The Laws

The first chapter in the upcoming The Power of Mobility book is called “Technology Sets the Stage.” 

The chapter starts with this observation: “Time and time again, new technologies have been introduced and broadly adopted, resulting in dramatic impacts on society and the nature of business.”

It then goes on to review a history of technology – six different inventions over the centuries that have led up to the current Age of Mobility. 

For each invention, I try to answer two questions:

  1. Why was the technology adopted so quickly?
  2. Why did the technology have such a big impact on society and business?

For each of the inventions covered, I link a fundamental “law” to the invention to answer those questions.  See if you can guess the inventions that go with these laws:

Bacon’s Law: Knowledge is power.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics: (over-simplified) Heat flows from hot places to cold places.

Benjamin Franklin: Time is money.

Moore’s Law: Every couple of years, chip density doubles while costs are cut in half.

Metcalfe’s Law: The value of any network increases exponentially with the number of participants in the network.

The Law of Mobility: The value of any product or service increases with its mobility.

Okay – the last three are gimmes, but can you guess the first three?

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