went as far as I could without being charged and so far so good. I have the old SERO plan but do not have text included. (Yes, my plan is old). I think Russ put the post out there for people who do not have the plan as a way to help them over to Sprint. I have recently changed one of my phones on the account and they did not switch me over to the Everything Plus Plan. They let me keep my old SERO, I did try to get text but they said that would be $5 a month extra. This is a good plan for those who need all these features or just some of them. You have 30 days to try Sprint, I do suggest in those 30 days you go everywhere to make sure you have coverage. At times I get one bar and it works fantastic still, even internet is faster than dsl at times. Try to price this plan with the exact features on Verizon and ATT and see what you come up with for a total. Occassionally I have had bad customer service from them but overall I am happy. I took part in a JD Power survey about cell phones and I gave Spring high ratings. It is hit or miss with most companies for service. As for specific phones for certain plans, they can do that if they want. It is their company and their goals. LIke everything else it will probably switch. It is that first initial push for a new product that requirements can be goofy. THe Instinct is no Iphone killer, just a good phone. As for the Iphone being a status symbol I don’t quite get that. Anyone can get one, a lot of people have one. I could see it being a cool thing if say only the first 1 million new subscribers to ATT were able to get it and no one else. I see someone driving a Hummer, Porsche, etc as a status symbol because not everyone has one or can get one. So to get back to my main point if I even had one, don’t bash the plan if it doesn’t suit you. Shop around, find another carrier. Sprint needs to make money and making the old Sero into this plan was a smart choice for NEW customers and for Sprint. I haven’t seen anything where they said they would force SERO customers to switch.

  74. Brandon says:

    Hi Russ,

    I was a former IBM Contractor that worked for Sprint. My department was under ex-VP Cindy Rock in customer care. I’ve seen what the company was like three years ago and from the outside looking in I think Sprint is finally on the right track to success. The biggest problem I saw from several VPs was a lack of responsibility. I’m sure many are not happy working under Hesse where he demands results without excuses. I am hoping Sprint takes off and becomes a leader other mobile carriers look up to because the potential is there.

    Now I do have a question for you. I would like to sign up for this offer but I am also eligible for a 25% corporate discount. Am I able to combine this offer with my corporate discount? I ask because $69.99-25% is cheaper than $59.99.

  75. Russ says:

    Tomas – please e-mail me directly at about your SERO Vision/PowerVison problem. I’ve sent you a couple of e-mails and haven’t heard back, so maybe you mistyped your e-mail in leaving the comment…

  76. Russ says:

    Brandon – I don’t believe that additional discounts can be applied. Sounds like using your corporate discount against the normal plan is your better bet.

  77. s says:

    Can I still get the SERO plan..?


  78. Russ says:


    The old SERO plan is no longer available. Everything Plus is the new referral plan.

  79. Dragon Corvere says:

    Hey Russ:

    On a SERO to Everything Plus comparison, I think it’s safe to say that the SERO plans easily gave the customer far more bang for the buck. So, from the existing SERO plan user’s point-of-view, these Everything Plus plans do not resonate value (to them, that is).

    I, however, am not a SERO plan user. Yet, even I question the real value of Everything Plus. Heck, I actually question the value of all of the current rate plans that SprintNextel offers. Most of the phones SprintNextel offers are completely unable to take full advantage of what any of the SEPs offer. For example, the much lauded Samsung Instinct requires an SEP (or similar data rate plan) in order to use it. Yet, part of the Simply Everything plan’s cost is for PTT. Yet, we all know that the Instinct CANNOT use PTT in any way, shape, or form. That tells me that Sprint is trying to force customers to pay for services that they cannot hope to use. I’m sorry, but as a 12 year Nextel subscriber, that’s simply un-American.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like bundling since usually it allows a user to get more for less. However, when you offer such plans, you should also offer phones that are capable of taking full advantage of those plans. Given that only the ic902 can truly take advantage of the Simply Everything plan, it’s pretty disconcerting that Sprint feels the need to dictate to customers that one MUST upgrade to a newer rate plan (even if that newer plan COSTS MORE) in order to use a new handset. To me, that’s insane, and I find it hard to believe that Sprint is willing to lose customers…

    Then again, given that this company has already lost 3M+ iDEN post-paid subscribers alone, it shouldn’t surprise me. Now, while I do believe that there is a place for these newer rate plans that SprintNextel is offering, I think that having to FORCE your customers into adopting newer rate plans in order to use these products is criminal.

    Either you pay for 450, 900, or unlimited. Given that I currently use around 1500-2000 minutes in a month and pay $60/month for it, it makes absolutely no sense for me to adopt the 450 or 900 rate plans due to voice minute overages. However, adopting any of the unlimited voice plans automatically would cost me at least $20/month more than I’m currently paying.

    So, while I despise the current practices, I will also offer a solution or two:

    1. STOP requiring current customers into adopting contemporary rate plans when they wish to upgrade to a newer phone. If I wanted (or thought I would benefit from) a newer rate plan, I’d call or go online and have it changed already. Some of us just want to keep our rate plans and get newer phones! If we want the discount, have us commit to a 2-year contract extension. Why force us into adopting a more expensive (to us) rate plan?!? After all, if the rate plan was profitable then, it most assuredly is profitable now too since a customer is still willing to pay you for the services that they’re using anyway.

    2. Create newer Free Incoming plans that are limited in data scope, but offer far more voice minutes for the price. After all, the current plans are severely lacking in anytime minutes. Additionally (or alternatively) add more anytime voice minute options to the Talk and Talk/Messaging plans. How about a $60 Talk/Messaging/Limited-Data plan where one has 1500 anytime minutes, unlimited text/picture/video messaging, and unlimited web access? That would at least be decent compared to my current plan. Or how about a Free Incoming Plus set of plans such as the following:

    FIP 450 – 450 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, PTT, N&W@7pm, messaging/web for $50/month.
    FIP 900 – 900 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, PTT, N&W@7pm, messaging/web for $60/month.
    FIP 2000 – 2000 anytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, PTT, N&W@7pm, messaging/web for $75/month.

    After all, if Nextel could afford those types of plans (and they did pre-merger), then with all of the efficiencies that Sprint’s CDMA network offers (not to mention all of the upgrades that is saving this company money every day), then why not pass some of that benefit to the customers that have grandfathered plans?

  80. Russ says:


    Thanks for the note.

    I don’t think you understand the real focus of the Everything plans. They are mostly about unlimited data. Admittedly, the old SERO was a sweet deal (overly sweet from a money losing perspective for the company). The fact that Sprint has thrown in unlimited PTT is a nod to the growing portfolio of CDMA phones with Nextel DirectConnect, and thus the ability to benefit from both unlimited data and unlimited PTT. It’s an attempt to get Sprint’s traditional CDMA customers to get a taste for the beauty of the button without fear of it adding to the bill.

    Sprint isn’t forcing anyone to sign up for an Everything plan, although we’ve priced them to be an enticing option. There are Talk/Message/DirectConnect plans starting at $50, and just Basic talk only plans starting at $30.

    The Instinct is a case where we do require an Everything plan, but again that goes back to the focus on data. Why would anyone buy an Instinct unless they planned on using it’s data features. We know that a huge driver of customer dissatisfaction is surprise bills, and we know that once folks get their hands on an Instinct they’ll be using data out the wazoo, so we want to eliminate the dissatisfaction up front.

    As far as the profitability of plans, quite a bit has changed since the merger. ARPU on the iDEN network has fallen dramatically, so customers on average are paying significantly less than pre-merger. As you pointed out, customers have left, leaving fewer customers to share the fixed costs of the network, and although it improved in the second quarter, we posted operating losses the first two quarters this year (see ), so we are making a number of adjustments to improve the profitability of the company – cutting internal costs, focusing on our areas of strength and differentiation, and eliminating some unprofitable plans while offering new plans like the Everything plans that are a sweeter way for customers to enjoy everything mobility has to offer than our competitors have in the market.

    I don’t blame you for sticking with your current plan and I understand your frustration that you’re constrained in what you can do without changing to a new plan, but I hope you can understand what we’re trying to accomplish as well, both for our customers in easing the move to beyond just talk, but also for our shareholders.

    Thanks for being a customer!


  81. BJ says:

    your email and employee ID no longer works….is there something else to use?

  82. Russ says:

    BJ – It just worked for me. You might just need to try again.

    I’ve heard/seen three different types of errors pop up:
    – One where it just seems flaky
    – One where it says something about cookies and security and has a link to how to change your security settings for it to work
    – One where it says that I’ve exceeded my limit of referrals

    The third one shouldn’t appear because there are no limits, but let me know if it does. For the second one, try the security changes they recommend, for the first one, just keep trying.

  83. BJ says:

    that worked!!! thank you very much. I had no idea that it had to do with my antivirus settings. Thanks again.

  84. Linda says:

    Hi Russ,

    We are on the old SERO plan (x3 – me, and each of my two daughters have a SERO plan). One of my daughters wants to use the Instinct and we are dumbfounded that we are required to double our monthly cost in order to activate the Instinct. We would get nothing new for the additional charge – just the ‘right’ to use the Instinct.

    You mention in your post above that you don’t want your customers to have surprise charges due to data usage; and with the Instinct, we would be using data out the wazoo!

    However – we have unlimited data with our current plan. So, please explain to me why it is in our best interest to pay an additional $30 per month for the privilege of having an Instinct? (As my daughter said, over the life of a two year contract, we would pay $720 for the thrill of having an Instinct.)

    Truthfully, this doesn’t sound at all like you are interested in the best possible experience for the customer (my daughter). It sounds like you are interested in the best possible income for the company (Sprint).

    Thanks. I am looking forward to your feedback.

  85. Russ says:


    Thanks for your note.

    You are right. Thank for phrasing it relatively graciously. The only change I’d make to your wording would be from “best possible income” to “more income.” For existing SERO customers, the plans aren’t significantly different (there are a few differences, but if I tried to list them I’d probably get it wrong).

    The reality is that the old SERO plan was a mistake that has cost Sprint a lot of money. That may be hard to believe given that we collect at least $30 a month for at least 2 years, so a total of $720 (not counting the various fees that generally get paid out to others).

    But profitability of a plan for the mobile operator is based on a relatively simple formula that looks something like this:
    Total fees collected from the customer – The cost of the phone to us and the network costs based on actual usage.

    In general, the phones we sell cost us a lot more than we sell them to you for. In the case of the Instinct, this is several hundred dollars of cost we eat (expecting, of course, to make it up over time). For some simpler phones, it can be much less.

    But the real issue is usage. The old SERO plan was a good opportunity for us to find out what happens when folks have unlimited data, and guess what, folks use it! (surprise, surprise) On one hand, that’s a wonderful thing because we want everyone to enjoy the full power of mobility, which is more than just talking. However, it really blows up the profitability of the SERO plan. (Obviously, actual usage varies from person to person, but in managing what plans we’re offering, we need to understand the total impact to the company.)

    That experience helped us have a deep understanding of the potential (positive and negative), so as we developed our Everything plans earlier this year, we balanced the positive (the freedom for people to enjoy all of mobility) with the negative (the cost to us of carrying all of that traffic).

    As we did testing with the Instinct, we also found that the intuitive user interface results in people integrating mobility into their life even more, resulting in even more data use. For those not on an unlimited data plan, that likely would mean the kind of billing surprise that no one enjoys. For us, that means that SERO users would become even more unprofitable if given (okay, I really mean sold) an Instinct.

    Getting back to the SERO plan and important customers like you who have gotten used to enjoying everything good about it (great offer, great price). Although we’re losing money on the plan, we couldn’t yank it away from you – that certainly isn’t the way to get customers to love you. But we also can’t do things to allow it to become even worse for us.

    If you weren’t already a SERO customer, you’d be looking at the Everything Plus price and saying “wow – I can’t find a deal like that with any other carrier” and probably be loving the combination of it with an Instinct.

    I understand your frustration, and I appreciate your loyalty to us as a valuable customer. But I hope you can also understand why we need to manage the profitability of our business.

    Thanks again,


  86. Barry says:


    Thanks for posting your information! I’ve been with Sprint for 6 years and just signed another 2 year contract. The Everything Plus Referral Program is great, I never was part of the old Sero plan so you won’t hear me complaing about anything. I would also like to say I can tell a difference in the customer service, my call has been picked up with almost zero waiting time and things are getting done real fast.

    My only problem with Sprint is the release of their phones. For example I just got the Blackberry Curve 8330 and I’ve been seeing AT&T is coming out with the Bold and Verizon is coming out with the Storm, why can’t Sprint come out with the latest and greatest Blackberry’s first? Thanks again!

  87. Alecia says:


    I somewhat understand sprint’s position. But I am not happy about having to switch from my sero plan to something else just because I want the touch diamond or the touch pro. I currently have a treo, and have had the 6700 in the past on this same plan. I could care less for bb service, but of course I want data and the plans that sprint offers now are not feasible.

    Then on top of that, my company is offered a sprint discount, and I inquired about it, and the rep threw more limitations on it, then what was advertised on the flyer. I feel like taking my 5 lines (4 of them non sero- personal business lines) and going somewhere else because I am tired of being lied to, that and the issues with the release dates of sprints phones.

  88. mykie says:

    Russ, thanks for the info you’ve posted here. I hope you don’t mind, I used it to order a new phone on my SERO account, as I’ve lost contact with the original employee who referred me to the program.

    Even if I didn’t already have a SERO account, the SEP plans are still a great deal, and can’t be beat anywhere else!

  89. KPK says:

    Considering the current market, economy and Sprint’s stock price, it would be a good idea to bring the old SERO plans during Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Now that HTC touch pro is out, it would surely boost Sprint sales as compared to competition.

    As such, now everyone is offering a touch phone (big buzz) and the only now that differentiates the providers is price and plan. Considering the current economy and the state of economy is coming year, finally the price is what will matter, if not to all at least for the most.

    I heard Sprint is coming up with a new SERO plan on Nov 4th. I will have to wait and see.

    BTW, Thanks for this post.

  90. Brian says:

    Unfortunately your email address and 383 code are not working any longer for the Sprint program.. Did you get a new code?

    The e-mail address, employee ID (CID) or the combination of the two provided is not recognized.
    Please check the spelling of the information entered.

  91. Russ says:

    I’m getting the same error. I hope I’m still employed :)

    I’ll see what I can find out tomorrow and provide an update.


  92. Doug says:

    Hi Russ – looking forward to your update – I’m one of the many folks hoping to sign up for Everything Plus when the Touch Pro comes out this week!

  93. BJ says:

    russ, are you able to tell us if there will be any new SERO plans appearing for the holidays?

  94. Russ says:

    My email and CID seem to be working now. My wife will be glad to know I still have a job. :)


  95. Russ says:

    BJ – not that I’m aware of.

  96. George says:


    I’ve been a Sprint customer since 1999 and had the PCS Vision service when it first came out on the market. It seems that the newer phones coming out from Sprint (Instinct, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro) all require a Simply Everything Plan: Everything Unlimited, Everything 450, Everything 900, Everything Plus. So I’ve been debating whether or not to change plans.

    I’ve been searching the web for some clarification of these plans and was wondering if you can verify something for me? I’m aware that the Everything Unlimited does not qualify for any Corporate discounts but what about the other three Unlimited Plans (450, 900, and Plus)? I’ve been receiving conflicting information from Sales reps at the Sprint store and from Sprint phone reps. Can you provide us with an answer and put this question to rest?


  97. Russ says:


    Sorry for the delayed response and the confusion. Additional discounts cannot be applied against any of the Everything plans.


  98. Chris says:


    A quick question, am I able to use your info for an in-store new account signup? I ask because I’d like to port my number over from Verizon and would rather not have to do that through the website.



  99. RandiC says:

    Just wanted to say thanks a ton for this.

  100. Russ says:


    Unfortunately, the Everything Plus discount is only available online. The lower cost of activation is one of the reasons we can afford to offer the discount.



  101. Lynn says:

    Hey Russ,

    If I had an already existing account with Sprint, the Simply Everything Plan, can I switch over the the Everything Plus plan by calling in?

  102. Dave says:

    I see the Touch Pro is available at my local Best Buy. I am switching from Verizon. Can I get Everything Plus Referral plans at Best Buy or do I have to order via phone or online for that?

  103. Russ says:

    No, it’s for new accounts only. Sorry.


  104. Russ says:

    I’m pretty sure you have to order online to get it.

  105. Leanne says:

    I have the old SERO plan and I wanted to upgrade my device but I dont want them to tell me I have to change my plan. If I purchase the phone full price and just change the esn will I still have to change my plan?

  106. Russ says:


    I believe that, if your new phone uses the same data technology (1xRTT aka Vision, or EV-DO aka PowerVision) and your new phone isn’t one of the new phones that requires a specific plan type (Instinct, Diamond Pro, etc.) then you should be able to just do an ESN swap online.


  107. Richard says:

    Hi Russ, I almost switched to ATT from my Nextel service because of signal degradation, dropped, calls and poor cs in the past. My service had degraded to the point that I was hardly using my wireless at all. However I switched to ic902 and it seems to working quite well for me, albeit with some quirks.

