The IBM PC: 25 Years Later

The BBC has a great article about the 25 year anniversary of the launch of the IBM PC.

Here are some quotes from the article that are relevant to our discussion on the Mobility Age:

“The machine … altered the way business was done forever and sparked a revolution in home computing.”

“Moving this revolution forward are the one billion PCs that are now in use around the world. In many ways, the PC has become in the developed world, an essential tool in our everyday lives.”

“Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect, told the firm’s shareholders last month the PC era was coming to an end. ‘We’re now in a new era, an era in which the internet is at the centre of so much that we do now with our PCs,’ he told them.”

“With all this small mobile technology and the growth of wireless internet, will people on the move bother owning a PC at all?”

The Law of Mobility is all about the observation that we are entering a new era.  As Ray Ozzie notes, we are already in the Internet Era.  The PC Era enabled the Internet Era to happen, and both the PC Era (enabling very inexpensive computing power to be built into mobile devices) and the Internet Era (enabling connectivity to everyone and every piece of information in the world) are enabling the Mobility Era to happen.

As the article notes, the PC radically changed how we live our lives and how we operate our businesses.  The Internet has similarly radically changed how we live and do business.  And now, Mobility is beginning to have the same impact on all of us.

The PC era was defined by Moore’s Law.  Moore’s Law is all about processing power and specifically price/performance.  Because computing power became incredibly inexpensive, it could be built into everything.

The Internet era was defined by Metcalfe’s Law.  Metcalfe’s Law is all about networks and specifically the value of networks relative to their connectivity.  Because the Internet is connected to everything and everyone, it has become incredibly valuable and integral to everything we do.

The Mobility era is defined by the Law of Mobility.  The Law of Mobility is all about being able to do things anytime and anywhere and specifically how that creates value.  Because Mobility enables products and services to be with you and usable all the time, whereever you go, our patterns of how we live and operate will radically change to follow.

Thanks BBC for giving us an opportunity to look back and reflect, and to look forward and imagine!

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