Capturing the Power: Week of 10/22/06

Mobility is a wonderful thing. As mobility gets built into all products and services, businesses need to learn how to both capture the power of mobility and manage the dangers introduced through mobility. Here are some examples of how the power of mobility is being applied to create competitive advantage:

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  1. melissa uzane says:

    I see you included a link to an article about Catalis. I was able to see Catalis’ product demonstrated and it is amazing. Because they work mobility into the product, they are able to free doctors from the stationary/bulky computer. Doctors carry around and use the Catalis Accelerator like they would an old-fashioned clipboard instead of being tied down to PCs. It is much easier for doctors and creates better doctor/patient interaction. It combines the ease of the clipboard with the sophistication of the Graphical Health Records software and wireless communication with the entire healthcare industry from check-in to labs to pharmacy – all from a little tablet PC. I can’t wait to see this integrated into more hospitals.

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