    I was pleasantly surprised with customer care, and, it would appear that they have really turned around. Its not so much that a customer has a problem, it’s how customer care responds and addresses that problem. My most recent experience with customer care has been extremely positive.

    I was happy to hear that Sprint intends to upgrade iDen, hopefully, this will improve Nextel service. I really liked the option I had of switching sims to different phones for different needs. Although if Sprint shifts from CDMA to LTE that issue will be mute.

    Some on your blog are disenchanted with this new SERO plan. Firstly, I would like to thank you for graciously offering your personal information so that we can take advantage of it. To those that think this plan is bloated or overpriced, I would say that this plan is definitely not for everyone, however, if it fills your specific needs, then it is a great plan.

    I think Sprint is very competitive with their plans and if you don’t think so then perhaps you should go elsewhere. I have looked at other carriers and while some offer decent plans and others are downright greedy, I think that on plan offerings alone that no one is more reasonable than Sprint.

  108. Glenn says:

    I was a customer of Sprint’s original SERO offer but then gave the line away to a family member.

    I’m now with a BlackBerry and am on the new Simply Everything Plus. I’m wondering that if a new BlackBerry is released in the near future will I be able to keep the same rate plan and discount?

  109. Allison says:

    Russ, I signed into the everything plus referral program using your info. However, it asks me for my zip code and when I put that in, it says:

    Sprint wireless service is available in the 49503 area. However, this private online program is not available in this market for Sprint products. We’re sorry for any inconvenience and we invite you to take advantage of our latest promotional offers:

    Can you advise me on what to do? Do I need to put in a different zip? Will I be able to use my existing phone number from verizon? And if not, will I be able to have a phone number with at least my area code?

  110. Russ says:


    I’m not the expert in how plan changes are made, but as far as I understand it, as long as the plan continues to be offered, you should be able to upgrade your phone without any issues. Even if the plan stops being offered, as long as you don’t make a change that requires a plan change (e.g. as long as you stay with the same network technologies) you should be able to do an online ESN swap to activate the new device without making any changes to your plan.


  111. Russ says:


    That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. I’ll check into it.


  112. Russ says:


    It appears that you are in an Affiliate territory (Swiftel). Sprint established affiliate relationships when we first launched Sprint PCS. This had benefits both for Sprint and for the companies we affiliated with.

    As I understand it, in these territories, our customers are actually customers of the affiliate, however, the experience is managed to be just like being a Sprint customer elsewhere. The handsets, products, features, network capabilities, etc. are maintained to be as seamless as possible.

    However, since these are separate companies, not everything is exactly the same. Especially something like an employee referral plan as a benefit for Sprint employees wouldn’t make sense for an affiliate to honor.

    All that to say, unfortunately, the Everything Plus plan is not available to you.



  113. Allison says:

    Thanks for the info Russ, all I had to do was call Sprint and they had no problem signing me up for the employee referral plan no matter what my address was. So it’s all set!

  114. Chris says:

    I’m currently on the old SERO (oldschool SERO) plan and my contract expires in about 6 months. Does anyone know which is better: 1. going inside the Sprint store, 2. ordering over the phone or 3. ordering through the website to make sure I keep my current plan without changing anything but the phone?

    Just curious.

  115. Daniel says:

    Russ, I get the following error when I try to sign up using your credentials:

    “Sorry! Our records indicate that the Sprint Nextel employee who extended this offer to you has reached their referral activation limit for the program.”

    That’s a bummer. I just cancelled my ATT Data Connect account, and I definitely need to get a new one. soon.
    I wanted to sign up for Sprint, and a friend told me about your blog. What can I do? Do you know of any other Sprint employees that would be willing to help me out?



  116. Aaron says:

    Hi Russ,

    I was just about to finally make the switch to Sprint, but I discovered your info isn’t working on the SERO/Everything Plus website. I get an error that you have reached your referral activation limit. Is there another means by which I can sign up for this plan?



  117. Russ says:

    Daniel and Aaron,

    It seems to be working again. There isn’t supposed to be a limit per employee. Thanks for pointing it out.


  118. Eugene says:

    is there anyway to still get in on this ? i tried the information you posted months ago but its showing that its at its limit!

  119. Robert says:


    Just thought I’d let you know that the message saying your activation limit has been reached is showing again. Just in case you need to know, I’ve been trying it for the past half hour, Sunday night, 10-10:30 eastern.

  120. Shae says:

    I was trying to login to the SERO to check it out and compair to what we would pay against his work discount….to see if it would be cheaper. After I hit login it goes to internet explorer cannot display this page…What could that mean???? I would really like to see about this. Any help would be useful. We are needing our phones pretty quick as ur son is going into the hopsital for a while so we will be able to have constant contact with each other.


  121. Russ says:

    Eugene and Robert – I just tried and got right in. I’m guessing that someone has to manually reset the limit exceeded flag and when you tried must’ve been between the “limit” being reached and the flag being reset. Try again and let me know if it still doesn’t work.

    Shae – I’m not sure what the problem is exactly, but I can guess at one of two things. Either it was an intermittent problem and trying again will work, or some other folks have mentioned getting an error page that references security settings blocking access. If that’s what you’re getting, then there should also be a link on the error page to instructions for getting past it.

    Thanks everyone.

  122. eryn lynn says:

    i logged on a few days ago to check prices and i just tried logging onto the site again today to get the blackberry pearl. i got this message:

    “Access Denied
    You may be trying to access a private offer or shopping area on Please confirm that the link you entered is correct.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1-877-618-5606.

    NOTE: If your computer is running an Antivirus software package, such as Norton Internet Security Pro® or Zone Alarm Pro®, you may choose to follow these steps to adjust your privacy settings to gain access to this website.”

    i don’t have any of those antivirus programs running.

  123. Eugene says:

    worked great was able to order thanks !

  124. Mike says:

    Not a good move on Sprint’s part to not allow current SERO customers to have the Instinct on their current plan. What does this mean for us in the future? That’s great that SERO plans are grandfathered in since it was discontinued, but this will limit our phone choices in the future if the reasoning behind the type of phone limitations is data. Soon the majority of phones will be touch screen and data oriented, and where does that leave us SERO customers for phone choices? SOL? I understand the profitability of a company, but maybe Sprint should have thought of this issue seeing as they will be losing more customers as their SERO plans become “obsolete” due to limited phone choices in the future. More customer dollars will be lost than the dollars you would lose on giving them the data with these new phones.

    I will most likely be one of those customers who is required to leave because I will not have any quality phone choices.

    Like I said, I see your point on profitability, but you need to see the point of the SERO customers who will be left behind in the future. I am very dissapointed I cannot use the Instinct. My PDA phone recently broke due to a manufacturer defect (which Samsung refuses to replace), and I am looking to purchase a new touch screen phone. If this policy doesnt change, I will be leaving SERO.

  125. Mike says:

    Let me clarify my last sentence. I will have to leave Sprint entirely.

  126. Al says:

    i have been a sprint SERO customer and my 2 yr agreement is up in two weeks. I’ve contacted ecare via chat and i am eligible for the touch pro AND keep my current SERO plan. If the Instinct is the ONLY touch screen phone then by all means shop around but you are not limited in choices. There are ways to get what you want where both parties are content. Try all the resources before you jump ship.

  127. Tommyzors says:


    That is interesting, I tried to activate my Touch Pro on the old SERO and was told they would not be able to do so. Keep us updated on how it goes.

  128. Steve says:


    Touch Pro can be activated on the old SERO plan. About every other CS rep will tell you so……


    I appreciate your post and your response to customers who have posted comments here, although part of me wonders whether you have more valuable things to do with your time :) There are some fairly detailed suggestions in this post, and I honestly do not expect you to read it all as much as just passing it along to the appropriate people.

    I’ve been with Sprint for almost 3 years now, and SERO was the reason I switched. As you have mentioned, having access to data led to my using it a lot, and I was happy to have SERO years before iPhone users who probably believe that Steve Jobs personally invented mobile data access.

    From my experience, I can definitively say that customer service has improved since I first joined. The CS reps now take better ownership of cases and follow up effectively when there are issues. I think you’re making great strides on customer service; that being said, there are still several issues that should be addressed:

    1. When a customer is first transferred to a rep or retransferred to a different rep, the customer is asked for his/her mobile # and PIN each time despite having entered the number into the voice prompt at the beginning of the call. You would not believe how much extra frustration this small issue causes — it doesn’t help that it’s also the customer’s first impression.

    2. The website has a lot of usability issues. Examples:
    2.1. The flash-heavy marketing sites sometimes have links to PDFs or other files for users to download. A current example is the “save $480 compared to Verizon” campaign — if you want to see the side-by-side cost comparison, you have to… download a PDF. I mean, seriously?
    2.2. A lot of the font is too small for eyes to read. And I am 23 years old! This problem is sometimes exacerbated by blue links on black background.
    2.3. There are interactive portions of the website that are just not intuitive enough. I am in a web software field, and even I can’t figure out where to click sometimes. One glaring example is the new 3rd party appointment scheduler being used for ReadyNow appointments — not only does it look nasty, but the prompts and interface are just a pain to use (sub-example: In order to change the time of the ReadyNow appointment I made for my mom, I could not just stay logged in and “Make Appointment” because it defaults to “Account Maintenance” instead of “ReadyNow”. In order to change the time for a ReadyNow appointment, I have to cancel the existing appointment and then go through the ReadyNow homepage to enter my personal information all over again to schedule the new one.) I don’t remember other specifics right now, but I think the quality assurance for online features needs to include usability, click counts, etc.

    3. Technical support specialists are not as specialized as they should be. I can understand the benefits of generalization and flexibility, but a tech support rep who is a “jack of all trades” can’t help me with my problem as quickly and effectively. For example, when I recently experienced issues with my HTC Touch Pro, it seemed like the tech support reps were trying to follow troubleshooting scripts written for other phones. If there were groups of “Touch Pro Specialists” and “Instinct Gurus”, customers could be helped with their technical issues faster.

    4. As a price-conscious consumer, I appreciate the available handsets being sorted by cost; however, it must help profitability if you can start “featuring” some slightly pricier phones like the Instinct to the top of the page. By the time I scroll 30 (might only be a slight exaggeration) phones down, I’m no longer in the mood to buy a nice touchscreen!

    5. As part of Sprint’s roaming agreement with Verizon, are you not allowed to advertise that, when necessary, Sprint phones can roam (for free, usually) off Verizon voice and data networks? Whenever I tell people that they should switch to Sprint, they are completely unconvinced until I tell them that Sprint coverage is at the very least no worse than Verizon.

    6. On a related note, marketing really needs to focus on advertising the quality of the Sprint network. For whatever reason, most people seem to have negative impressions of the Sprint network, and, unfortunately, Dan Hesse walking along in black & white telling them to “revolutionize” wireless isn’t going to turn around the negative impressions. Just look at the AT&T/Cingular and Verizon campaigns compared to Sprint. While they had “fewest dropped calls*” and “can you hear me now?”, as marketing slogans, Sprint had…. Wait for it… Wait for it……. “Together with Nextel.” And does anyone even remember “Power Up”? I may have already forgotten about the “Now Network”. For better or for worse, marketing needs to cater to the lowest common denominator of consumers — everyone needs to understand what is being advertised. Everyone knows what it’s like to have a dropped/missed call, and that’s what AT&T focused on. While I understand the intent of the Sprint marketing strategies, they might just be a little too complex for the average cell phone consumer.

    I shudder when I see a Sprint website glitch or another blown marketing campaign (sometimes literally — those commercials with the flashing lights almost gave me seizures…) because I really do want to see Sprint succeed. After all, I need the company to stick around so that I can stay on SERO!



  129. Russ says:


    Thanks for the comments. As far as “more valuable things to do with my time” – I think most good strategy folks are information addicts, and what better source of information than a dialog with customers. What I’ve learned here from folks commenting on this post has been incredibly valuable in understanding where we are, the progress we’ve made, and the challenges we still face. (As it is I do almost all of my blog work outside of work hours.)


  130. Aaron says:


    I am little frustrated about trying to get Blackberry services on my SERO account. In order to get the BIS, I have to change my already unlimited plan to a voice only plan, then change it to the Blackberry Pack. It seems kind of dumb to make people with the SERO plan who already have unlimited data and text to make them pay $30 extra for what they already have with the only addition of the BIS portion. Now I love the SERO plan and I’m going on my 2nd year of it, and I wish they would address this. This is going to be my 6th year with Sprint and this is the best carrier in terms of pricing.

  131. Bobbi says:

    Why isn’t there a family plan for the referral program. That would probably be a big hit with alot of people. I recently changed to a family plan w/3 lines.Got offered a great plan from agent on the phone for the Family Power Pack 1000 for $50 +$9.99 for the third line.Then just recently got 500 text /per phone for a dollar /per phone That beats all the referral plans hands down.

  132. DR says:

    Hi Russ,

    I wrote out a long comment yesterday only to lose it to a glitch in my data connectivity. How about a family plan — I would love to have unlimited data (or say, a limit of 250-500MB) and say about 500-700 minutes and an option to select say three numbers for free calls, and I would personally gladly give up messaging and BIS services. If this was offered as a promotional offer closer to 49.99, we would have a win win proposition given your current pricing. Having worked on WinMo device application development, I believe HTC has taken up the slack from HP and is headed towards a comfortable zone in usable and “shiny” devices that offer a more consumer-centric package rivalling the iPhone. I would happily switch to Sprint if such a promotion came up. Of course, the 59.99 plan is great for cash-challenged (and greedy) consumers, but an intermediate plan would be really good. I sincerely hope Sprint comes up with more options since that seems like the only way that Dan’s plans will come to fruitition.

  133. DR says:

    Gee, just took a look at the pricing and realized I was being very greedy (more or less hoping for the old financially unviable SERO plans). Well! One still hopes.

  134. blake says:

    so can i go to a sprint store and still do this?

  135. Russ says:

    Blake – the program is intended for online sign-ups. Thanks.

  136. DV says:


    I think you mentioned in the past that Corporate Discounts cannot be applied to the Everything Plus plans. A friend of mine was able to sign up on this plan and apply her corporate discount over the phone with the customer service rep and received an email confirmation stating the fact. Since this is the case, will there be any reason to retract that discount since it was given to her?

    P.S. I’m a former 3rd party employee and has been with Sprint prior to the StarTac days…


  137. Russ says:


    Discounts are a mystery to me. I’ve learned it’s dangerous to guess what works and what doesn’t, what’s allowed and what might be disallowed – I’m usually proved wrong whatever I say.


  138. DV says:


    Would you have any more information on the release date of the Palm Pre other than just “first half” of the year?


  139. Russ says:

    Umm… probably not in January? 😉 Sorry.


  140. Chris says:


    I just wanted to say thanks. I signed up with the info you generously provided, and received my phone in the mail. The number transfer from VZW went off without a hitch. I’m loving my new touch pro.


  141. […] Plus(SM) Referral Program E-Mail: Last 3 of CID: 383 (Reference: McGuire?s Law Blog Archive Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus?.) This information was made public by Russ Mcguire on 7/16/08, and is posted on this forum so […]

  142. michelle b. says:

    I have been reading all these post. I am now getting a headache. I tried to use your email and cid and it did not work. Do I keep trying until I get lucky?
    I want to say I have been a customer of Sprint since I had to seek out a place to find you, before every corner, every radio shack, best buy etc. before moto star tac (I got made fun of for having that phone so long, but I loved it! UNTIL I was ready to get on the web via cell phone YEA!) So now I am ready to go further and get a touch pro or similiar. I must say I can remember when customer service was GREAT-many, many years ago. I have to fight, be put on hold for 30 minutes plus, be switched to many operators, it seems easiest to just say the word CANCEL at any voice prompts. It makes the wait slightly less.
    I, as others have stated, am not sure why once we become a customer and stay loyal for years, we are treated so poorly. Existing customers should be offered better deals just for being loyal! Sprint should say Thank you for being loyal and we know you are keeping money in our pockets and food on our tables so we will reward you with some freebies! Like upgrade your phone without signing a contract and we will still give you $150 every 2 yrs (now you have 2 sign another 2 yr contract why? Don’t you trust me yet? after 15+ years of being with you? I also do not like it when I have been transferred to Mexico, India, etc. When I hear any accent I ask what country are you located in. The fact is your training is not acceptable for this, maybe because of basic lifestyle and living differences,the questions I ask are not actually understood and the manual does not equip the csr’s to actually solve my problem. Then ask to be transferred to the united states and they say ok and you are transferred to another country, this happend to me after receiving a very disturbing crank call at 3am that I wanted traced and prosecuted. They had no idea of what to do, which at one time was to get a specific form form sprint 1st and take to local police to fill out to get call traced. Now you actually go to police 1st according to sprint, once I was talking to someone in the US and many transfers to the “RIGHT” security department and calling after 7 am. I do not find that acceptable. Atleast when I call AT&T about home phone and tv and explain how many calls and how long I spent on phone they offer me a $25 goodwill credit for my time and trouble. As customers our time is valuable. It seams for us to get a good deal or to get what is promised, we have to make lots of calls, talk to lots of people and spend lots of time on the phone and don’t forget to write down as much info as possible about the call such as; date, time csr name (all though sometimes in the past they did not want to give names!) any id numbers or emails or phone #’s or extension “‘s.

