Can you tell the difference?

After posting the brief note on the demise of SPOT watches because they couldn’t compete with functionality built into cellphones, I turned to completing my monthly post on “Beyond the Phone” – products that build mobility in rather than relying on functionality built into cellphones – and guess what the lead item is – a wrist watch!

So, why am I down on SPOT and yet pointing to this “Cool series” watch?

Well the obvious answer is that this watch is a two-way communication device that provides much better use of the power of mobility. In addition to being a fully functional cellphone, this watch also supports SMS/MMS. It’s not clear from the description provided by Slashphone whether it also supports web browsing. If so, then every bit of information available through SPOT and more would easily be “at hand.”

Not that I’m rushing out to buy one of these watches. My Blackberry will serve me just fine for now, thank you very much!

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