Padmasree Warrior on the Mobility Revolution

Last year, before Padmasree Warrior left Motorola to join Cisco, Chetan Sharma interviewed her for a magazine article that never got published.  The full interview is now posted at Always On Real-Time Access.  It’s worth reading the full thing, but here are some quotes to further convince you:

 “The next decade is about the Mobile Revolution. It is quite remarkable how something as simple as the cell phone is transforming the human race by connecting the entire planet. Today almost half the planet communicates via a mobile device. The social, economic, cultural and technological implications of this are profound, particularly in under-developed countries of the world.”

“The mobile device in 2012 will become an extension of your persona. In other words, it will know your preference, know where you are and will understand the context of what you need. This will simplify how people access communication, information and entertainment. For example, the mobile device will be your computer, wallet, TV, camera, music player, FM radio, alarm clock, flash light, calendar, game system and so on. By 2012 the mobile device will become your remote control for life.”

“I see convergence not as technology-driven, but experience driven. Convergence is the mobilization, socialization and personalization of content and communications…the technologies are being driven by the desired experiences.”

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