    So Russ if Sprint wants to extend a job consulting on customer service to me just send me a message (LOL) BUT regardless it is not hard to treat people good. To offer customer loyalty discounts and upgrades w/o having to put out extra time on contract. I think this contract thing is way past its prime. Make us sign a contract to keep us?????? If you treat me well I will stay forever! Also though it seems like a situation that if you treat me bad I will stay also! It is a pain in the “…” to change phone companys and everything I read tells me customer service it bad at AT&T CELL, VERIZON etc. although if AT&T keeps being nice to me for internet and tv and home phone, I think it will be logical for me to go ahead and add mobile service and get the whole BUNDLE.
    Oh yeah back to the original issue I couldnt use your email and cid, can you help?

  143. michelle b. says:

    Update, I was able to get into the site. For me I do not know that it is the right fit. I have 4 lines and don’t have everything packs yet, but previous offered data, text, pic packs that may be cheaper for me except I would like to get a touch pro for me and purple rant for another line on my accoutn and when I do that I will have to go thru the hassle of dealing with customer service to get a data pack on the rant atleast. Or they may say I have to change to everything, which is not right if they do, because I don’t need to unless it is cheaper.
    Also if you would give in as a company and offer everything pack family that gave you 1st line for $99.99 and additional lines for $9.99 to share everthing, you might lose money at first but you would steel away alot of customers until they gave in! Be the first, Be ahead of the game, grab the market, do a commercial with a mom taking her children to the numerous games, practices, dances, parties, playdates, shopping and always on the phone to schedule the next playdate, or the next sleepover and the change of plans, oh yea need to schedule the dentist and while I am waiting for my children to finish at what they are doing I have to check email and catch up on some web applications and sending pictures. My children have to to texting (lots and lots of that!!!) and checking email and ofcourse they need to get onto facebook or myspace and catch up and add a video that I got of the goal they made at soccer and maybe some of those college recruiters that have the info will see it when they are emailed to catch your next college pro! These could be made into those wonderful little mini commercial movies we love to watch, that leaves us hanging to see the next commercial, because we want to know did the girl get into that college with the scholarship? Did the son get the yes I will go to senior prom with you from the wonderful girl via email text or maybe a pic with a sign in her hand that says YES! I will go to Prom
    Well by now you get it and I am beginning to think teaching and owning my own spa was the wrong calling. I am going to look into opening a marketing firm. When I do I hope your company will take my pitch!!!!!!!!

  144. Russ says:


    Thanks for all the free advice! When you start your customer service and marketing consultancy, I’m sure it would cost us a pretty penny. :)


  145. […] weekend, Michelle B. commented on this site, and among other things, said: “I, as others have stated, am not sure why once we […]

  146. Pete says:

    First, thanks for throwing this out there. I was already a subscriber but I got my girlfriend to take advantage of this. I am puzzled by many things Sprint does and I disagree with marketing strategies, but I do have a question about plans. Has Sprint ever considered a lower priced/level plan that includes unlimited data? I’m thinking 250 minutes, 250 texts, unlimited data for $50 (or $60, but brought down to $50 with your discount). I think that is fair and reasonable. Dan might not, because it doesn’t milk the ARPU dollars out of me. What are your thoughts?

  147. Russ says:

    Thanks Pete,

    If you’re looking for a great $50 plan, you might take a look at the Boost Unlimited plan.


  148. Steve says:


    I tried to access the Everything Plus Referral Program with the information that you provided on here, but I was given “access denied”. Is there something that I am doing wrong or is there a way that I can get this program too? Thank you for your help.


  149. Mike says:

    Is the everything plus EPRP family plan just a promotional offer or will it last for a while? I’m considering switching over (been wanting a data plan for a phone, but verizon is a ripoff), but would rather not cough up the ETF to verizon for 2 lines.. Considering I’ll likely be purchasing a touch pro and touch diamond, it’s a decent amount of $ for me to burn in one day. Thanks.

  150. Russ says:

    Steve – I had no problem getting in earlier. Some folks have had problems because of security settings on their computer. You might try from a different computer.

    Mike – there’s no indication that it’s promotional. All plans come to an end someday, but I don’t think that day’s coming anytime soon for these plans.


  151. stone says:

    Hi Ross,
    Was there a limited time promotion in the past weekend? I saw no additional charge for 3-4-5 lines(supposed to be 14.99 per line but showed 0 if you add them in cart) for the EVERYTHING PLUS FAMILY PLANS..or is it just a system glitch?



  152. Russ says:

    I hear it was just a glitch.

  153. Robert says:

    I’m talking to a rep now via online threw the new chat thingy and they are sayin i need to be a sprint employee or know one who can put me on it. I thought it was easy as telling them what you want and givin them your email and 3digits guess its harder then that

  154. Robert says:

    o i’m already a customer just wanting to switch over. sorry forgot to mention

  155. Russ says:

    Robert, I hear what you’re saying. Unfortunately, this offer really is only for new lines of service. Also, it’s intended for signup via the web, which is why sometimes care reps get a bit confused about it.

  156. SD says:

    Will we be able to order the Palm Pre though this everything plus referral program? I plan on porting my number from Verizon. Do these plans count for the Sprint Premiere program as well?


  157. Russ says:


    I don’t have any word on whether the Pre will be available through Everything Plus. My guess would be yes, but we’ll have to wait and see. Anyone for 3 consecutive months on an individual plan of at least $69.99 per month or a shared plan of at least $99.99 per month qualifies for the Sprint Premiere loyalty program. Most (but not all) of the plans here qualify.


  158. SD says:


    The reason I was asking about the sprint premiere is because one of the everything plus referral plans is for $59.99 for 500 min. If I got that and added $5 for N/W min at 6 and added $7 for the total equipment coverage, that would put my monthly bill around $72. Would this qualify for the sprint premiere?

  159. KeOu says:

    In searching for a better fit mobile plan for my family growing need, I came across this link through Sprintuser forum

    As a long time Sprint customer (since 1996 Sprint Spectrum service)..I felt odd that I can not enjoy this referral plan. I am looking at Everything Data Family for 5 lines, compare with the Family plus, it has less minutes and $35 more monthly.

    I read Michelle b’s post above, and agreed – “If you treat me well I will stay forever! if …”. I understand the marketing strategy to get new customer, but is that equally important to keep loyal customer happy.? I believe there are tone of us out there, and would feel the same.

  160. Steve says:


    I signed up with Nextel before Sprint bought them, and I would now like to do this plan. I understand that this needs to be a new line. If I purchase a new line, can I transfer my old number to it after some time? Are there any other ways that I can get this plan and keep my number or do I need to leave sprint and then come back? Thanks for any help – I’m a little confused with what to do!


  161. Russ says:

    SD – unfortunately, it’s only “plan” dollars that count towards qualifying for Premier, so no a $59.99 plan plus equipment protection and 6pm n&w wouldn’t qualify.

    Keou and Steve – the Everything Plus plan is designed to attract new customers. We have different ways of rewarding loyal customers. I certainly hear and appreciate your frustration. There are no easy answers to your question Steve.

  162. Chantel says:

    What is the Sprint Premiere loyalty program? I am new to Sprint, so I don’t know what that is. Currently I am trying to get Sero even though I am a current customer. I have been working with someone to try and get this because I need to save money.

  163. Sam says:

    Hi Russ, do you know if any new Blackberries (Curve 8900 & Bold) coming out on Sprint???


  164. Russ says:

    Sam – I don’t believe we’ve announced any new Blackberries, but we are always updating our portfolio. Personally, I’m pretty stoked about the Pre. Have you given it a look?

  165. Sam says:

    I had all 3 Palms before (650, 700, 750) However, when I tried Blackberry I fell in love with Blackberry service. I currently own a Blackberry Curve. I’m sure a lot of Sprint customers are waiting for Sprint to start offering Blackberry Bold, and new Curve 8900. However, for some reason Sprint is concentrating on Palm Pre. I’m sure that most of the current Blackberry users would never switch their Blackberries to something else. I’m hoping to see Sprint offering NEW Blackberry Curve and Bold in the near future. I saw something online that both phones should be available 1st quarter ’09 but I’m not sure how accurate this information is. If anyone have any information on the release dates for new Sprint Blackberries please post. Thank you.

  166. Ryan says:

    Hi Russ,

    I just have to say that I really appreciate what you’ve done here with this blog entry. I like your honest, thoughtful responses. If there are more people like you at Sprint, I think it will do just fine. I know you’ve swayed myself and my wife, as well as her sister and husband. We’ll be joining Sprint once the Palm Pre comes out (hopefully sooner than later). I know there are a lot of people here who are blinded by their current SERO plans, but the new Everything Plus plans are still a great deal compared to other carriers.

    I’ve never been a Sprint customer, but from everything I’ve heard, customer service hasn’t been the best in the past. It sounds like you all at Sprint are really focusing on that and I can only hope that it’s been kicked up a notch by the time I join.

    Alright, I know I’m reading like a billboard for Sprint here, but I just wanted to show my appreciation for what you’ve done here. I’ve really enjoyed getting a glimpse of where you all are coming from at Sprint (not to mention the chance to get in on the Everything Plus plans!).

    Best of luck and keep it up!

  167. Mark C says:

    Hey Russ,

    Thanks for answering questions about this new employee referral plan. My problem is this. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 11 years. I have not asked much from you guys and have been thru a lot, from going outside our house to get service (no more), to known dropped call locations in the area, to random text messages (lately and have not complained). Now you are back in giving a better deal to new customers than to the loyal ones. It is very upsetting to where I could see myself possibly going somewhere else. Most people do not know of these “deals” and I just learned of this. However, it is actually more hurtful to the loyal customers when they do find out that they are not treated the same if not better than a new customer. How much does it cost you to bring in a new customer? Remember to multiply that by 5 and that is what I have saved Sprint.
    I am waiting for the Pre and I will go from there. You are more than welcome to contact me personally.
    I do not want to sound like I am entitled to anything. I signed a contract. However, hearing this really saddens me knowing that a company would rather have a high turn over rate than to keep their base and grow from that amount.

  168. Aaron says:

    I would like to second Mark C’s comment. I had to port out, and port back in to get onto the ERP account. I’ve been with Sprint for over five years with not so much as a late payment. The porting process cost me money, gave money to Sprint’s competitors, and left me without phone service for several days. It was a frustrating process, but well worth it for the savings. I certainly don’t blame Sprint… this is an industry wide practice. I do think it’s silly though to offer incentives to new customers as an industry practice. It would make sense to me to do away with the high acquisition costs, and spread the real cost of service to every customer. The current industry practice just encourages people to switch carriers every year or two, which doesn’t help anyone, and costs carriers money. What kind or press do you think the first carrier to make this transition would get? I would imagine that the first carrier to put themselves out there on the edge would make major headlines by stating, “from now on, every time you renew your contract with us you’re treated just like a new customer… Why? Because you are choosing to stick with Sprint, and you deserve our best service for your loyalty.” Regardless, I really appreciate you taking the time to write here. The ERP was a great thing for my family, and the savings are really going to help out during these tough economic times. I hope Sprint considers being the industry leader in eliminating porting issues, and treating old and new customers alike to the best deals currently available. Thanks again!

  169. Hans K says:

    Do you know if the new Palm Pre’s are going to be allowed on the old Sero plans that are still in use?

  170. Russ says:

    There’s no official word, but I’d be surprised.

  171. Jeff says:

    Sprint should really consider opening the Everthing Plus Referal Program to existing customers that also want to keep their existing phone number. Having to port my number to one of your competitors and then porting my number back to Sprint under the Everthing Plus program is quite silly and would cost the customer lots of time, additional money, and leave a negative mark on their experience with Sprint. If Sprint wants to continue the trend of improving its customer service, this is one big item that should be put with that agenda.
    However, in my situation I am probably going to buy the Palm Pre if it turns out to live up to all of its buzz. Since I am on a grandfathered plan (NOT SERO) with lots of free perks due to severe headaches caused by numerous reps over the past 7+ years of me being a Sprint customer, I know that I will be asked to switch to one of the Everything Data or Simply Everything plans because of the restrictions that are placed on the Palm Pre. The Everything Data 450 plan actually makes more sense to me with my coporate discount, which makes it a few dollars cheaper than the $59.99 500 minute EPRP plan. I know that there are 50 additional minutes but I am really more interested in getting the benefits of being put on the Sprint Premeier Loyalty Program, particularly the higher phone upgrade discount after 1 year part. I have read the fine print about the EPRP program and it states that coporate discounts do not apply, so the EPRP would actually be more expensive for me with fewer desirable benefits. Thus, these plans do not seem to be discounted very much.

  172. […] Plus(SM) Referral Program E-Mail: Last 3 of CID: 383 Reference: McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? This information was made public by Russ Mcguire on 7/16/08 in his blog. He’s the VP of strategy […]

  173. […] Plus(SM) Referral Program E-Mail: Last 3 of CID: 383 Reference: McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? This information was made public by Russ Mcguire on 7/16/08 in his blog. He’s the VP of strategy […]

  174. Sherri says:

    I’m currently trying to access the Employee Referral program using your email and CID. However, it’s telling me that access is denied. Has there been a change?

  175. Russ says:


    The site is working for me. Sometimes security settings on your computer can cause the site to not work. You might try from a different computer.


  176. Michael says:


    This is a wonderful opportunity for you and for Sprint to bring in new customers. I just transferred from Verizon which I’ve realized after being there for 4 years was expensive and didn’t provide as many features as these plans offer.

    Thanks for everything, hopefully this new customer will be able to sway more people your way,


  177. Chris says:

    Dude, Thanks for your login information. I was able to upgrade both my wife’s phone as well as my own without a hitch on our SERO 500 plans!

    Much thanks indeed!

  178. Fahim says:


    As a current SERO customer and a soon approaching deadline for an upgrade, I’ve become more concerned as what steps to take to preserve what I have. I have no desire to switch to a new plan, however, would like an upgrade on the phone.

    From reading the previous threads, I understand my SERO plan is grandfathered for an extension but only with those phone that run on the PowerVision network. Is this correct?

    Now, do you happen to have a reference point to which Sprint/Nextel phone(s) would use the PowerVision network. Do all phones qualify with the exception of the Instinct or a PDA of sort?

    Lastly, how exactly is an ESN swap performed? I have read numerous complaints about its functionality and the notion that it should be avoided at the retail store.

  179. Russ says:


    “PowerVision” is the same as EV-DO. You should be able to upgrade to a phone that has EV-DO without requiring any change to your plan. As you note, there are some phones (e.g. the Instinct) that require an “Everything” plan.

    I recently did an ESN swap online through that went smoothly without a hitch. When you log in, there’s a section on your phone and plan. One of the options should be I want to: Activate a new phone. It then steps you through the ESN swap process.

    I hope that helps.


  180. Tosh says:

    I would like switch to the 500 minute “SERO” plan. When I upgrade to the Palm Pre in June. What’s the process of doing this in the store? Just give them your info?

    Or could I do this change in advance online, to limit a huge bill. I would need to change say a day or so before the end of my billing cycle right?

  181. […] Originally Posted by treolead you may want to remove the email and 3 digit code if you want it to work for you later (Sprint will probably ban it) Russ McGuire posted in his blog last year, and it hasn’t been banned yet: McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? […]

  182. Luke Pettit says:

    I too would also like to know if the Palm Pre will be availiable to us older SERO customers. Being that I am a poor college student the SERO plan fits my budget nicely. And since someone else will be buying the phone for me I would like to keep my plan the same.

  183. Chingon says:

    Ok, let’s say I get this “Everything Plus”, would my 23% discount still work with this, or it won’t? Because right now I pay about $68 for 500 minutes, Unlimited Data, 1000 Txt, Sprint TV and Radio Basic, No Navigation, TEP and taxes included. If I get this Plus Plan than I will end up paying more than that if I don’t get my 23% off. Any ideas/advice???

  184. Park says:

    @Tosh: SERO plans have been discontinued so you cannot switch to them.

    @Tosh and @Luke: You cannot activate the Pre with a SERO plan.

  185. Russ says:

    For those that don’t know, SERO stands for Sprint Employee Referral Offer. A couple of years ago there was an incredibly great SERO of $30 for 500 minutes. As Park says, this deal is no longer available, and if you’re still on this plan, you won’t be able to get the Pre on that plan. Sorry.

    About a year ago, Sprint replaced that Employee Referral plan with the Everything Plus plan described in this blog post. I would expect the Pre to be available with this plan, although I haven’t heard that specifically stated anywhere.

    @Chingon, no additional discounts are available on top of Everything Plus. You might look at the Everything Data plan with your discount – depending on if you use all 500 minutes or if you’d like unlimited texting and the other stuff that comes with the Everything plans (Navigation, etc.). If your discount can be applied to Everything Data, it might be a nice bump up (except in minutes) for probably less money.

