Law of Mobility at Techdirt Greenhouse

I will present the concepts behind the Law of Mobility at the upcoming Techdirt Greenhouse on June 10 in Sunnyvale, California.  If you’re in the area, register to join in the discussion!

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  1. […] Techdirt Greenhouse: Early Bird Registration Ends Soon With just a week and a half to go until the next Techdirt Greenhouse idea workshop event, I wanted to remind people that the early bird registration ends tomorrow. Just like last time, a few folks have asked about who is presenting. Again, the answer is that everyone is presenting. The value of the event has much less to do with the presenters, than in all of the attendees participating, which was quite clear from the response we got to the last event. Of course, some presenters have already started mentioning publicly that they’ll be speaking at the event, such as Russ McGuire of Sprint, who will be getting a discussion going concerning the power of mobility. Another idea to be workshopped will concern the question of just how you measure “innovation,” and whether or not it’s a process that can involve actual metrics. Over the next week and a half, we’ll be bringing up some of the other presentation/discussion topics as well, but if you want the discount pricing, register soon. […]

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