The Law of Mobility’s impact grows

Apparently, Viviane Reding of the European Commission referenced the Law in a speech last month in Hannover. (see page 4)

“Now I want to talk about some laws. These are not European laws – I will come to those later. They are not US laws either. They were never adopted by any Parliament. These are empirical laws of progress in the Information Society. You have heard of Moore’s Law: the doubling of computer power every 18 months without price increase. This has been a fundamental motor of productivity growth in the economy since the 1960s, but particularly in the digital economy since the

“More recently, with the rise of the internet, Metcalfe’s Law has become crucial. It says: ‘the value of a network is the square of the number of users’. When a network doubles in size its value grows four fold. This is the driver of the network economy: connectivity. That is why social networking tools are so important because they create a ‘global market’ many times more valuable than the sum of individual national markets.

“Now we add McGuire’s Law: the value of product or service increases exponentially with mobility. We have fast cheap computer power, we have connectivity and we have mobility: one multiplier on top of another. Surely there are many new business models which will allow media firms to gain from all these new opportunities?”

The International Engineering Council‘s new Annual Review of Communications also includes a lengthy article on The Law of Mobility. (The table of contents is not yet up on their website, but I received a copy of the book last week.)

Finally, news about the forthcoming Power of Mobility book is reaching the blogosphere.  Geekzone‘s Mauricio Freitas gave the book prominent coverage yesterday.

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