  186. Chingon says:

    @ Russ, Thanks for the advice, but my Plan works just fine, I have 1000 messages (video, txt, pics and all that) and only use about 50-100 per month, don’t really need Navigation since I use Google Maps, and on top of that I have unlimited incoming calls from anybody anywhere, my night time mins. start ’til 9PM, but no prob. So…I guess I’m better off staying with my Plan?

  187. j lloyd says:

    hi, i just found out from a customer service rep, that most existing customers will not be allowed to purchase the pre because they do not have “the right plan.” Basically, sprint is going to drive themselves out of business, because they can hype up the palm pre as much as they want, but everyone is just going to switch to the iphone if they have to sign up for a new plan anyways— so much for customer appreciation….

  188. Russ says:

    @j lloyd (and others). As I understand it, the Pre will require an “Everything” plan.

    Sprint knows from experience that phones that are great at “more than voice” (the web, navigation, TV, and all kinds of apps) naturally lead to lots of data use. (And we aren’t alone: ) For customers that aren’t on an unlimited data plan, this leads to shocking bills, often leading to them leaving Sprint, which isn’t good for anyone. For Sprint, carrying all that data is more expensive than you probably think. The Everything plans are perfect for giving customers an unmatched value while ensuring they’re on a plan that doesn’t sink our company.

    I don’t understand the logic of someone switching to the iPhone just because they don’t want to step up to a higher priced plan with Sprint. See this article at CNET comparing the cost of an iPhone plan and a Pre plan: As the writer points out, you can get a Pre on a $69.99/month Everything plan that gives you 450 minutes plus unlimited data, texting, navigation, and throws in other stuff like TV and Radio. The equivalent on AT&T is $89.99 and that doesn’t include all the extras. With the employee referral information I provide above, you can get the Sprint price down to $59.99/month, saving $360 per year (and with the employee referral plan, you get another 50 minutes of talk thrown in). That’s real money…

  189. JKC says:

    your last reply is totally on point. I was struggling with that same issue/decision, and finally realized what you wrote above.

    Kudos for all your helpful info too.

  190. Chris says:

    With my plan now I have pick 3 would I be able to keep it if I switched to this plan?


  191. Tyler says:

    Russ…. My current Sprint plan is up and I am looking to upgrade upon the relase of the Pre. I have read that SERO is not an option for the Pre… however as you just said and I have heard elsewhere… the Pre requires an “Everything” plan. Does this suggest that the Everything Plus Referral Program… (which by definition is SERO thanks to you!!!) is a viable option? If so that would be great… I apologize for my confusion hopefully you will be able to clear things up!

  192. Russ says:

    @Chris – I doubt it.

    @Tyler – SERO was a specific plan that was offered up until about a year ago. As other comments on this post have noted, it was about half the price of the Everything Plus plan. Because Everything Plus is also an Employee Referral plan, some people refer to it as SERO.

    The Pre isn’t available with the old SERO plan. As I understand it, it will be available with the current Everything Plus employee referral plan.

  193. […] McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? $59.99 is a great price for 500 anytime minutes and unlimited… everything else Mr. Yoe if you do choose to go to ATT for the iphone you will be paying much more and suffer faulty logic. Welcome to 2009, unlimited data plans no longer cost $30 […]

  194. […] pre for $59.99/mo McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? This may or may not have been posted already… if so… get over it… if not this is how to get […]

  195. […] pre for $59.99/mo McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? This may or may not have been posted already… if so… get over it… if not this is how to get […]

  196. Daniel says:

    Hi Russ,
    I’d like to find out if my current employee discount 23% off will work on Everything Plus plan when I switch to this plan.
    Thank you

  197. Russ says:

    @Daniel – I think I’ve said it before, but maybe I wasn’t clear. Other discounts (including your employee discount) can’t be applied to Everything Plus. You may be better off with your existing discount than with Everything Plus.

  198. Randy says:

    Hi Russ,

    You mentioned in a comment:

    “About a year ago, Sprint replaced that Employee Referral plan with the Everything Plus plan described in this blog post. I would expect the Pre to be available with this plan, although I haven’t heard that specifically stated anywhere.”

    Have you found an update yet? I would like to get the Pre with the everything plus plan for 500 mins, but I’m not sure exactly how to go about it. I sure hope the pre shows up on the everything plus plan website.

    If not, can I walk into the store and ask for this plan in the store?

  199. bdr says:

    Hi, Russ,
    Do you know if the new Sprint MIFI device will be available for purchase through the Everything Plus Plan? I currently have 2 out-of-contract $30 SERO plans using 2 Palm 700p phones. I would like to switch to a single Everything Plus Family Plan ( (2 lines), add the Mobile Broadband plan, purchase 2 Pre phones AND purchase the MIFI unit. If this is possible, what do I need to do? The EP website isn’t showing the Pres nor the MIFI unit at this time. Will the discounts apply to both phones and is there going to be a discount offered on the MIFI device?

  200. galt says:

    When will the Palm Pre be available to new customers who wish to sign up via the Sprint Employee Referral plans (Everything Plus)? Apparently it will not be at launch:

  201. Russ says:

    As I understand it, both the Pre and the MiFi will be available for Everything Plus in the same timing as those products being available on the web.

  202. Chris says:


    When I go through the referral plan, I do not see “pre” as an option in selecting phones?

  203. Russ says:

    @Chris – The Pre is not yet available through any channels. When it is available on Sprint’s website, it should also be available through the referral plan portal.

  204. kate says:

    hi russ-
    just wanted to thank you for posting your info-

    I am on the old SERO plan, started that with my nextel i880-
    I just used your info and purchased a nextel 8350i-
    will this blackberry work with my SERO plan?

  205. […] it’s available now at! (It’s not yet available through Everything Plus, […]

  206. William says:

    Thanks for being honest and letting us know the REAL reason why the old SERO plans are not compatible with the Pre and Instinct due to your loosing money. I thought you made some money on the SERO accounts, but can see why u can’t allow the Pre and high data usage accounts. Maybe one day I can afford the Pre. Until then, thanks for being honest.

  207. Stephen says:

    Howdy, thanks for this information, but I went to and entered your information and i get the following informatin: Access Denied

    You may be trying to access a private offer or shopping area on Please confirm that the link you entered is correct.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1-877-618-5606.

    NOTE: If your computer is running an Antivirus software package, such as Norton Internet Security Pro® or Zone Alarm Pro®, you may choose to follow these steps to adjust your privacy settings to gain access to this website.

    Is there something wrong with the site, or does your information no longer work?

  208. Chris says:


    I have a F&F family plan would I be able to change it to the Everything Plus family plan?

  209. Russ says:

    @Chris – Everything Plus is for new accounts and new lines only. Sorry.

  210. Ram says:

    If i have the Sprint unlimited data pack on my plan and I pay for the plan, can I get my plan on the Pre or is it mandatory that I have to have a simply everything plan? Wish you success with the launch of Pre.

  211. Russ says:

    I think an Everything plan will be required with the Pre. Sorry.

  212. elikem says:


    Thanks I have being with Sprint for almost 10 years and I expect that not to change. Like most people following your blog we are Tech Junkies and Enthusiasts and one thing we would like to see happen at Sprint is a larger portfolio of innovative phones like the G1 and finally the Palm Pre on our network.

    For someone that considers being connected a lifestyle, nothing matters to me more than the availability of phones on a carriers network. Continue to provide more phones like the Pre and lower data rates and you will continue to have the business of many like myself.


  213. Christopher says:

    Dear Russ,
    I recently came across your website. I, like many customers above, am on an older Sprint plan (c. 2002) that has most of the features of the new Everything Data plans at a lower cost. I’d be okay with moving to one of the new Everything Plus family plans (at an increased cost) which would give access to a couple of features, but it appears that this isn’t possible. What if my wife opened a new account under the Everything Plus account? Could we then port our numbers over?

  214. Russ says:

    Christopher – unfortunately, if you’re porting Sprint numbers over, it won’t be viewed as a new account, even if it’s in a different name.

  215. Nick says:


    I was wondering what Sprint’s thought process was when it came to making the Pre unavailable to SERO customers.

    I’m speaking for myself, and a few friends I’ve talked to on this subject, but no phone is worth the added cost. It would cost me a minimum of $1400 to switch to the Pre. That’s $200 for the phone, and a minimum of $50/month to move from sero to another rate plan. If I move to the Everything plan, we’re well over $2,000 just for a phone.

    You’re a businessman, would you make such a switch? So how did your company make such a determination? I’m guessing here, but did you actually sell any Instincts when you tried this on us last year?

    I will not be paying this outrageous amount for a brand new, untested device. Myself and others will probably switch to other carriers out of principle on this one. Now we’ve got the iPhone 3GS drawing us to AT&T…

    Let me be clear that I’ve been a satisfied Sprint customer, but my loyalties only run so deep. I’m with Sprint as long as you still honor sero. If and when that is canceled, I’m gone with it.


  216. Bob says:

    Christopher – there is a way around this. It’s stupid, but works.

    Port your number out to a pre paid carrier like tracfone. You’ll probably pay between $10-$20 for a new phone at walmart. This will automatically close your current sprint account and if you’re under contract you will be charged the termination fee.

    Give the sprint system one to two weeks to purge your account from the system. Then have your wife sign up for a new sprint account, and port your number back from the pre paid phone. This will create new accounts for you.

    (I believe this “backdoor” is not specifically excluded by sprint. Considering you’re trying to spend more money with them and willing to sign a new contract, I would hope they wouldn’t frown on the use of this loophole.)

  217. Russ says:

    @Nick – I think I’ve been clear on this in other comments before. As data usage increases, the old SERO is a money losing offer for Sprint. The Pre is a great phone for surfing the web, using navigation, watching Sprint TV, etc. We expect that folks with a Pre will be heavy data users. It actually is expensive for us to build and operate the wireless networks that support that data use. The more people use, the more it costs us.

    Bottom line, we can’t afford to have Pre users on a $30 plan.

    But, we believe that the Everything plans are a great value. In fact, using a Pre on a Simply Everything Plan will save you over $400 a year compared to using an iPhone on AT&T and even more savings when compared to the same features for a Blackberry on Verizon.

    Throw on top of that the extra savings with Everything Plus (generally another $10/month) and I’d say Sprint is still offering an incredible value for the best mobile experience.

    Yes SERO was an awesome deal – but we can still give you a great deal without losing boatloads of money on each customer.

  218. R.Jackso says:

    Russ, I’ve been looking at the Everything Plus Family Plan and thinking about switching….my question is I am no longer under contract, have a F&C plan which includes 2000 anytime /N&W starting at 6pm,mobile to mobile,unlimited data and txt, picture mail,free roaming on 2 lines for $85.00 plus tax. Since I am no longer under contract would they allow me to switch to that plan….granted I’ll lose 400min.

  219. Russ says:

    Unfortunately, the Everything Plus plan is only for new customers, or those migrating from the old SERO plan. Sorry.

  220. Joe says:

    BTW – I love the Pre, and can’t wait for more apps to come out (and for them to improve the battery life a bit). It has tons of potential.

  221. R.Jackso says:

    Thanks Russ, One last thought though….If I just canceled the service completely since I’m no longer under contract and took both my numbers to say cricket for a month or two since they don’t have contracts would they allow me to come back and port my numbers into this plan at a later date? I can’t see Sprint willing to lose a 11 year customer to save a few busks.

  222. Gary P says:

    Mr. McGuire,

    I think the Everything Plus Referral Plan is a good one, when compared to the other plans out there right now, but not so much when compared to the former SERO plan…but then again, nothing was better than the former SERO plans. That said, it makes no sense to offer this great plan, but not allow people to get the one, exclusive, phone that Sprint has to offer along with the plan.

    I have a plan that the retention department put together for me, and it has unlimited data and texting included, but I cannot get an Instinct or Pre because I do not want to pay twice as much as I am paying now.

    This makes me feel a bit unappreciated as a customer: Being told that a person coming in off the street gets the same offer as I do. Where is the loyalty to me? Telling me that if I want to keep the service I have had for over 5 years, I am limited to the secondary and tertiary level phones, unless I want to spend what someone who never had Sprint service would spend is just not good business.

    It seems as though Sprint has made a corporate decision to try to cut ties with any of the older contracts that are not as profitable as the new ones, through attrition. They are slowly sqeezing people either out of Sprint altogether or over to a more expensive, more profitable plan.

  223. Gary P says:

    As a follow up to my previous comment: Perhaps, if Sprint offered a modest 5-10% discount (on top of any other discounts they may get)off of the “currently” offered plans to any existing customer who switches to a more expensive, current plan, then those customers would feel appreciated.

    Would it be so bad to offer a “loyalty” discount?

  224. ddub says:

    The everything plus looks good to me. Sprint has to start making money somehow. My question is when will i be able to start news service with a Pre on in cause that’s what i’m waiting for.

  225. Russ says:

    ddub – I think it had been hoped to be available by now. I’m guessing it will depend on the inventory situation. Sorry I don’t have a definitive answer for you.

  226. ddub says:

    Russ that’s what I figured. my local store had a 50 person wait list yesterday. But hey at least there’s some demand. Better then no demand. Still disappointing that there are no referral sign ups yet. But i guess i’ll have to wait.

  227. Russell says:

    Seriously all you people moan and complain I want a Pre to and I am on a SERO plan just wait a few months and decide what you want to do. So many people are on Pre waiting lists and the stores are only getting as many as they can. Wait and decide if you want to change plans. You decide to come on and gripe at the Sprint CEO seriously.

  228. ddub says:

    Russell, agreed. The company has to become profitable and it it’s plans don’t make financial sense you can’t expect them to continue. And when you have a popular product you’re going to have to expect shortages. It happened for the Wii too. Me i waited like 9 months for the G1, it wasnt’ good enough i kept waiting for the Pre. A little longer won’t hurt me. Patience is a virtue.

  229. Gary P says:

    Good morning, Mr. McGuire,

    For the most part, I do find the griping to be unreasonable. As I said before, the Everything Plus plans are really good plans, compared to all other carriers; they only fall short comparing them to the older SERO plans.

    My question was one of trying to find a nice middle ground, whereby Sprint can become profitable, by moving people over to current, profitable plans, but still show the appreciation for long time customers.

    So, how about it…why not offer a small 5-10% discount to anyone who switches from a plan that no longer exists to a current plan?

    Win – Win situation.

  230. David says:

    @ Gary

    Why are you constantly complaining??? The new SERO is still ~8% cheaper than the standard plans. IF you want the newest phones pay the price, get a flip phone if you want to keep your old plan.

    This is the middle ground.

  231. Glenn says:

    Russ —

    Do you have any idea if the BlackBerry Tour will be available to Everything Plus customers at first release or will we have to wait longer similar to the Instinct and Pre?

  232. Russ says:

    I’m only guessing here, but it seems like it will be based on supply and demand. As long as folks are on a waiting list waiting for the phone, it won’t be available through Everything Plus. The Tour will be a great phone, but I’ll be surprised if it is as popular as the Pre or the Instinct.

  233. Stavros says:

    Amazed that Sprint allows this many people to sign up under one person! I do have a question though, can I add a line to the Everything plan or do I have to go with the Everything family?

  234. Nawras says:

    i have been with sprint for many years and i have never had a problem with them. not a single one. my cell phone company ever

  235. Mel says:

    My families’ 2 year contract ends on July 1st. As we have been loyal customers would we be eligible for this program? Our current plan will no longer be available. Once our contract ends, wouldn’t we be considered new customers? We don’t mind if we must get new phone numbers. This plan would suit us better than any of the others offered. Thanks for the info

  236. george says:


    Does your email address and CID still valid for entry into the everything plus website? —

    couldn’t gain access today, thanks.

  237. Russ says:

    Stavros – sorry for the delay getting this posted. I’m guessing by “add a line” you mean add a line for something like $20 and share the minutes. The answer is no, because the data part becomes the issue. Unlimited data can translate into significant costs for Sprint. The Everything Family plans are intended to provide the equivalent “add a line” structure.

    Of course (assuming all the normal credit approvals, etc.) you can always sign up for 2 or more separate lines at the full Everything Plus price.

  238. Russ says:

    Mel – sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Everything Plus is for new lines added to Sprint. That means that you can’t move your existing lines to this plan. However, since you’re willing to get new phone numbers, you can cancel your old lines and sign up for new lines under Everything Plus.

  239. Russ says:

    George – over the past year of having this posted, I’ve gotten this question a lot, and every time it works fine when I try it. I’ve been told that the security settings on some computers make it appear to not work, so you might try again from a different computer.

  240. ddub says:

    logging on works fine for me. got excited for a split second when the pre not available didn’t appear on the front page. But alas it’s still not available. boo hoo. lol.

  241. Gus says:

    Russ – Have you found out about any updates on the Tour as it comes closer to release date regarding it being available to Everything Plus customers?


