This morning I participated in Sprint’s Technology Summit in New York. It was a great event. Thanks Phil and team for doing a great job and thanks to everyone for showing up on a rainy spring day.

In addition to speakers and vertical-specific break-out sessions, there also were a dozen or so companies describing and demonstrating their capabilities. One of those companies, NextMail, has a really cool PTx (push-to-x) offering that is now fully integrated into Sprint’s Nextel Direct Connect offering.

With NextMail, you set up Direct Connect numbers mapped to e-mail addresses. When you DC that number, it is translated into an e-mail message with the voice message stored as an audio file. The GPS location data can also be included in the message, and there are a variety of options for returning the message. The demo I saw included a DC number set up to collect traffic delay information so that a centralized contact can keep track of traffic information coming from many different NextMail users.

Great stuff!

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