The Inventions – hints

Last week I shared with you six “laws” that I use in the book to explain why six inventions have had such a dramatic impact on society and business. I asked you to guess which inventions go with the laws.

I haven’t yet gotten a response with all six inventions correctly guessed, so let me provide one more set of hints.

These are not necessarily in the same order as the laws (I don’t want to make it too easy), but these are indicators of the impact of each of the six inventions:

  1. Thanks to this invention, a task involving London and Bombay was reduced from 10 weeks to four minutes.
  2. Within 3 years, the revenues from this one invention for just one company were enough for that product division to have been ranked #74 in the Fortune 500.
  3. This invention directly led to one product growing from being an insignificant export to becoming 39 percent of exports over a mere 60 year span.
  4. In one year, three companies that today are household names came into existence because this invention changed the rules of competition across industries.
  5. Prior to this invention, most people had no reason to know or care the calendar year in which they were born.
  6. It took 21 years for the first billion people to start using this invention. It only took three years for the second billion people to start using it.

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2 Responses to “The Inventions – hints”

  1. Russ – I’ll take a stab…

    1) Answers to Windows Vista tech support questions originating in the UK.
    2) The Ziploc baggy
    3) Duct Tape
    4) Facsimile machine
    5) The military draft
    6) Toilet paper

    :) Hope you’re doing well Russ. Miss our talks and wish you lots of success with the book. I’ll buy one (but I’ll look for you to sign it!).

    ~ Gerald

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