  242. Well, reporting that PRE supply & demand are now balanced…shouldn’t be too much longer!

  243. Shawn says:


    Thanks for having this outlet for customers to ask questions directly. I have one for you that I hope you can answer:

    I understand the logic behind barring the Instinct and Pre, from the old SERO plans. My question is will this continue to be the trend on all new smartphones (Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2, Android, etc) as they become available?



  244. Russ says:

    Thanks Shawn.

    First let me clarify that this isn’t an official Sprint communications channel. I’ve got the disclaimer at the bottom of every page for a reason. Sometimes questions come in here that I take back to my co-workers to get the “official” answer. Sometimes I try to help folks out (through my internal Sprint contacts) who leave a comment about challenges they’re having. I certainly appreciate the feedback and that helps shape the work I do on strategy projects at the company. But most of what you’ll read here is my personal opinion.

    So, to answer your question with my personal opinion… I’m guessing that most data-centric smartphones will require an Everything plan and won’t be available on the SERO plan. These new devices come loaded with applications like Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, etc. and we know that folks with powerful smartphones are going to really use the data functionality.

    From a customer perspective, we don’t want folks to be surprised by a bunch of extra charges when you start using all the features that are right there on your phone but that aren’t included in the SERO plan.

    I know that, from your perspective, you can probably exercise restraint and not use the extra stuff, just messaging and web, and that’s fine because the original SERO included unlimited data, but even if that’s all you do, it’s a problem from Sprint’s perspective. We know what the data usage with these new smartphones is like, so putting one of these devices in the hands of someone only paying $30/month for unlimited data is almost a guarantee that we’re going to lose money every single month on that customer.

    I know I’m going to get more complaints from folks who will say “but Sprint sold me this plan and I had the expectation that I could buy new phones in the future to work with it.” I understand your frustration. But when we offered the SERO plan, devices like this weren’t available and we couldn’t know how much data use would explode when smartphones like these worked their ways into peoples lives. It would be foolish for any business to knowingly set up a whole class of customers that will cause the company to lose money every single month.

    As others have said, the Everything Plus deal is probably the best deal in the industry if you really want one of the new devices. If you can live with less data-centric devices, then folks on the SERO plan hopefully feel blessed to be grandfathered into an incredible deal.

    Although this is disappointing, I’m guessing it’s not a surprise, and I hope you can appreciate the perspective that I’m sharing.

    Thanks again,


  245. Shawn says:


    Thanks for the prompt and candid response. I definitely can understand the perspective you put forth.

    While I’m sure many SERO customers will be dissapointed, we should all be glad for the time we have had.

    I have enjoyed your blog, and look forward to checking out your book sometime.



  246. SherriLynn says:

    WOW! My husband and I were very loyal Verizon users. When he found this blog post of yours, it was a tough decision to make the switch. We even printed out the program and took it to our local Verizon store to ask if they could match it. They couldn’t even come close. Not at this price. I don’t know what this “SERO” plan is that everyone here is talking about, but compared to Verizon for the average customer, this plan ROCKS! Thanks so much for posting and letting us in on it. I just LOVE my new Blackberry! :)

  247. William says:

    I finally made the switch from SERO to Everything Plus. I am a business person too and considering Im a heavy data user, it was a no brainer. This plan is by and far better than ANY OTHER carrier is offering for the price. I am throughly enjoying my new Palm Pre.

    Thanks for the tip for Everything Plus.

  248. John says:

    Is it possible to apply a corporate discount to the Everything Plus Referral Program? I was not able to apply it towards the SERO b/c it was already a heavily discounted plan. However, the Everything Plus Referral Program is only $10 less than a comparable regular plan.

  249. Jed says:


    So as the previous person posted, is it possible to use the “Everything Plus Referral Plan” with the new Palm pre or Blackberry tour? When you go on to the website, the palm pre is listed as currently unavailable on the referral plan and the tour is not listed. I’m currently on the SERO plan and wouldn’t mind moving to an Everything Plus referral if they are eligible with these new great phones.

    Thanks in advance!

  250. Russ says:

    I can’t imagine it will be too long before the Tour is up on Everything Plus. Obviously, it’s in high demand, but not as high as the Pre. The Pre is harder to guess. Eventually they will both be available to new subscribers to Everything Plus. I’ve heard that some current SERO customers have been able to upgrade to the Pre (by switching to Everything Plus) in Sprint retail stores. It might be worth a try. I would NOT recommend new customers going that route.

  251. Russ says:

    John – I think I’ve answered this question before. No other discounts can be applied on top of the Everything Plus. If you have a corporate discount, it might be a better deal than Everything Plus (although Everything Plus is both $10 less AND more minutes :) ).

  252. Gary says:


    You were able to get the Palm Pre with an Everything Plus plan? How did you do it?

  253. […] has just introduced a few more options for the Everything Plus referral plan. These are new “Messaging” offers that don’t include all the […]

  254. Russ says:

    Gary – Existing customers on the old SERO plan won’t be able to get a Pre on the SERO plan, so if they want to upgrade to the Pre, they can switch from SERO to Everything Plus. For now, those are the only folks on Everything Plus with the Pre.

  255. FYI —
    The Pre is now available for purchase at the Everything Plus Referral web site.

  256. […] Palm Pre is now available for new lines of service with the Everything Plus Data plan. Everything Plus is an employee referral program that provides additional savings over […]

  257. vijayan says:

    I like this plan, i’m paying $65 dollars to verizon for handicapped internet on a dare phone with 250 text messeges/mth. If i had your $59/mth plan i would be able to have internet, gps, unlimited texts and 500min anytime/mth. I’m completely envious, i hope you still have this deal when in 1.5 years i’ll end my contract, i may break it early if the palm pre increases in functionality.

  258. […] BIS, Sprint Navigator which is rebranded TeleNav and unlimited texting (SMS + MMS). Go here and use this for the employee e-mail address and the 3 digits. You’ve got a little less coverage than Verizon, […]

  259. Kriss says:

    Russ, i just want to know is you email and cid still effective?

  260. Russ says:

    Kriss – the answer is yes. Please note the “update” at the top of this post, which points to frequently asked questions. I think I already explained this there. I won’t be answering this question again.

  261. Paulgo says:

    I’m not sure if this question has been asked or answered but I need to know; Do you know if i can use GPS on my mogul with the old SERO plan?

  262. Russ says:

    The old SERO plan did not include navigation. I think you can sign up for Sprint Navigation by the day or on a monthly plan.

  263. Will says:

    I am a current Sero plan customer and My GF needed a new phone. She was on AT&T.

    I checked out the new everything Plus and find out its exactly the same as the plans available for regular customers. Is there something Im missing with this? It doesnt look like a good deal and for the price of new plan its comparable to the competition. So why stay with sprint???

  264. Russ says:

    Will – The Everything Plus has a bunch of different options – several individual and several family. The individual $99 Everything Plus plan is the same as the Simply Everything plan that’s available without a referral. All the other individual plans are generally more minutes for about $10 less.

    As for why to stay with Sprint – how about a great network, some great devices, and the best pricing in the industry for those that want to do more than just talk?

  265. Nick says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for this information and for being forthcoming on your blog. You give the insight and information that few Executives at companies give.

    My wife and I have been on the SERO plan for 2 years and plan on upgrading to the Everything Plus in October when our contracts are up. Part of what has kept me interested in staying with Sprint is reading your blog.


  266. Keith says:

    You are doing a great service to the community and I commend your honest and timely responses. Since I first heard of SERO I didn’t think it was real. You have helped answer a lot of my questions and feel confident in my decision. Sprint is coming out with 2 new phones that have sparked my interest…the touch pro2 and the hero. The reason I did not upgrade to the Pre was because Sprint was requiring that all customers get a sep or a referral plan. Do you know if Sprint is requiring the same thing for these two new phones?
    Thanks again for your help

  267. Russ says:

    Sorry Keith, but I really don’t know.

  268. Parker says:

    Russ, here’s my situation:

    I have an iPhone with at&t and my wife has an old Sprint plan with a Centro. I’m interested in coming back to Sprint and the 1600 min. Everything Plus Data Family plan would be ideal for us to share. Obviously, the problem is that my wife is a current Sprint customer. She is currently out of contract, so is our only option to port her number over to my at&t account, then port both our numbers back to Sprint with an Employee Plus Family plan? That seems needlessly complicated.

    I’ve spoken to many different CSRs over the phone and none seem to be able to give me an answer to this question. If the port-out-port-back-to-Sprint method will work, it seems like someone at Sprint would be able to avoid all that hassle and just let us sign up for an Employee Plus Family plan and move my wife’s number over.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.


  269. Colin says:

    Hi Russ,

    First, thanks for your offer here. It’s a great service to people looking to save some money in these tight times, so let me extend an offer of gratitude from a Sprint customer for the past two years. I do have a quick question though that I can’t seem to get any clarification on –

    I am a current Sprint customer that just completed my contract terms last month (no longer under contract). I am interested in signing up for a family plan on the SERO plan, but I can’t seem to find out any information as to whether or not this is possible.

    Can I, as a current Sprint customer, sign up for the SERO plan you offer? I’m happy to sign a new 2 year agreement if it means getting a very competitive plan and phone upgrades for myself and my girlfriend.

    Thanks in advance,

  270. Russ says:

    @Colin – the answer to your question is in the frequently asked questions that are linked at the top of this post. The short answer is no, at this time, these plans are not available to existing Sprint customers.

    @Parker – I know it doesn’t make sense, but I double checked and, unfortunately this policy is firm.

    Sorry to both of you!

  271. Colin says:

    @Russ – thanks for the prompt reply. I did give that FAQ a go (sorry, sometimes I tend to gloss over things :) ) and while disappointing, I understand the reason for offering it only to new customers.

    That said, my girlfriend has never been a Sprint customer. If she signs up through this program for an Everything Plus family plan with two lines, can I cancel my service and start on the new plan with her?

    Thanks again,

  272. Gary P says:


    Will the HTC Hero be available for use with older SERO or other “grandfathered” plans? If you do not know, that is fine. Just wanted to know if I should hold out some hope to get this phone without changing my plan.


  273. Russ says:

    @Colin – Your girlfriend can certainly sign up and you can as well as a new line, you just won’t be able to port your current Sprint number over.

    @Gary P – From what I’ve heard, the Hero will require an Everything Data plan or higher and won’t be available to SERO customers.

  274. Robert S. says:

    Currently I am a Verizon customer. I am interested in the Touch Pro 2. As you know both Sprint & Verizon have the phone. If i were to sign up for your Everything Plus discounted plan @ $59.99 will I still receive the $100 rebate that Sprint offers to new customers that sign up for the 450 minute $69.99 plan?

  275. Russ says:

    Robert S. – you can go into the site here: and see all the pricing on devices (including rebates) before making any commitment.

  276. kyle says:

    Thanks a ton for the info! I am looking to get the hero come oct. But sprint is offering me a $200 credit if I move over to them before the end of the month. I was going to just sign up for a cheap phone with a cheap plan until the hero is released. My question is, once I get the hero will I be able to change my plan and take advantage of these deals? Thanks for your help!

  277. Russ says:

    As I said at the top of this page, please read the frequently asked questions that I’ve linked there.

    The answer is NO, you cannot switch to this plan later. This plan is only for brand new lines of service. Once you sign up on a different plan, you cannot switch to this plan.

    I will no longer answer questions here that I’ve already answered in the frequently asked questions.

  278. Richard says:

    Russ, great blog, thanks so much for letting folks know the important details you have posted, if everyone “else” did this,….well, it would be better for everyone! Anyway, here’s My question, I mainly use prepaid services, from various carriers. It’s a Freedom of choice thing, as I’m sure You can understand. I Don’t like nor want to be locked into any 2 year plan…EVER again. If I am not happy with a particular carriers services, I want to be able to say thanks for allowing me to be your customer, and walk away without having to pay an ETF for the privilege to discontinue services that I pay for. My question is, verizon and USCC have told me, and I have proven it to be true, from usage of their services, IF I purchase My Phone @ full price, from You/them or an outside source, and then sign up for your “Everything” Plan, am I obligated to sign the 2-year agreement and be “locked” into it, or may I simply pay the required Bill for service, and be able to walk away IF I should choose to do so, WITHOUT an ETF?. My point is, I have had service with USCC for many years, and when I would purchase my phone, paying full retail price, and put it in service, I received a post-paid plan (contractual) type of plan/service without having to pay ANY ETF, if/when I chose to discontinue service. It’s also been true for Verizon service. Any feedback on this, will be greatly appreciated, as I would Love to become a Sprint customer, and experience your wonderful services/plans/phones.

  279. Russ says:


    Thanks for the comment. As I understand it, all of our plans currently have a 2 year commitment. I appreciate the feedback, though.


  280. Richard says:

    Well, I appreciate your info/blog none the less. I might still consider a 2 Year (shuddering) agreement with Sprint, just for the perks of the plan. I am curious, if you could Honestly tell me this, is the Phone As Modem a part of this Everything Data Plan, everyone’s buzzing about? I mean with 3G, a good handset is just almost as good as an add on aircard, at least with some anyway. and honestly browsing the web, on an even decent sized phone screen, is an eye strainer at best. and all the other carriers have insane/overpriced data plans, most with a 5GB cap, then accruing overage charges that can be astronomical, if one doesn’t closely monitor their usage. I think Data, nowadays is as equally important for some, as voice/texting, especially with all the extremely capable phones out/coming out. I’ve already used about 25MBS, in the past 1-1/5 hours, just reading the blogs/forums I am so fond of, the more I read, the more I learn. And I spend several hours a day reading up on things, while tethered on my current carriers service/phone. Mainly, since the phone I use, would never compare to my Big monitor. I am somewhat disabled, so the web is a grand outlet for me to learn about whats going on in the world.

  281. Russ says:


    The Everything plans do not include phone as modem. The Everything Plus referral plan program does include a broadband option though – $49.99/month. This does have the same 5GB cap as other broadband plans across the industry, or alternatively, a 3G/4G plan for $69.99. If you are in an area covered by Sprint’s 4G network, not only do you get incredible performance, but you get unlimited usage (4G only).

    But, unless you’re doing lots of multimedia, the 5GB cap probably isn’t much of a problem. Think about it, 5GB is like 1,000 5MB photo uploads or downloads in a month.

  282. Glenn says:

    Russ —

    Will the Any Mobile, Anytime feature be included with the Simply Everything Plus rate plans?


  283. Russ says:

    Glenn – if you log in to the Everything Plus site using my credentials, you’ll see that the Everything Plus Data plans are identified as including Any Mobile, Anytime.

  284. Scott says:

    Russ: Thank you for being available for comment. My question is on the impact Boost and other all-you-can use pre-paid programs for a flat fee and how that impacts your future services. I realize the issues with GPS, Maps, and TV services–you have to pay for that–but I am sure there are a lot of folks like me that don’t really use that stuff anyway. It sure would be nice if Sprint had a $50 unlimited talk, text, and 1 gb of web a month so you can do email and MMS (the other services would be blocked). With a $199 pre and a price like boost’s I would consider switching from my existing unlimited talk,text, and 20mb service for $40 (total) to Sprint…just for the handset.

  285. Russ says:

    Scott – Boost Unlimited is our offer in this price range. No, it doesn’t have all the cool stuff (like the Pre), but it’s a great offer. Meanwhile, for those that do want a great smartphone on a great network, there’s no better deal out there than the Pre on either Everything Data (especially with the Everything Plus deal) or Simply Everything.

  286. Mark says:


    You mentioned in a response to Gary that the “Hero” will be offered only in conjunction with Everything plans. I do not understand; all previous HTC phones, including the very expensive and loaded Touch Pro 2, do not have such restrictions; why the “Hero”? Thanks.

  287. Russ says:

    @Mark – I don’t have any role within Sprint in device decisions or decisions about the employee plans. I’m just like any other employee as it relates to those. I just happen to share my information here so that the employee referral plan is available to readers of my personal blog, and I do my best to answer questions that get asked here. So, to answer your question, I don’t know.

  288. Shahriar says:

    Hi Russ:

    I am a long time SERO customer, and I have a few suggestions to get you more customers:

    iPhone is very popular, but Sprint can use the newly released HTC Touch Pro2 as a better device than the iPhone 3GS. Touch Pro2 is expected to get a free upgrade to wm6.5, which will be released in early Oct 2009. The problem with the Touch Pro2 is its horrible price of $350 after all the discounts. The 16GB iPhone 3GS goes for $199, and the Touch pro2 come with only a 1GB microSD card. Moreover, Verizon is selling Touch Pro2 for $200. Sprint is known for competitive deals, so why doesn’t Sprint lower the price of Touch Pro2 to compete with ATT’s iPhone and Verizon’ Touch Pro2?

    Many pda owners like me like to be current on technology, so $350 is too much for a wm6.5 phone that I want to keep for 1 year until new phones with wm7 come out next year. Please tell whoever is in charge of marketing strategy to lower the price of Touch Pro2 to compete with Verizon and advertise this phone as better than the iPhone.

