Converged Products: Week of 6/25/06

The most convenient way that mobility is getting built into products is through the convergence of capabilities that previously existed as standalone products into the cellphone. That way, those products are now with you and available for your use whenever you need them wherever you go.

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  1. Craig says:

    Can I add one more? Cellphone as universal coupon/offer carrier..

    We just made Moblee available in the US. It allows any advertiser to make an offer through the website – consumers subscribe for free and only get offers which match their preferences and locality. Similar to Cellfire except its far more open and uses the simple SMS text message to deliver the offer. Check out for more info.

  2. […] Maybe they should add on a few more features into the system, or team up with ZiXXo (but then again, I think ZiXXo could probably just enable this feature on their own).  I just don’t understand how CellFire is an entire company (or even two for that matter!)?  Sure, more coupons in more places that are easier to redeem is fairly straightforward.  But who did the math that says this is a multi-hundred-million-dollar play worthy of the $10 million round?? […]

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