Telco 2.0

In contrast with the very technology-oriented discussion in which I participated early this week as part of Light Reading’s Telecom 2.0 event, I recently had a very service-oriented discussion with Martin Geddes of Telco 2.0. That discussion became an interview of sorts published this week on the Telco 2.0 blog.

Here’s the lead-in to give you a sense, but click through if you want to read the full discussion.

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Russ McGuire, Director of Corporate Strategy for Sprint Nextel. Russ is a fellow blogger, and also is an industry authority on pretty much any issue you choose to discuss. We asked him how how Sprint Nextel is looking at the market through a Telco 2.0 lens. He directed us to the Sprint Advanced Wireless Solutions (SAWS) as an example of applying a platform and partnership approach to the corporate market. We liked it for several reasons: customer needs focused, opening up core IT and network functions to 3rd party enterprise applications, organisational change to support delivery, and a proactive approach to partnership. Who cares about being a dumb pipe if you’re making your money from your customer support and IT capabilities?

Russ has kindly taken the time to answer some questions on the programme and share the lessons with Telco 2.0 blog readers.

Thanks Martin!

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