    By the way, I like to keep my SERO plan with the new phones, but I along with many other SERO customers would be happy to sign up for another two year contract. So please let your marketing guys know about my comments.

  289. Shahriar says:

    Hi Russ: How about another Everything Plus Plan in which for

    1) For $50, customer gets $1000 anytime minutes and unlimited data plus all the rest that come with Everything Plus Plan

    2) For $80, customer gets the regularly priced $99 Simply Everything plan throught the Everything Plus Plan’s website. In other words, 20% discount off the Simply Everything plan.

  290. Russ says:

    Shahriar – thanks for the input. On the E+ ideas, our pricing team has a deep understanding of the economics of our network and our business. We have to be careful not to set pricing at a level that is money losing for Sprint, or before long we’d be out of business and I don’t think that’s your intent. We have been very aggressive with our pricing – have you taken a look at the Everything Plus Data plan including Any Mobile, Anytime? If you only call other mobile phones, it looks a lot like your suggestion #2 (but at a lower price).

    Given your suggestions, you obviously appreciate the value of data and doing more than just talk. We believe we have the best pricing in the industry for folks like you.

  291. […] on the issues with Dells Business to Consumer blog. I did find a blog that does it right though. McGuire’s law which is the blog of Vice President of Strategy at Sprint, Russ McGuire. This is presented as his […]

  292. Bill says:

    Russ, I have tried to sign up on the EPRP link and when I put in my zipcode, it says that this offer isn’t available for my area. I was under the impression that this was available for everyone. Is there any insight that you can offer to me?
    I am looking to switch from Verizon to Sprint with the upcoming Hero release. I am just trying to decide if I want to pay the ETF for Verizon.

  293. ron says:

    Russ, if I was to get the everything data plan, can i still get a dsicount from my employer? like if i work for target or something?

  294. Russ says:

    ron (and others) the first line on this page is “Update: See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.”

    Please do so.

  295. Russ says:


    When Sprint first started building our nationwide network, we realized we couldn’t go nationwide fast enough, so we signed up affiliates to build out parts of the network. As I understand it, these businesses are their own business within their territory, although they are allowed to use the Sprint brand, can sell the Sprint handsets, and generally agree to offer the Sprint national plans. As I understand it, they build the network and operate the “Sprint” stores in their territory, so that Sprint customers can have a seamless experience wherever they go and their customers similarly can have a seamless experience everywhere. These are complex arrangements with lots of subtleties in the relationship that I will never understand and couldn’t accurately represent (so no one should take my description here as representing Sprint’s official understanding of it). Over time, Sprint has acquired many of these affiliates into the core Sprint operation, but there are still a few out there that continue to support Sprint in this symbiotic relationship. I’m guessing you live in one of those territories.

    Although the affiliates support Sprint’s national plans, they do not need to support the highly discounted plans for Sprint’s employees and their friends and families. Obviously, these plans are less profitable than the non-discounted plans that these businesses support. As businesses, obviously, they need to consider what makes business sense for them.

    If you live in their territory, they are the ones who will provide you with service. Sprint cannot provide you this service, and therefore, Sprint can’t offer you this plan that they don’t support.


  296. Robert says:

    I am currently a AT&T customer, family plan/four lines, and am looking at Sprint as a new provider. The problem is the phone prices are too high. Can I get the everything employee plans through Best Buy. Best Buy has better prices on Sprint phones.

  297. Russ says:

    Robert – unfortunately not. Everything Plus is only available online. However, you may be eligible for a discount through your employer, have you checked? Sometimes, employee discounts are even greater than the Everything Plus savings.

  298. Gary says:


    Wow. I understand that the Hero is going to be compatible with the Everything Plus plans. I have a quick question for you. Will the phone be compatible with older plans that have the Data Pro Pack added to it? Thanks.

    Again, kudos on the release of the Hero. I really want to get one.

  299. Mike says:

    Russ, thanks for the blog, I appreciate that it’s not often someone as high up in a company will personally respond as you have. I understand the older SERO people’s pain at the change in plan costs, but profitability is required for the company to continue, and I understand the shift towards data plans and support it.

    Now some history so you understand where my questions are coming from. I am a Helio customer, shifted from an out of contract Verizon customer just for their phone (Ocean) but I was willing to go into a contract with Helio due to the service availability (Sprint and roaming on Verizon), and have been a happy customer for 3 years now on their (now your) unlimited data plan. But it’s time to upgrade again and have been looking at the Samsung Moment on Sprint compared with the Droid on Verizon (I’m a keyboard guy).

    Sprint wins hands down on total costs of ownership in a 2 year contract with your network, but I’m hesitant to lock back into a contract unless I can get two questions answered that no-one seems to be able to.

    I want to hear that Sprint wants, and is going to require; their Android phones software to be updated, (ala 1.5 or 1.6 to 2.0) I’ve heard some buzz on the HTC Hero, but nothing on the Samsung Moment. I’m worried that phones will be left to languish – so customers are forced to buy newer phones because the ones they bought on contract are outdated. And we all know how fast technology changes.

    Second, I would like to know if the Moment can roam on other providers DATA networks (I know about keeping the roaming down to under 50% levels) but the biggest problem I’ve had with my current phone is it works great on Sprint for Data and Voice, but when it does occasionally roam, it only gets voice, no Data.

    I’m looking at upgrading my phone/service and joining the Sprint family officially, because I’ve been using the network for 3 years and like it.


  300. Russ says:

    @Mike – The Moment has been out just over a week, so nothing’s been announced about upgrades. But it seems like David Owens’ comments indicate that OS upgrades are coming:

    As far as data roaming, I think your experience was due to Helio being an MVNO. Data roaming is included in the Everything plans. You might find this page helpful: Click on the Data… tab and then click on the View Details links to see what works and what doesn’t when roaming.

  301. William B says:


    I switched from the Pre to the Blackberry Tour a few months ago. The reason was the Pre didn’t seem sturdy enough to last the 2 years required for my service agreement. It felt too weak and fragile, and I didn’t want it to break in my 2 years I would be bound to the device.

    Just wanted to let you know my experience. I have been a sprint supporter for a while and plan on staying you for a while. I enjoy your competitive prices and SUPERIOR customer service.

    Your team has ALWAYS worked out any issue I had and made me a happy customer.


  302. Gerard says:

    I have seen a lot of people with the Sero 500 plan on here regarding the doubling of the SERO price to go the E+ plan, and I have read your responses. What insight would you give me, a person who has the SERO 1250 (1250 minutes) paying $49.99/mth that would lose 750 mins and have to pay $10 more to go the E+ plan? Does that seem like a very logical, clear-minded move? To pay an extra $10 to lose a very great cushion of 750 mins? That’s like I would be paying Sprint to take these this minutes off my hand because I don’t need them right now.

    My biggest concern is going over my minutes. If on the E+ plan (500) I should hit my 1250 minutes, I would have to pay Sprint over $330 more on top of the monthly extra $10, as oppose to just my regular SERO cost now. Just thinking about that really hurts. Granted I may not always go to 1000 min or even 1250, but to know that I had that cushion and I never had to “Minute Watch” has been one of the best reason I LOVE SERO.

    I have an idea that may be a great marketing ploy for Sprint. If Sprint came up with a way to have some sort of Emergency Minutes (150-300/mth) that can be set aside and used when someone accidentally goes over their minutes, then the E+ plan would work for me as I feel that it work for others. Their not necessarily rollover minutes, but minutes that would made available in case you didn’t check your minutes that month. They would expire every month just like the remainder of your regular minutes. You can even charge $5/mth for this service and make it available to your loyal SERO customers or to everyone.

    BTW, I think that you handling this blog has probably been one of the best things that Sprint could have done to let people know that their concerns are being heard. That their ideas may even be passed on and maybe implemented someday.

  303. Russ says:


    First, thanks for the feedback and the idea.

    To answer your question, obviously, if I were you I wouldn’t change plans to E+ unless there was something I wanted that I couldn’t get with SERO, and then I’d have to weigh the cost versus how badly I wanted it.

    One thing to remember is that the Everything Plus Data plan includes Any Mobile, Anytime. That means that all the minutes of calls you make to other cellphones (in the US) don’t count against your bucket of minutes. Do you have a sense for how much of your usage each month is calling folks on their landline vs. mobile and could you even shift that?



  304. […] posted his email information on his public blog as well as his last 3 digits of his Employee ID) Email: Last 3 digits of employee ID: 383 With this, you can get 500 […]

  305. Sam says:

    Well I finally moved from Sero to Everything Plus and I just want to say that I for one, feel the customer service from when I signed up til now has improved dramatically.

    When I called I was ready to fight. I wanted a Hero, and I wanted it on my existing plan. I talked to a sales agent in Sarnia Canada (Kim) who treated me with respect, and listened to my concerns about the difference in plan. Somehow she sold me on this, and this might help out some die hard Sero people. I added another line for me at the 59.99 rate–and let’s face it–with or without Sero–no company beats that. I gave the $30 plan to my son. Break that down and it’s $45 a line. My son doesn’t need all the fancy phones, and it turns out, there’s still loads of phones that DO work. She wasn’t pushy or rude, didn’t treat me like I was silly for wanting to save money. It also helped that she was a FOUNTAIN of knowledge about phones. She just found the option that she could work with and that I might work with. So I just wanted Russ to know that she was fantastic, I actually found this blog looking for some way to thank her to the higher ups. I guess you are one of those!

    Her id was nu463547, if you could train all your employees as well as this young lady was trained, you’d steal customers from every company without even having cheaper plans! I’ll be CALLING sales from now on, if only to be sure I’m getting the right phone.

  306. IDunnoMyName says:

    Mr. McGuire,

    I am a current Sprint subscriber with two SERO accounts. From the time I made the switch from Verizon two years ago until now, I can honestly say that all facets of my experience with Sprint have improved. The customer service is noticeably more attentive and accessible. The call quality has been augmented greatly – whereas I previously would have to roam onto Verizon’s network when using my handset in some areas, I now experience no interruption of service whatsoever. In summary, I am very happy that I switched to Sprint and commend the current leadership on a job well done.

    That being said, I am sure that Sprint is missing a huge opportunity to better position itself in the market by continuing to restrict SERO subscribers. Obviously I do not have access to the data that you do, but based on forum feedback and anecdotal discussion, it appears that SERO customers like myself are more than likely to be early adopters. Yet, when new products come out – like the Instinct and the Pre – they are the ones precluded from adopting, hindering overall sales of these phones and painting Sprint in a negative light. For example, Sprint is being blamed for the failure of the Pre and Pixi to gain market share for Palm, making it unlikely for them and other companies to offer innovative products exclusively through your organization.

    I understand that data-centric devices like the Pre require additional bandwidth and resources , in turn necessitating the levy of additional fees. But I can’t help but feel that there has to be some obvious and mutually beneficial middle ground between the current options available to SERO customers. Would it not b e prudent to allow existing SERO customers – who otherwise are not going to upgrade their phones and who are not going to drive Sprint revenue– the option of paying an additional monthly fee to upgrade to a phone of their choosing? A cursory look at the current pricing models would show that $10 a month would probably be a good compromise.

    In any case, thank you for reading my rant and for continuing to gauge the feedback from your customers.

  307. […] Originally Posted by ztmike How is $69.99 the same price as $59.99? Its cheaper for you because you are getting a discount. For someone that can’t get a discount they would be paying more with Sprint than with T Mobile. Why is this so hard to understand? The only "extra" feature you get with the closet Sprint plan to T Mobiles $59.99/month plan is Sprints $69.99 plan is free any mobile to mobile calling, which is under Sprints "Everything Data" plan but also comes with 50 less anytime minutes than T Mobiles plan. Anybody can sign up for Sprint Everything Plus referral plan. For $59.99, you get 500 minutes, Any mobile any time, unlimited data, unlimited text, night at 7pm etc.. with subsidy. So yes, Sprint is the better deal. McGuire’s Law Blog Archive Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? […]

  308. Shahriar Moghadam says:

    Hi Russ:

    Is there anyway for you to get HTC to let the customers choose which operating system (wm6.5 or Android) to have on the upcoming Sprint EVO 4G? Whoever that wants wm6.5 can pay HTC the extra fee to HTC for the wm6.5/HTC Sense operating system to download the ROM for it.

    I love wm6.5 because it can do a lot more than any other mobile operating system for business applications, and wm6.5 with HTC Sense would just be great for a capacitive touch screen device like the EVO 4G.

    By the way, it would be nice if HTC EVO 4G can also be made into an world phone like the Sprint Touch Pro2 in case users want to travel internationally and want to use their EVO phone. Thank you.

  309. Russ says:


    Thanks for the input. I’m not in the device group, but I think that there are generally different phone models with different operating systems. I’m guessing that means there are specific systems requirements for each OS so that it’s more than just loading the ROM, but I could be wrong.

    I do know, however, that our international phones do require different engineering, since they must have different radios supporting the different spectrum frequencies used around the world, so again, I think we’d be talking about a different device.

    Thanks again,


  310. […] No carrier is perfect. People are so brainwashed by Verizon’s marketing. They think any other carriers sucks. My coworker thinks that since I have Sprint that my coverage blows, my data is a lot faster than his and he can’t even get signal inside our work elevator. I live in SoCal and I get coverage 99% of the time, the few times I lose signal is out in the middle of nowhere, where no one have coverage. If you live in a big city I think you’ll be fine with any of the big 4. Also, you can get cheaper rates by signing up for everything plus. McGuire’s Law Blog Archive Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? […]

  311. Gary says:


    Will the new Evo be allowed to be purchased on this plan. The fam and I are currently on Verizon, and the EVO and the pricing are the best that I have seen.



  312. Russ says:


    New devices have generally been available for Everything Plus customers, although sometimes that availability lags somewhat, dependng on supply vs. demand (making sure there’s enough inventory for customers on non-discounted plans before opening it up to discounted plans). Check the Everything Plus site on June 4 and come on over to the NOW Network!


  313. Gary says:

    Thanks Russ,

    We are defiantly coming over to you all, Cant wait for the HTC EVO.

    I will check on the 4th. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  314. […] and CID. Nothing sneaky or backdoor – this guy wants us to use it, and he’s the VP at Sprint. McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? I’m sure it’s old news – you probably just want it right away, dontcha? I don’t blame […]

  315. Cathy McManus says:


    I cannot get the lonk to work!

  316. Cathy McManus says:

    I mean link!!!

  317. Russ says:


    It seems to be working fine for me:


  318. 1Canuck says:

    FYI the SAVE50 code doesn’t work for this phone, too bad…but just thought I’d let you and the others know about this :) Thanks for the info Russ!

  319. 1Canuck says:

    Oops, in my above comment I didn’t mention that I was referring to the HTC Evo 4G phone. Sorry for that oversight.

  320. Jeremy says:


    Is it possible to sign up for the E+ Individual plan and then change it to the E+ Share/Family plan later when I want to add another phone/line?

    I apologize if you’ve already answered this in one of your other posts.

  321. Russ says:


    Assuming all the lines are new lines to Sprint, then yes, no problem.



  322. Russ says:

    When it comes time to make the change from individual to family plan, you can contact the Everything Plus care team:
    Care Information
    Call (888) 876-8381
    Sunday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. (Eastern time)
    Monday to Saturday – 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. (Eastern time)

    Also, there’s a FAQ for existing Everything Plus customers at (look on the right, near the top).

  323. Kanav says:

    Has there been anything new about sprint letting customers on the Everything Plus use a Corporate Discount yet? I would probably switch over to this, with 3 lines, within a week if we can.

  324. Russ says:

    Kanav – nothing that I’ve heard.

  325. Doyle says:

    Well in case it was computer problem here it is again. I was invited by a sprint employee to join the everything plus plans. I was given a email address and cid number. It wouldn’t let me join it. I went to buy the new HTC Evo phone and needed to upgrade my plan. I told the customer rep I wanted the Everything Plus Data Family plan. She said it was only for employees. So I didn’t buy the phone. I went home and called a sprint rep again and told them i wanted to switch to the Everything Plus Data Family. She said it was discontinued. So i went online and talked to a sprint rep in chat at and they said i could change to that plan and gave me a phone number to call. I called the number and the sprint rep said no problem we can do that and transfered me to the Everything Plus Department. The sprint rep there said it is only for new customers and if I wanted it I would have to leave sprint for at least 45 days and then come back and start a new account. So i ended up with 5 different answers:

    1. Only for Sprint employees
    2. Discontinued as of January 2010
    3. We can change your plan but not in chat
    4. The Reps at the Referral Plus program can change your plan.
    5. Its only for new customers

    I have been with Sprint close to 13 years and have shown my loyalty. Why can a new customer get a better plan then me. All I’m trying to do is get the plan I need so I can get the New HTC Evo phone. And the best plan is the Everything Plus Data Family, that way I can keep my bill under 130 dollars a month. I see people all the time on forums getting 15% to 25% off. Why is it a customer like myself can’t get a decent discount or a good plan.
    Thank You

  326. Russ says:

    Doyle – First, thanks for being a loyal customer and I apologize for your frustration.

