Merry Mobile Christmas

My family happily endures my gadget fascination and even makes it easy for me to “influence” their gift selections. (So, don’t blame them that you now have to put up with my raving over cool new goodies…) Here’s a sampling of my favorite mobility-revolution-influenced gifts:

5-day Wireless Weather Forecaster This product is awesome. Unlike the Microsoft SPOT watch, which tries to do too much with a challenging user interface, this single purpose device using Ambient technology is very well designed. Right out of the box, the product figures out where it is and displays the appropriate time and weather forecast (although you can easily select other nearby cities). Although it is small (about 5″ x 5″ and very thin), it is very easy to read. Although it’s designed for stationary use, it’s small size and battery power also make it well suited to portability or mobility. I love products with bandwidth built in, and this one accomplishes it very well.

Casio Atomic Waveceptor Watch Now that you know that I love products with bandwidth built in, you’re probably not surprised that, over the years, I’ve tended to collect “atomic watches” – those wrist timepieces that get a signal from the official atomic clock in Ft. Collins, Colorado to stay accurate forever. Well, another thing to know about me is that I love a bargain, so I’m a regular at So, what better combination than an atomic watch at a bargain price from the latest woot-off?

Cellular Docking Station As much as I love my mobile phone, sometimes, holding a good old, full sized handset up to my head just seems to feel more natural. And sure, my cellphone has a speakerphone capability built in, but I don’t think I’d really use it in a meeting setting. Enter the Cellular Docking Station. Mine was ordered from, and that hasn’t been the most pain-free experience (no manual, wrong cables, no response to customer service e-mails, etc.) so I’m hoping folks can find a better source, but I do like the capabilities, and so far the performance has been up to expectations (no this won’t improve your coverage or call quality…). So, I’ll chalk it up as another win for my family in the cool gift category!

Mini Digicolor Binary Although technically not mobility-centric, a good understanding of the binary number system never hurt anybody. And since I’m also a fan of puzzles, this fun game was also a hit. (BTW – Steve Spangler is another favorite website. If you know anyone that loves science, this is the place to find really cool gifts!)

I look forward to hearing about all of your cool mobility gifts! (My birthday’s not that far away, so I’m looking for hints to drop…)

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