    The Everything Plus plan is an online offer for new lines of service. Since it’s an online offer, other channels won’t be familiar with it. It is an offer specifically intended to bring new customers to Sprint. You can read my FAQ on Everything Plus here:

    We have different programs for loyal customers like you. Have you checked out the Sprint Premier program?

  327. Les says:

    Hi Russ,

    I am delighted to have discovered this site, and the discount. I am currently with Tmobile (not on contract), and seriously considering switching to Sprint.

    However, because I have never ordered cell phone service or phones online before (always in the carriers storefront), and I am assuming that in order to take advantage of this special – it has to be done online. I have a couple of questions;

    1) I am very interested in the upcoming Galaxy S Epic, do I need to wait until it’s released on August 31st/Sept. 1st, in order to signup with Sprint, and take advantage of the discount?

    2) Since I am with Tmobile now (for past 8 years), I want to keep my number, will this be an issue to do online?

    Thank you for your time in advance. :)


  328. Russ says:


    1. Yes, I believe you must wait until the phone is released and available.

    2. There’s no problem with keeping your number. You’ll be asked that as part of the signup process.


  329. Doyle says:

    I just love how they remove post that they dont want other Sprint customers to see. Thanks for the censorship.

  330. Russ says:


    This isn’t a public forum and it’s not a Sprint site. It’s my personal blog. There are generally four reasons I don’t “approve” comments. Note, these are comments on my posts, not new posts by themselves – this is my blog, not a public forum. Also note that I don’t approve them, which means they never were posted – they weren’t “posted” and then “removed”.

    The four reasons:

    1. Obvious spam. Most of this gets caught automatically and I never see it.

    2. Simple ranting against me or Sprint. This isn’t the place for that. Save it for the public forums. If there’s nothing constructive being added to the conversation, then I don’t see any reason to publish it here. I pay a monthly fee out of my own pocket for storage and bandwidth – I’m not going to subsidize folks griping against me personally when I’m trying to be helpful, or against my employer.

    3. When someone has a specific issue that’s better dealt with offline. For example, yesterday someone said “I have this device with these problems and I’m trying to get it resolved. Can you help?” Instead of approving that as a comment, I sent it to our executive care group to get it resolved.

    4. When someone is raising a point that I want to understand better before just letting it hang out there without a meaningful response from me. In this case, I send a follow-up question to the poster to get clarification using the e-mail address they submitted with the comment. Note that if they used a fake e-mail address, I never get a response and so the comment never gets approved. (For example, Doyle, you posted this same comment twice, but using two different e-mail addresses. Is either one real?)

    I’m trying to be helpful. I’m sorry that you can’t appreciate that.

  331. Mark says:

    Sorry. Hit wrong button and submitted comment early… My point was. For more and better wireless services, most of us are happy to pay more. My only gripe is that I hope the 4G will be available in my market (Denver) by the time October 1st rolls around. I for one am happy to pay the extra $10 for 4G… but $10 extra for 4G service that does not even exist in my area, and thus will be unused by me is a little hard to swallow. Thanks again for all of the info and transparency.

  332. Jackie says:

    Hello Russ, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to get the EPRP and I had a couple of questions but they have been answered reading the other posts…I will be switching from T-Mobile to Sprint and am getting the Samsung Epic, so excited to get it! I had concerns with having to get a new number but I called CS and was told when I get my phone not to turn it on and call Sprint up in order for them to port my number. I have two questions you may be able to answer, is the Samsung Epic going to be available at 12 Midnight online or at 7AM when Sprint business opens? Lol…My 2nd question is in relation to the porting thing, my friend switched from T-Mobile to Sprint recently and he was asked for his A/C # and PIN for T-Mobile…I called T-Mobile and asked them if I had a PIN # associated with my account and they said no, does this affect the porting? Thank you!

  333. Les says:

    Hello again Russ,

    Thank you for answering my last post on Aug 18th, and for taking the time to run this site. :)

    I was wondering if you knew why the Unlimited plan for $99 isn’t discounted to $89? As the other 2 plans are discounted by $10 less, so naturally I was curious as to why the Unlimited plan wasn’t as well.

    Thx again – Les~

  334. Russ says:


    Sorry – I don’t know the answer on what time the Epic will be on sale online.

    I’m surprised that T-Mobile doesn’t have a PIN associated with your account, but if there is no PIN, then I’m guessing you won’t have any problem moving the number.


  335. Russ says:


    I’ve wondered the same thing ever since the Everything Plus plans were introduced. I’ve always assumed its because the Simply Everything plan is such a great deal already.


  336. Ed says:

    Hi Russ,

    Thanks for the great discussion concerning Sprint Sero on your blog. I have a question concerning WM7. I apologize if someone has already asked this as I searched it and did not find anything. Will WM7 phones be considered a iconic phone or will they be available on the normal $30 SERO plan? Thanks for your help and keep up the great work.

  337. Russ says:


    Sorry, but I don’t know the answer. I don’t think Sprint has even announced any WM7 phones yet. It may depend on the specs of each device, so it’s possible there might be different answers for different models.


  338. Robert says:

    I got a letter saying that I will have to pay an additional $10 a month for Blackberry BIS service. Currently, I don’t use the service and don’t have the correct BIS Service Books on my phone to use it. If I am going to be charged $10 on October 1st, is Sprint going to send the Service Book to my phone so I can use BIS service?

    Blackberry Tour User

  339. Russ says:


    This link looks helpful to answer your question:


  340. Gregory says:

    What about early phone upgrades for us Sero users that want to upgrade to the $50 a month Sero Premium plan? Most of us are using legacy devices like the HTP Touch Pro 2 or the buggy Palm Centro.


  341. […] Unlimited Talk is going to be hard to get at a low rate. My recommendation to you is the Sprint Everything Data plan. It has unlimited text and data, but not unlimited minutes. BUT, it has true unlimited mobile to mobile calling, which is unmatched by any other service. Given that you’re a college student, most the people you talk with probably have cell phones, so this would probably suit your needs. The cost is $69.99. You can get it for $59.99 by following the instructions here: McGuire’s Law ? Blog Archive ? Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus? […]

  342. Russ says:

    Gregory – upgrade timelines are what they are. It’s hard enough for Sprint to make back the subsidy on SERO plans without accelerating them. Sorry.

  343. Charlie says:

    Hi Russ,
    I wanted to note that this is a great forum and I appreciate the fact that you are taking the initiative to address general Q&A where most companies would hide behind their CSRs “canned” responses.

    My question is relating to Sprint (and Clearwire’s) 4G WiMAX roll-out. I live in the Phoenix, AZ metro area and recently upgraded to the HTC Evo on a Family Share Data Plan. I’m disappointed to learn that numerous markets have been recently introduced, most of which are a lot smaller than the Phoenix, AZ area.

    From the latest statistics, Phoenix is the 5th largest metro area in the U.S. by population, yet Sprint nor Clearwire have announced any plans to roll-out 4G WiMAX here. Can you comment on when Phoenix, AZ is targeted for this upgrade? If not, can you communicate to the appropriate personnel that the Sprint community here is eagerly awaiting it, which can be evidenced by the multitude of Sprint forum users’ comments (just do a Google search of “Phoenix Sprint 4G”. I feel if we’re paying for the $10 premium content, we should have an expectation of knowing when we’re truly going to receive what we’re paying for.

  344. Derek says:


    If I start out and select the 500 Everything Plus plan, is it possible to switch to the 1000 plan or Simple Everything plan at a later date? Or if I do will I be relegated to the regular non-employee referral plans? If I can then can I at any time or only after 12 months or some other period?


  345. zachary volk says:

    ok i have a 25% discount from my employer, can switch to the $109 family plan and still get my 25% discount on top of that?

  346. Russ says:


    At the top of this post is a request that you read the frequently asked questions before asking questions.

    One of those frequently asked questions is “Can I use my corporate discount with Everything Plus?”

    And the answer is “No. No other discounts can be applied on top of the Everything Plus savings. It’s possible that your corporate discount will provide a better deal for your specific needs than Everything Plus. Do the math and choose the best plan for you.”

    So the answer is “no.” Please read the frequently asked questions next time.



  347. Russ says:


    You also make reference to “switching” to the family plan and “keeping” your discount. Everything Plus is only for new lines of service. If you already have service from Sprint, you can’t switch to Everything Plus (unless you’re switching from a SERO plan).


  348. Shahriar says:

    Hi Russ

    I used to buy music at Sprint Music Store online using my Windows Mobile phones. I softreseted my HTC Mogul and HTC Touch Pro a few times. Because Sprint Music files have Digital Rights Management (DRM) attached, my device required to download DRM of the song each time that I hardreset the phones.

    I purchased a new HTC Touch Pro2 from Sprint Store recently, but Sprint music store would not let device to download the DRMs of the songs anymore because apparently people are only limited to three computer downloads. However, I have the songs on my microSD card, they only needed the DRM code.

    Technical support told me that I have to re-purchase them even though it is for the same account and same user. That is a ridiculous policy. So I got them to refund my purchases for all the songs that I have ever ordered from Sprint, and from now on, I will buy MP3 downloads from because they have no DRMs on their downloads, and they have same prices as Sprint Music store.

    Why do you have this ridiculous DRM policy? When people upgrade their devices or hard reset them, they should not have to re-purchase their music. You have lost my business for the music store until the DRM is removed from songs! Please consider doing what Amazon does.

  349. Maverick says:

    Mr. McGuire,

    I’ve read the intro to the Everything Plus Referral Program Shoppers after logging in with your email and CID and this is what it reads:

    Thank you for visiting Everything Plus. Please note that this website is now only available to new Sprint customers or existing Sprint customers adding a new line of service.

    That is verbatim on the page and that being the case I as an existing sprint customer should be able to switch to this plan by adding an additional line of service. So now that that’s been cleared up moving on to my first question which is when I make the switch will I be able to transfer the current discount of 19.50 applied to the monthly billing.

    My second question is as a sprint employee would you know if a Sprint Premier Customer benefits include waive of additional monthly fee for additional line of service, please see link:
    namely a third line as described in the above link by user: newcster86, and if so will it be automatic or do we need to ask for it.

    Your assistance is appreciated.

  350. Russ says:


    Yes, as an existing customer you can add an Everything Plus line. You cannot transfer your existing line(s) to Everything Plus. And, as I’ve explained several times, including the frequently asked questions link this post asks you to read, no additional discounts can be applied to Everything Plus lines.

    I have no idea what is being referenced by newcster86 in that Community post. No one can get a new line (especially with an EVO) that doesn’t carry additional monthly fees.

    Thanks for being a customer,


  351. Richele says:

    Thank you for making the information on the Sprint Employee Referral Program available. We are longtime Alltel/Verizon customers (13 years+) who transferred to Sprint today on the Everything Plus Family Data Plan. We not only will gain services (data and messaging plus more shared minutes) on our 5 lines, but will be saving money as well. We started the process online but ended up calling in with questions. Our customer service experience was top notch. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Sprint. Thank you again!

  352. dave says:

    I think this plan is amazing. I have just signed u for this plan a couple of days ago. I have been a customer with AT&T for the past 3 years. I was eligible for an upgrade and I told them I was interested in a Blackberry and getting unlimited messaging and data. They said that with the features I wanted my bill would be over $100 dollars a month. The Everything Plus plan I signed up with for $59.99 a month is by far the best plan out there on ANY carrier. A lot of people are complaining on these messages but just look what other plans are out there with the features included in the Everything Plus plan and I will GUARENTEE you will not find anything close to it.

  353. lostphish says:

    Russ, trying to get a friend in a different state signed up via you nfo.
    Problem is somehow (I’m waiting to hear how) it wanted to transfer her existing number and said it couldn’t – she was called by service whom said you (sprint employe) Personally would have to do it signed in for her. Seems like a huge error there
    Any ideas?

  354. lostphish says:

    Oh, answered my own question reading two posts up
    That’s what I had told her (didn’t think she could transfer and where was it asking for that anyway) — waiting to hear back from her so I thought I would ask here.

  355. Russ says:

    lostphish – if she’s a current Sprint customer, then you’re right – she can’t transfer her existing line into the Everything Plus program. But, if she’s currently with someone else, she can bring her existing (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, etc.) phone number with her into the program.

  356. Shahriar says:

    Hi Russ:

    I like to see the iPhone on Sprint. I am getting tired of HTC phones like my Sprint Touch Pro2 because HTC phones have software issues that HTC does not bother to fix on a regular basis like the Apple does for all their iPhones.

  357. Shahriar says:

    Hi Russ:

    For 4G Sprint customers on the Now Network, voice is handled on the older-generation technology (1X) while data gets priority on 4G, but if a customer moves into a 3G-only coverage area, they won’t have simultaneous connections.

    Fortunately, Wallstreet Journal is reporting that according to said Brad Shewmake, spokesman for the CDMA Development Group, a solution that will allow CDMA 3G networks to carry voice and data simultaneously will become commercially available in the first half of next year. Called SVDO, the new CDMA protocol wouldn’t require expensive network hardware upgrade, though individual handsets would need to be built specifically for SVDO compatibility, meaning existing handsets won’t be able to multitask.

    I would love to see sprint with simultaneous voice and data on its 3G network too because 4G uses a lot of battery so customers usually turn it off and use it only when they are doing heavy internet stuff. However, programs like Sprint navigation could really use simultaneous voice and data on 3G network as well because when we are driving, 3G is widely available and consumes less battery. Customers hate to have a call come in while Sprint Navigation is on 3G and you have to miss your turn.

    So will Sprint get SVDO so that both its 3G and 4G networks will have simultaneous voice and data? I and your other customers would love to see this feature on your 3G networks.

  358. Tom McBui says:


    If I used this plan and I apply my company discount to it. I work for Chase and Chase have 27% discount on all Sprint services.

    Thank you

  359. Russ says:

    Tom, if you’d bothered reading the frequently asked questions I linked at the very top of this message, you would’ve found this q&a:

    Can I use my corporate discount with Everything Plus? No. No other discounts can be applied on top of the Everything Plus savings. It’s possible that your corporate discount will provide a better deal for your specific needs than Everything Plus. Do the math and choose the best plan for you.

  360. Shahriar says:

    The HTC Evo Shift 4G has the Qualcomm MSM7630 chipset which supports SVDO, the feature that allows for simultaneous voice and data over CDMA 3G without requiring any network upgrade by Sprint. Verizon is using this same chip in HTC Thunderbolt with simultaneous voice and data over 3G enabled. So why has simultaneous voice and data over 3G been disabled in HTC Evo Shift 4G? The 4G of all carriers will be spotty for a while, so why not have simultaneous voice and data enabled over 3G too? Such feature will be useful for Sprint Navigation while driving so that if a call comes through, Sprint Navigation will still work. Will Simultaneous voice and data over 3G be enabled later on on the HTC EVO Shift 4G via a firmware update later on? Will simultaneous voice and data over 3G be available in the upcoming EVO 3D?

  361. Russ says:


    I’ve asked around. Apparently, it takes more than just a chipset to enable SVDO and there are no plans to implement SVDO on the Shift. Of course, all of our 4G handsets already support simultaneous voice and data, with voice on CDMA and data on WiMax.


  362. Scotty says:


    I have read through the comments above. I want to double check something. I have a friend who is currently with Sprint and out of contract. He wanted to sign up with the Sprint Everything Plus Referral Plan but keep his current number. Is there anyway for him to keep his current number and sign up for Sprint Everything Plus? Just want to be sure if there is a way around it or not. Thanks in advance.

  363. Russ says:

    Scotty – sorry, no, Everything Plus is for new lines of service only.

  364. Dustin says:

    So I just found this after I got the phone through Best Buy yesterday and got a plan. I was told by live chat they could make my changes since I just got the account, and then I was referred to Employee Services, which told me they can’t do anything. That the referring employee would have to help…

  365. Russ says:

    Dustin – I’m sorry, but as I’ve said many times in the comments here and as I answered in the frequently asked questions linked at the top of this page, you can’t switch from an existing Sprint plan (even if you just signed up) to these plans and I won’t authorize a violation of Sprint policy so that you can. Sorry.

  366. Ahmed says:

    Hello Russ, I was wondering if the plan is still available, because when I enter the information in the post into the link provided it doesn’t take me anywhere. (once I put your email and the passnumber, and click “shop now” it just keeps me on that page)


  367. Joseph says:


    I was able to log into the private store once with the information you provided I just wanted to check the prices, Now that I am ready to sign up it wont let me get in. Is there a way around this?

  368. Russ says:

    Ahmed and Joseph – it works when I try. As I’ve commented before, the security settings on some computers seem to cause problems with this page. You might try from a different computer.

  369. Shahriar says:

    I am puzzles about the 2D camera specs of the original Evo 4G (8MP for 2D) and the new Evo 3D (5MP for 2D). Why didn’t HTC put two 8MP cameras on the new Evo 3D? With respect to 2D picture taking, purchasing the new Evo 3D is a downgrade compared to the original Evo 4G. Am I missing something? Or perhaps the Evo 3D uses both 5MP cameras to produce 10MP pictures? What is going on? Why did HTC go from 8MP to 5MP? HTC’s new device for T-Mobile, HTC Sensation, has an 8MP camera, but no 3D, buy why didn’t Sprint get 8MP cameras for the Evo 3D?

  370. Russ says:

    Shahriar – I’m not in the handset development group, so I can’t really answer your question with authority. But I’m pretty sure that 8MP modules cost more than 5MP modules and neither is cheap. When you have to include 2 camera modules to make a 3D camera, the burden on the overall cost of the phone starts to make it hard or impossible to also keep it in a price range that people would be willing to pay (and without the subsidy cost to Sprint making it totally unprofitable for us).

    (At least it’s miles ahead of the Nintendo 3DS :) )

  371. Marius says:

    Russ, thanks so much for this post. This monthly price-point will result in me leaving my current (now previous) carrier for Sprint finally. Sprint may not have the greatest 4G network, but their openness and clarity sit well with me.

    (Except it would be good if this was not just a special offer but a general one.)

    Also their ETF is reasonable, they play well with Google Voice and have no qualms about tethering. (I can do all these things at other providers, but not easily)

    Having a pure Google Phone (Nexus S 4G) in the offering does not hurt either.

  372. Minel says:

    Hi Russ, just found out about the Everything Plus referral program via and wanted to personally thank you for making your info available to us. I just got off the phone with the Sprint rep and am looking forward to playing with my new View tablet. I had been on the fence about getting the Evo View since its announcement but your kind gesture made the opportunity too good to pass up!

    Thanks again Russ!

    ps. I think the rep said something about an email going to you to verify my using your email and cid to set up the account, hope that’s alright :)

  373. Jacob says:

    Hey thanks for this post! Can i use a smartphone on the Everything Plus Messaging Plan?

  374. Joe says:

    Hi russ,

    I was wondering if it is possible to combine this with a corporate discount.


  375. Russ says:


    The FAQ at says this:

    Are all Everything Plus rate plans compatible with all devices?
    No, Everything Plus Messaging Rate plans are not compatible with Smartphones. If you are interested in one of these devices, you should select one of the Everything Plus Data rate plans. All Smartphone activations will require an additional $10/line/mo. Premium Data add-on charge in addition to requiring the Everything Plus Data plan.


  376. Russ says:

    Joe – did you read the FAQ linked to at the top of this post? Your question is already answered there. Please do me the courtesy of reading that document before asking me questions that are already answered there.

  377. Chris says:

    I recently used your info to sign up for the EPRP while a Switch to Sprint promotion was going on ($125 credit per ported line from a competing provider.) Both lines on our account were ported over and we registered for the discount within the 72 hours specified. Today I logged in to the Switch to Sprint page to see that the credit on both of our lines had been denied because the plan did not qualify.

    The fine print on the Switch to Sprint site says it must be an Everything plan on a smartphone with premium data. Both of our lines have this. We called customer service and they also said we weren’t eligible. How is this? I see no language that would make us ineligible for this credit. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give.

  378. Russ says:


    I apologize. There was a system problem that caused some EPRP signups to get improperly disqualified from the Switch to Sprint promotion. Please e-mail me ( with your account info and I’ll make sure you get “the credit you deserve”.



  379. Akster says:

    Russ, I appreciate you posting this and haven’t for the longest time. I have the SERO plan and love it to this day (over few years now!). Works amazingly well and have not had a problem! Sprint works great in the Northeast so we switched from AT&T/Cingular.

  380. Kelly says:

    Hey Russ –

    Congratulations on the latest addition to your expanding product line! I also wanted to thank you for publishing this promotional code. Using blogs to disseminate discount information is a fantastic strategy. It creates a sense of community and exclusivity among participants.

    I have been happy with my current provider in terms of service and reliability, but it has become cost prohibitive without unlimited data. I wavered between staying with my current provider and switching to Sprint, but with this discount I have decided to give Sprint a try.

    While I have not read all of the posts related to this blog, I did notice that the sentiment has become increasingly more positive over time. This tells me that either Sprint has been doing a much better job of managing customer expectations, or you are doing a great job of weeding out posts (which I doubt is the case).

    I suspect that the additional devices and Sprint’s competitive pricing strategy will increase the size of the customer base – along with adding a strain on available bandwidth. I’m sure that we can both think of a carrier who was forced to change its pricing structure to alleviate this challenge. This has been my biggest hesitation in making a switch to Sprint, but I’m willing to give it a try. Fingers crossed! My advice (for what it’s worth) is to maintain controlled growth while expanding Sprint’s cellular network to continue meeting the demands of the current customer base. I look forward to trying Sprint.


  381. Josh says:

    Hi Russ,

    Sorry about the double post, I didn’t mean to post it in the other post.

    Is their any possibility of getting six lines on EPRP, I know sprint does allow more than 5 on the regular family plan.

    Thank you for all your help,

  382. Russ says:

    Josh – I doubt it, but I’ll check. It might take me a few days to get an answer.

  383. Josh says:

    Russ – I appreciate the quick reply, and all the help that you provide for the community.

  384. James says:

    I have a sprint phone already but I would like to add two more. Any way to put all three lines on the plan if I am getting two new phones?

  385. Russ says:

    James – you can add the two lines on the Everything Plus plan, but if your current line isn’t already Everything Plus, you can’t bring it into the plan.

  386. Steve says:

    Hi Russ,
    I checked the FAQ for my question but couldn’t find it. Currently, Best Buy offers a pretty good trade in value for my current phone (Optimus V on Virgin Mobile), however would it be possible for me to trade my phone in at Best Buy and still be eligible for the everything plus referral program pricing? I would be a new sprint customer

  387. Russ says:

    As far as I know, the Everything Plus plan is only available online. Sprint also offers buy backs – I assume you checked there.

  388. Russ says:

    Josh – I received confirmation of my previous answer. Family accounts are limited to 5 lines on Everything Plus, just like other Sprint consumer plans.

  389. Josh says:

    Russ – For other consumer plans, sprint does allow 5+ lines with the proper credit check. Would that mean than that the same would be true for the Everything Plus?

  390. Russ says:

    Josh – as it was explained to me, Sprint consumer family plans aren’t supposed to have more than 5 lines. In some cases, reps have figured out a way to force more than 5 in, but this is causing system problems and they are now having to be revisited.

  391. Jack says:

    Hi Russ;

    First, I want to say thank you for giving the information on the EPRP, info, and assistance.

    I was going to sign up and I saw this on the bottom of the page:

    “subscribers who are referred by Sprint PCS customers must call 800-777-4681 and reference their referring customer’s PCS number when placing their order”

    My brother has Sprint and I was wondering if this referral is still good and could still be done with the EPRP.

    Also, I will want to port my #s from TMobile, but wanted to wait til the 14 day trial. Is that possible or do I have to do it at sign up?

    Thanks again four everything. Have a great day.

  392. E.K. says:

    Hi, Russ –
    I just bought smartphones from with ‘Everything Data Family Plan’. And right after that, I found your website. I’m a new customer. In my case, can I get any benefits from this promotion?

  393. Russ says:

    E.K. – no. You cannot bring an existing line into Everything Plus – even a line that is just minutes old. This was answered in the FAQ linked at the top of the page and I’ve answered it many other times before (e.g. ).

  394. Russ says:

    Jack – I’m not sure where you’re seeing that language. It sounds like it came from a customer referral program that ran earlier this year but is no longer active. Of course, you can still take advantage of the Employee Referral offer at

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s possible to delay porting your number.

  395. zero says:

    Hi Russ,

    I have been a long time customer with sprint, over 8 years plus and I have been off contract for quite some time while maintaining my service with Sprint. As I am off contract, from the material I have read online for the everything referral plus, I should be considered as a new customer right? And thus, I should be able to sign up for it using your information and port/keep my same number as well? You feedback on this matter will be greatly appreciated. And if I can contact you and if you can help me with this transition, it would be greatly appreciated.

  396. Russ says:

    zero – Thanks for being a long time Sprint customer, but did you even read what is written above?

    It says “Update: See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.”

    And if you followed that link, you’d have read this:
    “I’ve completed my contract with Sprint, so now I’m off-contract. Can I switch to this plan? No. This plan is only for new lines of service.”


  397. MKW says:


    Just want to post a note to say thanks for the information. We signed up with your information on EPRP and received our new iPhones on launch day (a real surprise). After close comparison between EPRP and signing on with AT&T using a corporate discount, Sprint just edged out AT&T on price but also offered more minutes and features.

    We have been with Sprint a few weeks, and although I was weary of not going with one of the “big two,” service with Sprint has been a real pleasure so far. After being with T-Mobile for five years and experiencing their local coverage go from acceptable to really awful, our choice of Sprint over AT&T seems to be a good one so far. The whole family loves their new iPhones … and our improved local coverage on Sprint, with Verizon roaming privilege where coverage not available. With the amount of minutes and solid data coverage, we’re a happy family.

    Thanks again for all of your good work.

  398. blackberry curve…

    […]McGuire’s Law » Blog Archive » Psst – Have you Heard about Everything Plus?[…]…

  399. […] bigwig Russ S. McGuire, Sprint’s VP of Strategy, and he’s been giving them away for years on his personal blog! He’s even encouraged other people to share. It’s […]

  400. BA says:


    I have existing Sprint plans for 3 of 4 for my family, and the other one is issued by my company. I am in process to get my number released by my employer – after this happens, how do I get this plan for the 4 lines?

  401. Russ says:

    BA – At the top of this page, it says “Update: See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.” with a link to those FAQs. If you read that, I think the answer will be apparent.

  402. hakan says:

    hi russ
    i want to add another phone to my plan, iam currently on the sero plan 500 min. one, iam thinking of adding an iphone to my plan i remember that there was a post that iphones could be added to sero plans only extra cost would have been $10 dollars. I am wondering if this is still honored where i can add a iphone to my plan which $30 sero and paying the extra $10 would make $40 plus tax and fees. Can you let me know asap.

  403. Russ says:


    Two problems.

    First, you can’t add another SERO line. No new SERO lines have been allowed for a few years now. Feel free to use my info ( 383) at for the current employee referral offer.

    Second, if you’re eligible for an upgrade on your current SERO line, you could upgrade to the iPhone, but it would be $10 to step up to SERO-Premium (required for smartphones) and then another $10 for the premium data fee, taking your plan to $50 plus tax and fees.

  404. Serge says:

    If I currently have a sprint family plan. Would I be able to upgrade to this employee referral plan while keeping all the phone numbers? How would I go about doing this?

  405. Russ says:

    Serge. No. Did you see the very first thing above? “See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.” This plan is not available for existing Sprint customers.

  406. HS says:

    I’m really confused but interested in getting an iPhone 4 or 4s. Do I have to purchase the phone directly from Sprint or could I purchase it online from another website, for example? I just don’t know what plan to get. I do not really care for minutes, it’s just text and data that I want more of. What is the cheapest plan to get? I will be a new Sprint customer so is this SERO plan the way to go or the other plan (Everything plus?). Also, does the phone matter for the plan – iPhone 4 being cheaper or iPhone 4S needing a bit more every month? I am not looking to spend a ton of money each month, just as long as I have a phone and service. And another thing, does it make any difference if the phone is used – say a friend gives me an old Sprint phone? Thanks in advanced!

  407. HS says:

    Also, how does discounts off of monthly bills play in all of this? There’s a range of 15-27% discount I think, but how is this determined and does the discount apply to the first bill or the later ones? Are discounts stackable in any means? Thanks!

  408. Alfred says:

    Russ – Used your info to access the Everything Plus Referral Program (thank you!) and got as far as the shopping cart. But am getting a “system error has occurred” notice and it won’t let me proceed to checkout. Any suggestions?

  409. Alfred says:

    P.S. I would be a first-time customer.

  410. Russ says:

    HS – SERO is not available. It was replaced by Everything Plus several years ago. There may be a lower priced Sprint plan out there (I’m not an expert), but I don’t think so for an iPhone. To take advantage of Everything Plus, you must buy it through this ( Sprint portal. The price listed on the portal is the monthly price – there are no additional discounts. The range of discount percentages are merely a calculation between the different E+ prices and normal retail prices. No additional discounts can be stacked on top of this. I think the sign up process requires you to select a phone. You can swap in another valid Sprint phone later if you get one from a friend (but that might cause your monthly rate to go up – e.g. if you originally got a feature phone and your friend gave you a smartphone).

  411. Russ says:

    Alfred – sorry for the technical difficulties. If you still haven’t gotten through, please call TeleSales at 888-882-4030.

  412. Alfred says:

    Thanks Russ. I tried again on a different computer as per your FAQs and it worked!

  413. Mike Herrera says:

    I signed up for Sprint (leaving Verizon) using the info provided by you (email and Emp.ID). I called Sprint with a question and was just treated like a criminal. They told me this program wasn’t available, then I was told that the Sprint employee had to sign me up for the program, then I was told again that it wasn’t available for me. I finally gave up out of frustration.

    This wasn’t a very good welcome back from Sprint and reminds me too much of why I left in the first place. I just thought you might want to know what some people are experiencing when signing up for the Everything plus Referral Program. This was not a fun experience.


  414. Russ says:

    Mike – I’m sorry to hear that. What # did you call? Was it the number specifically for employee accounts?

  415. CZ-P01 says:

    Hi Mike,
    I currently receive an 18% discount on the 1500 family plan because my wife is a real estate agent with a company that has that level of discount. One phone is a Samsung Moment that is not being charged the $10 additional for data, the other phone is EVO 4G with the $10 Data charge. I am entitled to an upgrade and want to dump the Moment, give my wife the EVO and get an HTC EVO 4G LTE for me.

    How would I go about getting my discount upped to the 27%


  416. Russ says:

    What 27%?

  417. CZ-P01 says:

    ok 25 %

  418. Russ says:

    CZ-PO1 – what Mike are you talking to and where are you getting a reference to 25%? or 27% or whatever? I’m guessing you’re referencing the Everything Plus employee referral plan (which is what this page is about), although I don’t think this blog has ever referenced it as providing any specific % of discount. On this blog, I’ve also been abundantly clear (including in the frequently asked questions at the top of this page, which I ask people to read before asking questions here) that this discount isn’t available for existing lines of service – so bottom line, you can’t get your discount upped to 25% or 27% or whatever. 18% is a better discount than most of our customers get.

  419. Igor says:

    Hey Russ,

    I am currently on the SERO $30 plan.

    My family would like to get a family plan on one of the cell carriers. In total including me there would be (4) four phones. I was going to recommend getting the Sprint family plan, but was told that i wont be able to port my number within sprint to the 4th line on the family plan.

    Can you please tell me what are my options?

    Can I upgrade my own SERO plan to the “Everything Plus referral plan family”?

    Any way to move my number of the SERO plan and on to the everything plus referral family plan if my parents open that family account?

    Last choice (which i dont want) would be to port my number to the other cell carrier that my parents choose so that I dont lose my number and have the family plan there


  420. Russ says:

    Igor – there should be no problem at all moving a SERO line to EverythingPlus.

    The folks at should be able to help you. If not, let me know at

  421. Jose says:

    Russ – Used your info to access the Everything Plus Referral Program. I am finally leaving T-Mobile. I accidentally selected the 1000 minute plan, but i realized that the 500 minute will be more than suffice. Is it possible to change my plan to the 500 minute plan before i activate my phone? I tried online but the next option was 69.99 for 450 mins

  422. Jose says:

    my mistake 79.99

  423. Russ says:

    Jose – if anyone can do it, the folks at can. Please e-mail them. Welcome to Sprint!

  424. Chaz says:

    Russ, I would like to thank you very much for this. My family has been planning on switching to Sprint for some time now and this make is MUCH EASIER. Thank you.

  425. Donna says:


    First of all, thank you for publishing this discount to the public!

    I was wondering if this 25% discount extends to the new “Unlimited, My WaySM plan – The Sprint Unlimited Guarantee”? And, would the discount appear on the first bill or many bills later?

  426. Russ says:


    I don’t think I’ve ever talked about a 25% discount. You must’ve read that somewhere else that then linked back to my blog. There are specific offers available at as I’ve referenced here. That’s what’s available.



  427. Nick says:


    Can you take advantage of the offers at in-store locations?

  428. Dave says:

    i am trying t sign up for a sprint everything plus plan but they seem to be discontinued. i am currently with verizon. looks like i missed the boat by about 2 months. are there any other options for a discount ?

  429. Russ says:

    Nick – the top of this post says “See my answers to frequently asked questions in the post linked here before asking questions about this plan.” The answer is there and the answer is no.

  430. Russ says:

    Dave – the site linked above still gives you a great discount on Sprint’s current plans and is still referred to as the Everything Plus program. It’s just that now the discounts are applied against Sprint’s Unlimited plans instead of against the old Everything Data plans. For $70 you get unlimited smartphone data – which is basically the same price as the old 500 minute Everything Plus plan on a smartphone (after the $10 smartphone data fee that was added after this post), but now you get unlimited minutes. This is a $10 discount per month over the normal pricing. It gets even better if you’re buying more than one phone.

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